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You are listening to Trinity Employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter.

Hi and welcome to a player matchmakers of here with Ethan May. And we’re always trying to find ways to help both job seekers and employers to be more knowledgeable about the hiring trends and different ways to be more successful and efficient in both jobs seeking, uh, for jobs and for, for potential employees. So this particular topic is interesting. It’s the top 10 best websites for jobs. And I thought this was very interesting because, as a staffing agency Tulsa, we’re always looking to try to find the best way that we can go about looking for the right people. And so we have, we have a lot of unique input on this. There’s going to be some of this stuff that we’re gonna be like, yeah, we don’t like that one. Yeah. But, um, but anyway, we want, we want to just give you our opinions. We hope that it helps you to be able to help you to be efficient whenever you are searching for a job.

When you’re using websites, basically what you’re trying to do is get other systems working for you, get as many systems working for you as possible, those systems that are efficient. And so we want to talk with you about that and we think that it’ll be helpful for you to be able to know what an expert’s opinion is. And we’ve been in this business for years and years and had been working with different websites. So we hope that this, that our knowledge will be able to help you out. We would love to ask you to, to let anyone know who is searching for a job or if they’re an employer about this podcast. We want to help people. That’s it. Um, we’re not financially compensated for this in any way, not as a staffing agency Tulsa. We just want to add value to the people that we serve. And so please, please feel free to, uh, refer us to anyone. You can have them go to our website, underneath the career centers page and that is where we’re located. We’ll be on Spotify or iTunes very soon. Really excited about that. But let’s go ahead and get crankin. Uh, Ethan, what are some statistics about this? Sure. We’ll get going here before we start though. I’m going to ask Corey quickly. Silence. Assault.

I went off right there in the middle. I love it. Anyways. And how’d you, how did you lock the ringtone? Was the ringtone good for you? Was Oh, it’s just so soothing. It, it, you know, I don’t even know how to change the ringtone is the default, but I think, I think it’s supposed to be what actually wakes me up in the morning. You know how now when you get woken up in the morning like it’s supposed to be a nice little, that’s not mine, man. I was like, that’s my alarm to wake up. You’re, you’re, you’re a millennial, right? You’re supposed to have the best technology available anyway. Um, I just like calling you out. So we did a, we went to the balance and they had to study that, that we were looking at. And uh, basically with it they surveyed 507 people who started new jobs within the past six months.

And they did that to learn about their experience searching for work and uh, and the employment market. And so some really interesting findings. Um, nearly one in five recent hires, that’s only about 19% of the people they surveyed said that they only applied for one job and the one that they got really? Yeah. So, uh, really 33% of them of the people interviewed or out of those 507 say that they play, they applied for two to five jobs total. And the rest the pledge or even more so people are, for the most part, uh, applying for a lot of jobs and going online makes that really, really easy. Um, and uh, excuse me. And then not, not only that, but nearly all recent hires, 91% out of those 507 people say that the interview process really, really influences their overall opinion of a company. Um, and, and that includes the process from the very beginning, which is applying online and using a staffing agency Tulsa.

They say how easy that was and uh, and how the have the company made it throughout the whole process really, really influenced their overall opinion of the company and whether they wanted to work there. Well, you just told me a little bit ago that the current unemployment rate is like 2.9% 2.9% is what I read last Friday. I read that man for the life of me. I can’t remember where exactly I read that. Well, just, just in 2018, you know, the unemployment, everybody’s talking about, oh my gosh, we’re at a 30 year low. Good grief. That’s low. So here, here’s one thing that’s for sure. If there’s anyone looking for a job right now, they’re likely, they’re likely employed. Yeah. All of those stats that you’re talking about in today’s market, they reflect someone who is employed at the moment. And so, uh, you know, one of the podcasts we did, we learned so much on this just by looking at data, but 60% was one of the statistics of people who are working are actively disengaged.

