SEO Video 8

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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company who specializes in staffing, in the medical field, in accounting and banking and finance. But in part of those finance areas, we also do staffing for customer service, when it comes to very soft collections. And we have a large customer that we’re working with right now at the moment. And this customer is in both Oklahoma City and in Tulsa. And we staff for both locations because we have a presence in both areas here in Oklahoma.

This position is an account representative. But really what it’s doing is it’s a customer service type/collections type position, would be the best way of describing it with the title probably.

This position is the very first phone call to someone who is late on a payment. And this organization- there are two very high end automobiles. And you will be doing this for a high, high end market place. There’s not a lot of delinquent accounts on these but there are enough that they need to have a call center for it to be able to make the phone calls and collect the money. But this is not a high pressure. Let’s get them to pay right now type of position. It’s not that at all. This is a very first, very kind phone call, reminding them that they didn’t- for one reason or another, they had not received the payment. And trying to work out, “Hey, did you already sent that payment? If so, how can I try to track it for you?” Really you’re trying to help the individual out a lot more than you are, saying, “Hey, you need to pay up.” You’re just trying to figure out what’s happened because this is generally an individual who never has missed any payments at all and then all of a sudden you’ve got a missed payment and you need to call them and find out, what’s going on. And really, so you’re rectifying more situations than you are trying to collect.

So in in this area, the position is Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00. And it comes with a really strong benefit package. We are recruiting for this position in both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets. But the biggest thing that we’re trying to find, we’re trying to find someone with exceptional customer service skills and I’m talking about being able to treat customers exceptionally. Treat them well, be able to speak with them on their level, so have enough of a presence and professionalism to you, that you can communicate with a high level individual because that’s most likely who you’re going to be communicating with. Just by mere fact that of the top car that they bought.

But it’s providing the type of customer service. I always refer to this because a lot of people get it. When you go to Chick-fil-A, you expect someone to say, “My pleasure,” you also expect to be treated way differently than you would at any other fast food restaurant. Well, I believe that’s a big reason why most people go to Chick-fil-A and they don’t go to McDonald’s. I’m a very good friend with one of the owner/operators at Chick-fil-A’s and I can tell you the way that they train their people is drastically different in the way that they train people at McDonald’s. It just is, but the mentality of individual that they hire is completely different.

If you were to analyze what- and I’ve spoken with both, with what a manager from McDonald’s is looking for and what a manager at Chick-fil-A is looking for, it’s completely and drastically different. It’s the mindset. And so we’re looking for the person that has a mindset of someone that would be a Chick-fil-A. A “My pleasure” type of an individual. Someone who leans in towards positivity, someone who is doing something in their life outside of work. We love finding college students who are going to school in the evenings because they’re doing something. And individuals who have other extracurricular activities going on, they’re busy, they’re professional, they expect a lot out of themselves. This is the type of individual that we’re looking for.

This individual is also going to be doing some light data entry and just basically entering in, all the information that they receive from the customer, being able to type very quickly is going to be very helpful. But we’re trying to find only A players. Even at this customer service level, now pay wise, we’re in the mid-range but this is a customer service type position, we’re trying to find someone who’s an A player in this place. The type of individuals that we’re going to be looking for, are people that are going to use this as a stepping stone. Hopefully they’ll stay with us for a couple years. And they use this as a means to get where they’re trying to go. And when we’re able to find that for our customer, they get a much different experience, than if we went after just anyone. We’re not looking for anyone, we’re looking for an A player, who has some data entry skills, who understands how to work a computer and they also have exceptional ability to communicate with other people and a desire to learn. That’s what we’re looking for.

If we can help anyone out there that’s looking for something, please apply with us. You can go online at We have a career center there, you can fill out an application. [coughs] Excuse me. Or you can also upload your resume for us. Give us a call any time at 918-622-2588. Thank you.