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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we staff for medical, medical clinics, hospitals and also in the financial and banking and collections and accounting industries. This position that I want to talk to you about is actually in the medical field but it’s in the accounting side of the medical field, it’s an insurance biller. And we’re constantly looking for people to do insurance billing, follow up and also medical coding occasionally. But this particular position is a medical insurance specialist.

We need somebody who has a strong insurance background. So what this is, is that every insurance company requires certain criteria to be handled before, you submit the bill and then you have a follow up process to make sure that the bill, if there is something that was wrong and the bill was denied by the insurance company. Well, the clinic has to be able to get it- get that fixed and resubmitted before, it’s like 90 days or they just won’t get paid. So we need somebody who has a strong knowledge in insurance billing. We need somebody with at least one year of experience, posting, medicine- I’m sorry, Medicare and Commercial Insurance forms, EOBs and EFT forms.

We need somebody who has a working knowledge of cash, pay billing transactions also. These positions are some of the most crucial to a medical clinic or a hospital because they are the ones that make sure that the clinic gets paid. And lately, because of the Affordable Care Act, most of your medical institutions have received some of the stiffest cuts that they’ve ever experienced in such a short period of time. I really feel sorry for a lot of our medical communities because they are really being squeezed to figure out if it’s even plausible to make a profit and because of that, we’ve seen a lot of small and mid-size clinics have to shut down their doors or sell to one of the larger clinics. And it concerns us because the quality care but it is so vital that every dollar earned is collected.

What we want to do at Trinity for all of our customers, is to find the top level medical billers for our clinics, because we know that that’s how they get paid. And we’re a staffing company, so we get paid if they are able to make money, if they can’t make money, well, we just lost our customer. So it is very advantageous for Trinity to get great billers to our customers and it’s something that we’re really proud of ourselves on.

What we also really try to do is only find a players for the customers that we have. And we want to give each one of our customers the opportunity to release someone that they know is not a fit for their organization quickly, for the sole purpose that they can- we can try to find someone who is a good fit for their organization. And because we’re staffing company that person that they did not particularly fit within one organization, they may fit much better over here and we have options. And so we really tried to do the very best thing by not only our customer but also our employee, by helping them to find a place where they can be an A player. It’s really, really important to our business that that’s what we do. We’re not all things to all people, we really want to select our partners carefully but we love being able to add to the good, good medical clinics that we staff for, by providing exceptional medical billing personnel for them. If you are in the medical billing field and you have more than two years of experience, we would really like to speak with you, to see if you might be a fit for one of the many opportunities that we have.

Please give us a call any time. Our direct line is 918-622-2588 or you can check us out online at or you can also apply online. If you just follow the right tabs. I hope this helps you today. Look forward to working with you, if you heard this message and you might be a fit for us. Thank you so much.

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