That that is striking, well obvious because they’re looking for jobs. Apparently this task. Very true. Yeah. I mean, unemployment is down to the I 2.9%. And uh, but we, we had a stat recently by fit business, our fit small business saying that 42% of people between the ages of 18 to 34 are considering a new job. And you know, with an unemployment so low, you can bet most of that 42% are people that are currently employed right now. And there’s looking somewhere else. So having the best resources when it comes to a website, having the best website, if you are a job, um, job board website or even your own company’s personal job board, it’s super important in the whole process. And of course we’re going to be talking to job seekers and so we want to encourage job seekers to, uh, search for jobs when they’re not working.

Yeah, that’s probably a good sign. Um, but, uh, we have some great quotes to encourage our job seekers that are out there that are trying. And I think, especially in today’s economy, most likely we’re talking, we’re going to be talking to someone. If they’re listening to this, they’re listening to it because they feel like they’re underemployed or they just haven’t found the right fit for them yet. So we always want to encourage people. We got some great quotes here. I thought. Yeah, definitely. Um, you know, when it comes to just trying something, I, I get a lot of people coming in here who aren’t used to applying for jobs online and don’t use a staffing agency Tulsa. It’s kind of a big new thing for them. And they’re, and they’re a little scared by the process and just cause it cause it’s different, you know. But we’ve got a great quote from Albert Einstein who says, a person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.

And uh, then I’m of course going to quote one of my all time heroes, Wayne Gretzky, cause I’m a huge hockey fan, but you know, he says, and you love it. You miss 100% of the shots that you need to take. Exactly. So how can we find a new job if you don’t take a shot? And go for it. And how can you, how can you, if you’re not content where you’re at, how, how can you go find somewhere that you are content if you never try something new, if you’ve never tried going for it, you know, you know, I love the quote that’s out on our wall and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get it just a little bit wrong, but it said, but it said, experts built the titanic and a bunch of novices built the Ark. Yeah. And, and so it’s really interesting to put yourself in that perspective to realize it’s exactly what those quotes are saying, man.

Just put yourself out there and see what you’re capable of. And that’s what apparently a lot of people are doing and just such a great employer. I’m sorry, employees market now. So let’s, let’s jump into these. And, um, you know, one thing that me and Ethan are going to try to do is just be very candid about our thoughts about these websites and how, um, and how effective they are. So the very first one I would love to tee off, Ethan already knows what’s going to happen here. Um, I want to, I want to be honest before I started with my emotional feelings about indeed, please be honest, the first one that we’re going to be talking about is and they are likely one of the most effective resources out there. Now I have a love hate relationship. He can barely get one sentence out complimentary about them. Listen, these people gouged prices to a level that is ridiculous. Employers or employers and they made the process much more difficult for people like you. And in the process of doing that, they disrespected anyone who was a paying customer by the way that they treated them. Third customer service is horrible. Okay, got that out there.

If you’re a job seeker, you can ignore the emotional feelings of, of the employer. Um, but they are a very effective site. They do a very good job of uh, you know, their system. It just works. It just works. You know, the, the secondary site that we utilize. You go ahead and talk about it a little bit more, but you know what, before we move on, what are your thoughts on indeed Ethan? You use it more actively than I? Yeah, I think indeed is a really great way of finding a job. It’s a really excellent way to search through jobs. They’ve got really excellent filters as well. If you want to filter down from location to payscale to keywords, things like that. It’s, it’s very user friendly for someone seeking employment. As a, someone who works on the staffing industry as an employer, I agree with you.

It’s frustrating how they’ve jacked up prices for us staffing agency Tulsa. I think it’s a little frustrating when I want to reach out to people who haven’t necessarily applied for a job. I’m just doing a little bit of head hunting and recruiting. I feel like that process takes a little too long. Um, but, uh, just based on how indeed does it, but overall, and there’s a reason it’s ranked as the number one job site is there’s so much there that you can look for fielding for a job. Yeah. So that, that’s a great resource. Um, one of the, one of the, I want to bring up our top ones that we’re, that we’re working with. We also work with zip in this area. Currently, you know, we’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So in the Oklahoma area, zip recruiter is a big force, um, as, as a website. Um, Ethan you use it a lot.

