Staffing Agency Tulsa | Avoiding Uncertain People

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | Avoiding Uncertain People

Hi my name is Corey Minter and I am president of Trinity employment specialists and we are staffing organization located here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We also staff for most of them are a couple at really large organizations in Oklahoma City and our surrounding area as well. Staffing Agency Tulsa

And I wanted to I want to talk quickly about I want to talk specifically to employees and Trinity we’re one of the top staffing companies in Tulsa. We’re Tulsa’s top staffing company when it comes to helping people get where God wants them and that’s what I’m going to talk about today is how to put a system in place where you can go and at least explore and find any opportunity that is out there that might be perfect for you. But kind leaving no stone unturned on top of the process. And so I’m going to walk you through things that are just. It’s. It’s easy. It’s unbelievably simple. But if you’re not accustomed to looking for a job which some some people aren’t placed on I’m getting ready to speak to day. Most of these people have been employed for 10 years or longer at their lot. I mean they’ve not had to go look for a job. So these things are not really. They don’t come naturally. So I hope that this helps you. This is for people who are going out looking for a job. Staffing Agency Tulsa

The very first thing is is you want to have a clear vision of what it is that you want to become and you need to be able to become an expert explaining to people what it is that you are wanting to do. And one of the one of the things that you need to do is to become confident in explaining that and the only way that you can do that in my opinion is really truly study and no one at one of the things that we run in to so often with with people coming into our office and we have people coming in our office every time this is something you can almost be guaranteed that if somebody comes into our office. Staffing Agency Tulsa. I mean they are uncertain. I mean this is what they’re probably thinking. They’re probably thinking listen I’m uncertain about this place.

Do they have anything to offer me. Do I even know what I want. Oh crap I don’t even know what I want or I know exactly what I want.
But I don’t want to go through a staffing firm that makes me look smaller. You know all of these things are going through people’s heads whenever they go through there. I mean they might even look at us and go Oh man these people are nice. Thank God. The last place I was out was horrible. You know whatever it is but you’ve got to got to know who you are and what it is that you’re wanting to go after. I think it’s really really important to be very clear on that. Staffing Agency Tulsa Because when you’re clear on that in your head you can be a lot more confident when you tell people what it is that you want and if you were to come into a place like ours you’re going to easily be able to ask a few questions and know whether or not we are good for you or not. And you’ll eliminate us from distraction or anyone else that you go and meet with. That’s really important that you have a clear vision of what you want to become. You need to sit down and think about this. You need to talk with those that are closest to you. You need to really put some investigation this because this can be the very best opportunity that you’ve ever had. Let me tell you an example of when I Had the best opportunity I could ever have. It came through an enormous amount of struggle. I was working in this job and I did a really great job at it. In fact they’d celebrate me and win all these awards. And but I really didn’t like it if you wanted to ask me. I mean I make good money at the time I thought that was good money. And so I was really proud of it. I had this bonus check company in every month. And I was just. I was really really excited about the money aspect of things. But you know they started asking me to do things that were. Not. They’re not right. They weren’t the right things to do. They went against my values of lying you know and eventually this company went out of business. Three or four years later that I got put with my back against the wall is one of the most stressful things ever. And I didn’t know what to do. I’ve wanted to work for a staffing firm. But every staffing firm I’ve. Ever sent an application to I never got in got an interview.

This is the truth. I’ve never once interviewed at a staffing firm now I’ve sent my resume to at least a hundred different things. I would imagine that it was at least 100 like it was a lot but I never got through. And so I was so frustrated by this I didn’t know what to do. I had no clue what I was going to do. But I knew that I wanted to be in staffing. Well this guy you know what my job at the time was helping students get a position in their field whenever they graduate.

So my job was to develop relationships with the different office managers within these groups and a majority of our students graduating were in the medical field so I’d developed over prive three or four years a really good solid network of people in the medical field. Why this guy. He was a doctor and he called me up.
His name is Dr. mova and he called me up and he said Hey listen do you have anyone who’s experienced in medical billing.
I really need to hire a medical bill and I said Listen no one an hour in our school is going to be experience and I don’t have anyone that I know of that has you know is looking right now at least they’ve told me about it but I’ll tell you what I just started a company on the side and I would love to.
I’d love to try to help you. Staffing Agency Tulsa I bet you I could recruit somebody for you in church today. Could you give me two or three days. He’s like Yeah. Absolutely. I go out in our croute someone and lowballed I’ve found someone better than he ever he had ever interviewed before so I have to come up with a service agreement. I have to come up with everything. And anyway that was my very first placement. Well
And then that built on that. And then you know I did this part time for a good while and then I had an accountant tell me listen man you’re never going to succeed unless you go do this. And so one of the hardest things in my life in most confusing moments in my life God gave me a pathway. And so not you know as you’re sitting there and you’re trying to figure out oh my gosh this is. Please don’t become so frustrated with the process of trying to figure it out but rather. It says it says in God’s Word to ask him. Petition for him. To interact on your behalf. And when you do that God begins to reveal Himself to you and he’ll open up doors that. If you’re looking you’ll see it. You know but his promises are true. And if you believe in the Bible well you’ve got to believe that his word is true. So if you ask him it says if you ask two or more you ask for something and in Jesus name that will be done. And so when you ask God to begin to reveal things to you and show you what he will and you need to trust in that.
But you need to go through that process and have a clear vision of what you’re going to do or else you’re going to get the people you communicate with confused and you’re going to be confused yourself. And what happens is is you’ll end up just kind of going wherever the wind takes you and it won’t be purposeful and likely you won’t be able to operate in your gifting as much as if you are very specific. So that’s a very long process. So how do you communicate Staffing Agency Tulsa.
you have a resmi and we’ve got you know I’ve got on a slide show that I’m going to do. I’ve got two different kinds of resumes. One where there’s misspellings on it. It’s really not clear. You know they’re writing a chronological style resumé. But the most recent work history they have is not where they’re trying to go because they’re trying to change careers. In the end we have a copy of a resume that is fully filled out. It’s obvious the person.
Has taken time to really communicate in there. And I want you to really really pay attention to what does your resumé communicate to people. Really ask yourself that. One of the ways that you can do that you can learn this is by giving your Staffing Agency Tulsa to someone else like someone else. You think it’s more that you watch that process and you should take almost everything try to find someone smarter than you give it to them. Staffing Agency Tulsa Ask them their opinion and then don’t be defensive take in their opinion listen to it evaluate it and find out what’s right for you. But listen I’m out of time for this particular segment.
Pick up WHINSEC on Segment 2 here in just a minute. But if Trinity can help you in any way with your job search we’d love to do that. Please give us a call not 1 8 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thanks.

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