Staffing Agency Tulsa | An Interesting Perspective

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Staffing Agency Tulsa | An Interesting Perspective

Very mature. And I’m with Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization located here in Tulsa but we staff in all these different areas got some really cool things. We just got word from Inc magazine that we’re again one of their top companies fastest growing companies in America. Really really excited about that again and I want to talk just really quickly with you about how to market your company. Staffing Agency Tulsa To potential employees. So one of the first things that we begin to ask a company any new company that we’re onboarding as part of our partners we need to find out. All right. How can we sell your company. What is it about your company that that we can sell. We can get people interested in this. What makes you great. What makes unique unique.
And so we ask all sorts of questions to try to paint a picture of the good things about the company. And. So in doing that that is just that is one the most important things when it comes recruiting. We know that can we do it everyday. But most companies. Would be very easy for them to forget about this I think. And so I want them I want to talk about four five things here that you can think about when trying to promote your company. Staffing Agency Tulsa I’m going to try to give a couple of examples on how we do it at Trinity for our organization because each one of these. We we do each one of them. I honestly didn’t think about it but it’s it’s something that I know that a lot of our companies that we staff for they don’t. They don’t promote this. They don’t. Some of them don’t do it. But we but we try to sell the company to employees. I just want you to be thinking about this. Let’s start out. Number one is you want to brand your company as a company has a conscience. This is a big big thing with started with millennials and then you know in preparing for this offering a little bit about a generation zie Staffing Agency Tulsa.
I don’t know much about Generation CZI right now but I have a feeling were our intentions are gonna go up pretty quickly just from the simple fact of just what multimedia has done and is going to do you know before I get into this. I want to tell this story because really really interesting. I was I was meeting with this guy. He he was the lead psychology professor and research professor for the University of Tulsa. And I can’t remember what I was having meet with him for. Staffing Agency Tulsa it was it was some kind of function that we were going to be working on together.
And he was like five six seven years ago and he had an iPad. Ok. I know it sounds hard to believe but the dude was one of the very first guys I’d ever met with an iPod. Like it wasn’t a thing yet. It just came out and if you had an iPad you were certain. So of course he said it’s coffee shop looking at his eye pad. And I am looking at him and I’m obviously complimenting Oh man that’s great I’ve heard about those things.
You know what he said that was so interesting. He said Yeah this is really really great. Staffing Agency Tulsa I can’t imagine what this is going to do to the minds of those that keep using it. Okay so. Fast forward seven eight years and we’ve all probably heard.
You know what this is doing to us psychologically.
So Generation Z might be a little bit interesting. So Umberg dog there I’ll get back to my point here. You want it. You are dealing and presenting yourself especially if you’re older in my generation or even some a lot of people are in baby boomers generation still. Staffing Agency Tulsa. We are dealing with a different kind individual and although that wasn’t a big thing when we were coming up in the workforce creating your company to be a values driven company is really important. There was a study that was done and I read about where they surveyed 400000 employees and of those 400000 employees they had value they had valued good values in a company to be the top thing that they were interested in before they went to go work for the company. And so. What is it that you’re doing you should ask yourself that at Trinity I’ll tell you some of the things that we’re doing. I’m not trying to brag about it but when I started doing this I did this to be a value driven company. And let me tell you what happened. What happened was is it became the reason that we did what we were doing.

Staffing Agency Tulsa. We support the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. We send money to their organization and then in fact this next weekend not this weekend the next weekend we’re doing a huge fashion show for the the wasso Babbs children’s home. They’re going to have all their kids come in and dress up in professional gear so we can teach them what professionalism is. We also partner with Plum Line. It’s a it’s a free counseling service for people who who need mental health help but they’re likely not going to go pay 100 dollars to go and get that help. And then we have a third organization that we work with and it’s Dayspring villa and there that is the only live in facility in the state of Oklahoma for sex trafficking women. And you know not just left to to extend this are just now got back from Brazil where I spent two weeks. Staffing Agency Tulsa in that time two weeks I went into the red light district which is where all of the prostitution happens in Brazil. Let me tell you something. See these things have become my passion now as an owner. And when you see on the street corner a 12 year old girls being prostituted out in in a. In an area it she just makes you sad. Heavy and you want to do something about it. Dayspring it gives the people who are sex trafficked in I know that we always hear about older women but I’m telling you a. Child. Children are being put into this at a much higher rate than most of us think about.
So being able to get behind something like that and make that your purpose really can get your employees energized. In fact here’s a second I’m getting ready to talk to someone about making a video of Brazil so they can see they can see why they work for Trinity. This is what we do. So brand your company as as a company with a conscience. The second thing is promote training and development opportunities.

With that is the first thing that we talk about is the training development that are going to receive because likely it’s very rare that we’re going to bring in someone who is an experienced experienced recruiter. We like a little bit of experience but we need to be able to train them how to do it our way. Staffing companies all throughout Tulsa have a really bad rap because we have a lot of recruiters that don’t care about people. We have to train them how to care about people first and then we can train them the skill sets on how to learn how to move forward and so training development is truly a staple of what we did. At first we were horrible at now I’ve learned that that’s one of the most important things you can sell that to the people you can reach recruits via social media. This is very very very very very important. Job ads are not what they used to be. You need to be out there on social media. Staffing Agency Tulsa You need to be taken as a stake in it all the time you need to be fun. You need to show your company and how it how it relates. Yesterday my wife. I don’t as a present for coming back from Brazil as a welcome presence. She had this unicorn this guy that was way overweight in a unicorn. They danced around and deliver me Hurtz donuts. Well we videotaped it and put it up. We want people to see this is the we do. We have fun. We work hard. We win awards but we can have fun. The last thing is you show commitment to your work life balance and the ways that I do this I tell them about it. But then at the same time. I always I’ve had to stop some of our player employees from working too much on the weekends. I’ll call them on the weekends when I see it. And I asked them I said listen I appreciate respect that you’re working hard for our company. Trust me I do. Staffing Agency Tulsa we need you rested. We need you free from whenever you do get to work. You can be a little bit more creative in your work and you won’t get burned out. I really get concerned about this. Our staff getting burned out and when you can put that is one of your top priorities your employees will really appreciate it and so the spouses listen if Trinity can help you in any way we would love to be able to help you. I hope these marketing strategies can they use thinking. That’s right. That’s really what I’m wanting to do these videos Kichi thinking and maybe some great ideas can come to you. Always want to get better so keep keep that up. Give us a call if we can help you nominate 6 2 2 2 5 8 8. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com. Thanks.

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