What are, what are your thoughts on Ziprecruiter? How well does it work for you and how well do you think it works for employees? I like it. I like it a lot. I like it almost as equally as I do with, uh, with indeed to me it doesn’t seem nearly as clean. I think maybe something in the design of it, but maybe that’s just me being a picky millennial. But, um, but I like it and I’m surprised it’s not on this top 10 list because I think it’s a great website and it’s definitely growing. I mean I’m seeing lots of commercials for it on TV online. I, I think, I think they’re really growing and doing really good. If you live in our area, you’ve heard a lot of commercials about this website in our opinion, it took us a little bit of time to get there to be able to begin using it.

But we tried it out and it was very effective. And so it is our secondary, um, most effective website out there that we utilize. Um, the, the next one that’s on our list is We just, I’m disengaged with career com. Um, the reason that we, I’m going to tell you what I heard from the team, but Ethan’s right there in the middle of it. So I think the, the listeners, they’re definitely going to want to hear your opinion on why, you know, um, but we just were getting the same people over and over and over again was what I was told by our manager and that we’ve just built her through it and we wanted to have, we wanted to be able to be a little bit more flexible with some of the ways that we go about doing our job searching, especially social media popping up is such a big four.

So we’re going to use that money in that direction, this, uh, this next quarter and see how it does. What, what was your opinion on career builder? Did it help you? What, what, what’d you think man, it was very few and far between that I found someone really great on career builder. Let me rephrase that. I was able to get someone really great on CareerBuilder, a job I, same thing. I’d be looking for someone and then that same job will pop up again a couple months later. So I’d look on career builder again. It was all the same people and none of them will call me back. I very rarely would have anyone call me back when I reach out on CareerBuilder, whether it be via phone, email, text, whatever it is. No one got back to me. So I got real annoyed with it. I never wanted to use it because I felt I was wasting my time.

Well you’re, you’re probably one of the main reasons we moved away from it. Um, the, the next one we have is Um, you’ve not used that. I know that now. I’ve never even heard of it. You’ve never even heard of it. How I haven’t heard of dice. Dice is, uh, is very strong technically. So if you know the trinity, we are not, we don’t specialize in staffing for it. We have done that at a high level on, on, on request and have been very successful with it. Believe it or not. But, um, but we did utilize that website at one point in time and it was, it had some great shirts but they’re probably more from a technical standpoint is, is so if you’re not a technically uh, you know minded person, unless things have changed a whole it’s probably not the one you want to go with.

Um, the next one is glass door. I’m going to have you talk a little bit about glass door if you don’t mind Ethan. Sure. I like glass door. It, it’s um, how to describe it. You know, it, I mean here on the, on the staffing agency Tulsa, the list that we got to say this glass door is a career community and that’s kind of what it feels like. It feels like Glassdoor has its hand in a lot of places and a lot of communities and it’s a good resource for people who are kind of looking a little bit everywhere, if that makes sense. And having information about the company from an employee standpoint. Now I want to, I want to warn someone, most likely if you get an employee motivated enough to go on and say something about a company, the likelihood of it being negative is pretty strong.

That’s true. Somehow we’ve got, I think we have all positive remarks. Yeah. On, on our glass door and we, you know, we don’t push it a lot, but uh, you know, so we don’t have as strong of a showing is I would like, but I think that’s another thing that employees really appreciate about glass door is the transparency. That’s, yeah. That word community describes it really well. It, it feels like here are people that know about the company’s I’m, I’m, I’m looking for, and it’s not as specialized as say would be or diocese specific towards maybe tech jobs. Um, this is a way broad and you can kind of look through all sorts of jobs, if that makes sense. And our next one on the list though is Google for jobs. And I know, I know you love this one. You’ve been researching it a lot.

I’ve been working so hard on, on figuring this out because I know the money that’s invested in it and it appears that Google is getting ready to partner with another large website to be able to become a powerhouse in the recruiting industry. And most likely that is going to happen. And I just wanted to try to be on top of it rather than behind it rather than behind it. But Google has a lot of specific things that they wanted for their algorithms. And you know what’s so funny is I was having our, I was having our job descriptions and everything be catered completely to the outline that Google wanted and they wanted a ridiculous amount of information. And so we were, we’re trying to do that. And what’s funny is I finally decided it’s not even worth our time to try to do that now.

