SEO Video 7

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Cory: Hi, My name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. And we specialize in staffing, in the banking industry. And we staff for almost every position in the bank from bank teller, all the way up to some of the VP’s of finance, in mortgage. So this is something that we’ve specialized in for about the last six or seven years. And we’ve been able to really produce high level individuals, for our different customers and so.

I wanted to talk just real quickly about what it is that we do that is a little bit different and why is it that we’ve been able to be so successful for customers. And the number one thing that I would say is primarily the most important and that is to only focus and train our customers how to identify an A player. An A player is someone who they generally are going to do one and a half times the work of anyone else. They are someone that if they say that they’re going to do something, they absolutely are going to handle it. An A player is someone who can play in the sand well with others. An A player is someone who can be a strong leader but of course if they’re in subordinate type role, they know how to gracefully place their leadership and they utilize the leadership in the right kind of roles, depending on where their position is in the company. An A player is a game changer, if you have an entire team of A players.

Here’s the thing that we noticed in staffing so much, for some our customers. When we get an A player team, meaning, everyone on the team is an A player. They attract more and more A players, B players are going to get weeded out so quickly. And because the A players, they will not tolerate it. They’ll be polite and they’ll handle it professionally. You won’t have a lot of drama in your office but they will slowly integrate that person out but they also will bring and attract and retain other A players.

The worst thing that we’ve noticed, is if we will take an A player and put them on a B or C player team, that A player is going to resign in no time. And it’s just something that we’ve noticed over the years. We will be so excited to get an A player to one of our customers because we think that this individual is really going to change the ballgame with what’s happening in their office. When the A player gets in there, they absolutely love them. But it only takes about a month for the A player to give us a call and say, “Listen, this isn’t working out.” A players attract other A players.

Lot of our customers, some of them especially, very first when they come to us, they are tolerant sometimes of B and hopefully not B, but sometimes C players. What we want to do, is change their perception with what they need to demand of their workforce and to really lean in towards an A player and really this sounds bad, but terminate the wrong person on the bus as soon as you know. That way you can give yourself more opportunity to try to find another A player. And it’s a big painful process. But once you go through it and get it there, your business will never be the same as the way we try to communicate this to our customers.

So how do we find A players as a staffing company? Well, we interview a whole lot of people and that helps a lot. When you interview five, six people a day per recruiter and we’ve got six people recruiting force, that will give you options for A players, it’ll help you to- when you’re interviewing all the time, it’s easy to start seeing the people that really stand out. And so we’re able to deliver this to our customers.

A lot of times, it’s an intuition thing. Our recruiters have a very good intuition and this is someone that they meet with and they’re like, you know what, they don’t exactly have the skill set but they would be really great in that area. And there are a lot of Wall Street Journal articles talking about this. I read a Harvard Review not too long ago talking about the importance of this. And that is, the importance of finding the person, finding the right person and training the skill in that person. And there are many top level companies that are starting to do this. And a lot of times, we will make those kind of suggestions to our customers. It gives them an opportunity, they might have a slower time of getting them up to speed but at the same time, they’re going to get an A player long term. And we know from studies that we do that that is going to save them thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of that hire.

That’s what we’re committed to our A players, it’s the only thing we want our customers accepting from us and tolerating with us.

Trinity is a game changer in the staffing world. It’s just that it takes a long time to change people’s mindsets. So we would love to show you what it is that we do, if you have any interest in Trinity as a staffing company. We specialize in the banking industry, also in the medical industry and in finance and accounting.

Please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can call us, you can visit us on our website at Thank you so much.