SEO Video 9

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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. One of the areas that we have specialized in for almost last ten years is in the medical field. And one of the main positions that we’re constantly recruiting for, is for a medical assistant. A medical assistant is one of the key positions in a medical office. They are the face, while once the patient gets back into the patient room. They’re also the person who takes the chief complaint and puts all of the data into the information- into the computer.

In a lot of instances, the patient will be spending more time with the medical assistant [chuckles] that’s unfortunate sometimes, then they will, the actual physician. And so it’s really, really important that we get the right type of individual that we recruit for, for all of our customers.

So I wanted to talk with you just real quickly about some of the key things that we’re always looking for in a medical assistant. And that is, we always need to find someone who is certified or registered. This is changed in the last three years, since the Affordable Care Act has come into law, it is difficult for clinics to get reimbursed from insurance companies, unless their medical assistants are either certified or registered. And so almost every major medical clinic has moved to this. We expected it to years ago but really now, if this is in full swing and it’s really sad for some of the medical assistants who have been- maybe their clinic close or something like that and they’ve worked there for years and years and years. And they never had a reason to get certified or register because when they started being a medical assistant, well, that didn’t even exist. No one had even thought of this, it was something they just trained on the job. This is now a big new thing, so I think it can be a much bigger deal for a medical assistant who’s been a medical system for 15, 20 years and then all of sudden, they’re looking for a job, they realize, “Oh good grief, I need to have this certification,” because it will cost a decent amount of money and a little bit of time to get it. But it’s really, really important for anyone who is in that category to commit to making sure and getting certified or registered if they want to stay in the same career field. But that is the main reason, why we are always looking for someone who is either certified or registered and that the registration and certification is still current.

The next thing is, we’re always looking for some with exceptional customer service. Someone who treats people so well that the patients would leave just thinking that they just left a great, great, place.

A lot of times, the medical assistant like I said earlier is going to be spending more time or just as much time with the patient as the doctor. And so me, myself, there’s such a turnover rate in the medical systems, which Trinity is really trying to- hopefully take part in changing that. But there is a drastic difference when I get a medical- when I’m going to the doctor myself and I get a medical assistant, who is extremely kind, nice, polite has a good social grace to them. It is like a complete different experience and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’re watching this. When you have that person who hardly even looks up at you- you could not squeeze a smile out of them, if you tried, you couldn’t pay them money to smile at you. And they just go in there like, “What are you here for, blah, blah, blah.” And it is just a drastically different experience. Same doctor, same clinic, but completely different experience.

And I’ve gone to the same doctor for, I don’t know, 10, almost 15 years now, I know him well. But I’ll tell you what, there’s a drastic difference in the experience depending on which medical assistant comes in there and I’ve known him for years now, so it kind of stays the same but for me, it’s a big difference.

It’s really important to Trinity that we find exceptional medical assistance for our customers and that we only focus on A players, only send out A players, only tolerate A players. That’s what we’re looking for is a really great fit for our customer, but they need to be an A player. Our customers are going to pay us a premium to try to recruit for this position for them. So we want to make sure that we’re bringing the top quality that we can.

The next thing is, is any more as a medical assistant, you need to have good computer skills, before- that was not before the Affordable Care Act came into play, there were a lot of opportunities where you really didn’t need to have computer skills. Lot of people were still on paper charts, no one had moved on to the electronic medical records which the Affordable Care Act put into place. And so it was very viable for someone to have 15, 20 years of experience, to have the best experience in the world as a medical assistant but they didn’t know how to use a computer and that was no big deal. Now that’s really not the case, you really have to update your computer skills. So we’re always looking for someone who has really good ability to navigate a computer the next.

The next thing is, we’re looking for someone who has an attention to detail. We found over the years that this is something that’s very important to this position. Someone who can multitask. Generally, tends to be a better asset to the physicians that we provide for and so we’re looking for someone with exceptional- attention to detail.

The last thing that we look for and this is something that we do in our interview, is we try to find someone who has an overall good, solid knowledge of the medical field. We can ask some general questions about what they know, what they’ve experienced. And it helps us to understand what level they’re at, in the medical field. And so that is some of the things that we do as our MO and finding an A player. That’s the only thing that we want our customers expecting from us and we’re really trying to change the way the staffing is done and the different expectations that people have of staffing companies.

If you’re interested, please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Thank you.