Like I don’t see the reward for doing that. Um, because, um, what Google jobs is, if you taught in like a medical assistant job immediate into Google, Google is going to take the top three jobs that it has in. It’s going to use its algorithm to send you what it thinks is now. Well, when we quit doing that, we all of a sudden came up to the top. So I literally went on to the Google the background, talk to the developers, did what they said to do. It didn’t work. And then we just quit doing it all together and we rise to the top. So I don’t understand how it works for from an employer standpoint. However, uh, I believe that you are going to see that become a big part of your job search and strategy very soon. Yeah, definitely. And I mean it’s so easy.

I mean that’s part of the reason why it’s getting so big and why Google is really trying to make themselves a powerhouse is what I mean, what’s the first thing that I would do if I was looking for you? You absolutely, you can Google it. Well, one of the things that Google is going to do, and I know we’re going long here staffing agency Tulsa, we really need to hurry this up. Let’s just do one more here. Sure. Ethan. Um, but Google is also trying to make this more of an employees. They’re going to cater more to the employees then they are the employer. Now that’s always been opposite. The reason being is because the employer was the one paying the employee was the one not, but Google is going to go and become a powerhouse and go, all right employers, if you want to be a part of this big huge awesome system that we have and it’s going to be good, most likely or it’s going to be pretty effective, we’ll then you’re going to have to make this much more employee oriented.

And so that is one of the big plays that they’re going to be putting it. So if you’re an employee out there, um, you should probably be pretty excited about that. If you’re an employer, you’re probably going, are you kidding me? They’re rich in the, in the road. Um, but it’s, it’s probably gonna happen. Let’s talk about linkedin a little bit. If you say rents in the road, I mean fork in the road wrench and the wrench, you can draw over a ranch and it would be really good. It’s probably damaged your car. It is a phrase I told you. I’m a troll around trendsetter over here. Upsetting trends. You’re going to hear it all right. It will be a phrase I will be afraid. Sure. Yeah. Oh, will it to happen. All right, so our last one that we’ll talk about it I guess is uh, you said we use linkedin all the time.

When I got hired at Trinity, I was really, really proud because I had 78 connections on linkedin. I was really proud of that. And uh, everyone here laughed at me about it, you know, in a kind way. So the first thing that Cassie, my manners decides may buff up your Linkedin, get to know people, like connect with people, recruit for specific positions, connect to these people. And now I’ve gotten him in close to a thousand connections and in, and it’s all because man, if I get a job, I can go, I can just search keywords, boom. And then there’s a list of all the people that I have connected with that have done that before that have two or three people. Yeah, exactly. And so it’s, it’s a great resource for me as a recruiter and staffing agency Tulsa to do. And so for you, the listener, as someone who’s looking for a job will be an excellent ideas to get onto linkedin, spruce up your profile a little bit so you know, you’re clear, you are concise, you got good work history there.

Make sure it looks appealing because people like me are constantly looking for people on linkedin and with Linkedin, especially in most luckily all of these websites. But I’ve talked to the developers of Linkedin, so I know this for sure, but when you fill out your profile completely, it makes you like 10 times more a searchable in the reason, the reason that they want that. All of these websites, this is all they want. If, if, if you’re curious, it’s kind of sick and weird, but they want your personal information now that is what they’re selling is your information. So when you give them the top of information that they want, they instantaneously SnipSnap a button or flip a switch or whatever it is that just say snap a button. He says half a bottle, flip a switch, flipped backward button wrench on roads, whatever you’re saying, I’m sure and said it.

Um, so, so it, it makes you a lot more searching. Yeah, make sure and pay attention to that. I want before we go, um, the other, um, websites on this list that we quite frankly didn’t know hardly anything about, so I can’t imagine that they’re that effective, at least in this market. And that’s, we did use for a while. We found it to be not very effective and us jaw you S. Dot. Jobs. Um, those were some things that were on there. I hope this, uh, this podcast helped you out. If Trinity can help you out in any way, we would love to. You can visit us where we not only have this podcast, but a lot of great information, or you can give us a call at (918) 622-2588.