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You are listening to trinity employments, eight player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter.

Hi, welcome back to the a player matchmakers. I’m here with Ethan May and we are always trying to look for different ways within this content of this podcast to add value to job seekers and employers. The PR, the title of this podcast is characteristics of great teams. So if you are an employee, you are going to want to look for this while you were interviewing. I promise you you can find out a whole lot by the questions that you ask. Um, and if you are an employer, this is the key to creating a great company. Um, we, uh, you can see all of the content that we have for this podcast on our website. Um, and we’re going to be moving to iTunes soon. Um, so we’re, we’ll be a lot more Staffing agency Tulsa, visible. However, if you know of someone that’s interested in content like this, if they’re interviewing and such, we would love to have them as a viewer to this.

We hope to be able to help them. This particular topic, um, like I said earlier, is for both employers and employees to be able to find out as an employer how to build a great team. And as an employee, you better be watching out, making sure you’re getting yourself on a good team. You’re going to spend more time with the people you work with, then with your, uh, with your family. So you need to make sure and make good decisions on, on any positions that you take. So we’re going to go and get started with this. We have some great statistics about this. So Ethan, go ahead and take us off. Yeah, I mean, teamwork is so important. You know, teamwork makes the dream work. That’s what my parents always said growing up and we’d always laugh at it, but, um, you’re looking like you’re about to laugh right now.

Corey. Oh, I had something smarter to say, but I know what you thought when you heard that teamwork makes the dream work, you know? But, um, a lot of, a lot of stats support that as well. I’m in Queens. University of Charlotte did a study and it said about 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as very important, very important. And um, salesforce did a study saying 86% of employees and executives site lack of communication and collaboration as the reason for their workplace failures. I mean, communication, teamwork, it’s all just super and incredibly important. It helps you succeed. And when things start to go wrong, it’s huge. We’ve got a great quote that we were laughing about a little bit earlier. Unique great teams, you know, to succeed. Michael Jordan said, talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. And when things start to go wrong, Mike Tyson said, El Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson said, everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

And we laugh. But that is one of the very best quotes because it’s so true. So true. Everybody’s got a plan until all of a sudden life just socks you right in the face. You know? And, and having a great team around you is what really makes you, makes everything go smoothly in success and failure. You know, Ethan, I love our team. Now, I really do. I mean, and, and you know, some of the faults that our team has because you work here, we’re not perfect for sure, but I really love the team that we have here. And I’m being serious because I have worked in a poor team. I’ve led a poor team. Um, one, one thing that was so surprising to me, I, I had no idea that this, it was able to impact a team like it does, but one wrong person on a team can really take you down hill quickly, so much more quickly than I ever thought.

And you and I talked about this long time ago. Yeah. You haven’t really ever worked on a bad team on unknown. I know the guy real well that you worked with before because he’s the one that referred you to us. Yeah. But you’ve never really worked on a bad team. It’s, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, I’ve worked on teams that have had like little, you know, here and there you get someone who’s, you know, not the best, but, Staffing agency Tulsa, but yeah, not a terrible team. I’ve, I’ve always had great bosses, great supervisors, great teammates, and so a critical workers. And so I’ve never really had a huge issue with it. But will, the reason that most employers are, are interested in this and pro and employees as well is because most people, Ethan are not like you at all. They have worked on some teams that were really toxic.

And I know that with one situation, you know, trinity has been in business for 10 years. So we’ve had our bumps and bruises along the way. And in one particular instance we had one person creates so much of a co a cancer and I had no clue because they were so nice to my face. And then when, when they finally left, holy cow, it was like this cloud of tension just released in, everyone was able to laugh and have fun again. And so listen, this has got to be one of the most important topics for any company or any potential employee to be really paying attention to is what kind of culture am I getting ready to go into and how might this impact me? So we’re going to be talking about some things that I think, uh, we, we have, uh, some, some action items here to really be thinking about this.

These are characteristics of a strong team. And I hope that we do a good job here of communicating this well to you because I think it’s such an important topic. What, what’s the first one here, Ethan? A huge key to have an having an awesome team is that they communicate well with each other. I you communicate openly with each other. You share your thoughts, your opinions, your ideas with members of the team. You know, and you’ve got to take into consideration what other people have to say. Um, it’s super important. One man can’t, can’t do it all. One woman can’t do it all. You’ve really got to rely on your team and you can’t rely on a team without talking to your team. But you as a manager, I can speak to this, that you really have to create that type of thought process amongst your employees.

