SEO Video 6

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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. And I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. One of the things that I have done just recently is, I’ve started doing some public speaking. The reason that I wanted to do but public speaking is because I wanted to share a lot of the knowledge that I’d learned as an entrepreneur. What I wanted to do is I wanted to be able to basically treat it is though, mentoring myself ten years ago. Tulsa Staffing

See, I’ve seen, I’ve been in business at Trinity for about the last ten years and over that time period, we’ve become one of Tulsa’s Top 40 Fastest Growing Companies, I’ve grown it from my living room, dialing for dollars, all the way up to- we did a little over $2 million in business last year. And along the way there have been so many things that have come up that I just felt, I really needed to speak about. Tulsa Staffing

One of the things that I really try to do, is I really try to get around other individuals who also did some public speaking. And I learned so many things about it. And so I just wanted to tell you a few things that I’ve learned about public speaking, from some of the best public speakers around. Tulsa Staffing

The first thing is, is to make sure in stay within your wheel house. You can get hit up a lot, once you start public speaking a little bit, you’re going to get hit up, if you’re good at it, you’ll get asked to speak at all these different events. Well, I try to make sure and do, is make sure that the event that I’m trying to work with, is going to somehow directly or indirectly impact my business in a positive way. Or I want to do it for a charity type thing. And of course, I would never charge for something like that. So those are the two main areas, what you don’t want to do, is get in the business of speaking and offering yourself to speak at different places, where it doesn’t in any way impact or help your business. I’m trying to utilize this to be able to support the business. I know there are public speakers and that’s the only way that they make money. And in that case, I would really suggest that they stay within their wheelhouse of knowledge, you need to become an expert. And that’s the second thing that I wanted to point out.

Not only do you need to stay within your business and make sure that it impacts that, but second thing is, you need to stay within your area of expertise. And make sure that you know what you’re talking about. Tulsa Staffing

There are many public speakers that are just getting up- and you don’t want to get into an area where people do not believe you. So you need to be able to know your area of topic, you need to be able to tell a story. Telling a story can bring people in and help them to relate to where you’re at in your scenario. So for me, I love telling stories about the different experiences that I have in my job, I typically use stories that relate to my business when my kids are talking to me.

The other day- I’ll share a real quick story with you. I was driving by in our neighborhood, and our neighborhood getting developed right now. And my three year old son’s at the time, he’s four now, he said, “Daddy, that sure is a mess and they need to clean up their mess.” And I was like, “That’s a great topic for public speaking,” because when you’re going through your career, at first it’s really messy, but once they build that house, it’s beautiful, going through the mess is part of getting to the glory.

So those are some of the stories, you will look around for opportunities to be able to share your stories. In the end, make yourself an expert by telling people how to work through the mess. Tulsa Staffing

Then there’s one last thing, that I think can help any public speaker out and that is to make sure that you deliver and that you practice, practice, practice. Get it in your head and practice. And if you deliver one good speech, this is a big mistake that I made. When you deliver one good speech and you’re like, “Oh, I got that down,” and the two or three months go by, I don’t even need practice it. Well, practice, practice, practice. I did that one time and it really fell flat. But it was because I didn’t have my material fresh in my mind.

And so those three things I think can really help out anyone looking at trying to do public speaking. At Trinity Employment Specialists, I always want to make sure that we’re giving back to the people that we’re at, that we’re with. Any of our customers, any of the community and that’s one way that I think that I can do that and if you own a business I think you could do it too, I hope this helps you, I hope you have a great day. Thank you so much. Tulsa Staffing