So you have to create a culture where they are open and feel free to share their opinions. I remember when you very first started Ethan, and I don’t know if you, if you thought I was crazy or what, yes, I don’t know the story, but you remember, remember when I asked you, I said, or I told you, I said, listen, I want your ideas. Even though they might seem crazy or that you might not know enough, any new idea, I want to hear it from you because you do not yet have the blinders on of an expert in any particular field. And because you don’t have those blinders on, you can come up with really great fresh ideas. Now, some of them might be stupid and you don’t, you don’t have the, for the forethought to know that, hey, that wouldn’t work. Um, however, uh, really wanted to encourage you and anyone new, I bring him on my team to please give us your thoughts.

Please give us your ideas. Because a lot of times the best new game changer idea for a company, likely it’s not going to come from the people from your veterans. It’s going to come from your Niva. T is actually your friend. And so Carrie, you have to create that culture as a manager. Oh sure. And, and being able to, you create the culture where the employee feels okay doing that. I remember there was one time I was in your office and I was frustrated about something and I tried to explain how this process didn’t make sense and we shouldn’t be doing it this way and you very kindly told me, I appreciate what you’re saying, but um, not to be demeaning but you don’t know what you’re talking about. And, and Staffing agency Tulsa, it was a lot nicer than that but we talked through and you’re like, sounded pretty me know, you know, you don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s because you’ve been here for three months, you know, you’ve been recruiting for three months.

So let you know you’ll learn in time. That does make sense. When did I, when did I actually give you that? The permission and strongly encourage your ideas. When did that happen? My first week here read it was my first week here. You’re like, hey, feel free to talk up. Feel free to give me your ideas. I want to learn from you because you’re new. Like you said, you don’t have those blinders on. And so right off the Bat I knew I was supported in that and I gave you an idea a little bit later and you told me that it was wrong. And now I’ve been here for however long, you know, a year or so. And looking back on it, I realize, yeah I was, that was pretty foolish suggestion there. But it was just all about feeling confident to say it, feeling confident to go out there and give you my idea.

And that’s super important to, to, you know, cultivate in your culture so that, that’s one piece of it. But obviously you need to be able to communicate really well with one another on new ideas. And so all of the managers and all the staff have to be, have to feel comfortable to do that. And so your job as a manager, if you see someone shutting down new ideas, listen, one thing to kill your culture is to stop new ideas and just keep doing it the same way over and over again. And with technology. And everything right now and how quickly everything is changing. Uh, you’ll fall behind real quick. And if you don’t believe me, go take a look at Kodak. They let go eat, and I don’t know if you know about this, but they let go of the digital photograph. They’re the ones that created it.

Did you know this? No, I didn’t. They created, they created Kodak. I thought you said coat hack. Hello. Super confused. I was like, what are you talking about? Kodak. Oh yeah. If the listeners heard Kotek I meant to say Kodak. And they created the digital photograph and their, their president at the time said, no, that is, that is just, that is a waste of time. Go sell that. And they went and sold it, I believe, to IBM. And, and that, that, that was that poor decision that was kind of detrimental to them. Let’s, let’s move on. Um, uh, they focus on goals and results. And so great teams have the ability to focus on goals and results. One of the things is they need to know what their goals are and every week they need to know what the results are. And, Staffing agency Tulsa, you have to do that through meetings and through collecting data.

I believe that’s the way that we do it here. But everyone here knows what our goal for hours are. You know, that’s how we, that’s how we communicate it to people. But there’s no question you, you know, what, what our goal is for our hours. Oh yeah. And you know what you’re a weekly results are. Um, and uh, and whether or not you met your goal each week. And you know, with so many companies that do reviews, you know, like employee reviews, so few and far between, like what you’d get like a, a year end review. And if that’s really all you’re hearing about your goals and your success, that’s if you’re working 40 hours a week, that’s 2080 hours a year that you’re working a job and you don’t know if you’re doing well or not. And so focusing on goals, knowing how to be successful.

And, uh, I mean that’s, yeah, I’m just rambling at this point, but that’s just so, so important. Yeah. Thanks for rambling. Yeah, let’s, let’s, we’ve rambled a lot during this one. Let’s hit number three. We’re going to have to run through these really quick. Uh, number three, everyone contributes their fair share and so you don’t have anyone just sitting there and relying on the rest of the team to take care of them. Um, it’s really important. That is very easy to see. Um, as a manager it’s very easy to see. Even as an, as a potential employee, it’s very easy to see those things and you can ask questions about that. Number four, um, they offer each other support. Um, listen, that is one of the biggest things here in this office. There is a huge amount of support for everyone. And listen, we’re going to have our bickering going on, but I’ll tell you what, this, this place, here’s like a family.

People will, people will hurt people for their, their teammates here. And I’m really serious and I know that because I made a decision that, you know, with you one time on doing, you know, sure. On on something and boy did I have a, they didn’t think it was fair and Ooh, did I hear it? You know? So we, we definitely have that here, but you need to, you need to be able to create the culture of offering, of allowing them to support one another and support each other and care about each other when it comes down to big things. Yeah. But also the little things of, you know, we noticed that, you know, one of our coworkers just seems a little down, a little quiet, and so someone you know, was out to lunch and grabbed them like a cookie coming back and saying like, Hey, hope you’re having a good day.

Little things that just show that, that the employee feels cared about and acknowledged, whether it be a kind word or a little dude like that. It’s incredibly helpful to the entire office morale, knowing that people have your back. Even in the little things. Yeah. I’m number five. Team members are diverse. One of the things that I always want, I want different ideas coming into this place. One of the ways for any place to die is to stop new fresh ideas coming in. And if you hire people that are all exactly alike, like you, you’re in trouble. And I’m talking primarily to your small tour, small business owners out there. Cause a lot of times at first I know that I’d, I struggled in doing this, trying to find someone just like me. Um, and listen, there’s a lot of good in someone like me and um, and listen if you, but if, if you’re limited to that skillset, um, the likelihood of you being successful is very difficult.

It’s very difficult to scale that. Um, number six, having good leadership. Um, I read about leadership all the time. I ask our team to read about leadership all the time. Um, and sometimes being a good leader is being a good follower and I practice that here in our team, sees me follow on occasion. Um, yeah, that’s super true. Sorry not to interrupt. That’s very true. Sometimes being a good leader is being a good follower. That’s, that’s really true. And we see that, we see you do that a lot as well by giving us the reigns and um, and ask them for our input and kind of doing, you got to trust in us and what we say. I love that there are many, many things that people do here that are much, much better than I could ever do it. And if I got in there and became the bottleneck, um, it would really slow us down.

And, um, and I learned that a long time ago from one of my mentors. Um, number seven there organized, you’ve got to stay organized. You’ve got to be organized. You’ve got a heart. People who find organizational abilities to be important. This is something that is trained. So if you have someone that does not understand this and they’re not, it’s not a natural gifting of theirs, but you can see gifting in other ways. Listen to me, you can put good information in front of them. If they’re open, they can learn it. They can become an a player in organization despite their, their natural tendencies. You can absolutely learn that. Ethan and I know it’s so helpful as well. I mean, we’ve got a, we’ve got a client that we’re representing right now. They’ve got about five different positions they need. We’ve been really grinding and working our butts off to get it.

I’ve sent them probably six or seven people and I’ve yet to hear back. And when I follow up it’s always, oh yeah, I passed that off to so and so. And then I reached out to them, they don’t answer and then their secretary gets back and says, oh no, we passed it off to sound. So they, all of these positions they need hired and they’ve got candidates sitting in their inbox, but there’s not organized enough to figure it out. That’s important to the company as well. Yeah, absolutely. The last thing, um, is that you need to pay attention to as a leader and as an employee, a potential employee. Do they have fun? Do they have fun? You can see it. You can ask them. I think that’s a great question. We just did a segment about, Staffing agency Tulsa, about, uh, questions to ask her an interview.

You could ask, how do you guys have fun here? Do you have fun? How do you do it? And, um, and it’s, it’s real easy to see. Like, I, you know, we have, we have a culture here where literally every week I hear of someone coming and talking to us about the type of atmosphere that we have here. But it’s because we have fun. We joke almost every single day. And um, we have some days that are real serious and not so much fun. Yeah. But in general, we’re not going to go too many days where there’s not going to be a good belly laugh. You got to have fun. Listen, if trinity can help you in any way, we hope these are helpful things for you, please give us a

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