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Cory: Hi. My name is Cory Minter, I’m president of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity specializes in doing staffing specifically for the banking, the healthcare, and the accounting industries. I’m in the middle in part two of talking about my journey in starting Trinity, and how it all worked. We left off with the statement that, if you don’t control and manage your imagination, your imagination will control you. The thing is, if you allow fear in your life and we all face it, you should expect the following to happen if you embrace it. It’s going to strip you of your confidence, your self-worth, your potential, strength, growth, and so on. The thing is, it replaces it with insecurity, doubt, confusion, and weakness. tulsa staffing


The thing is, is people react to fear in different ways. One, they use it as fuel, it takes them to the moon. Just like the caveman used their fear of the bear to protect themselves and that was a very successful thing, you can use fear and it will drive you to success because of your fear of failure. You can fuel it with your words and your thoughts and your imagination. If you don’t control your imagination, it will control you. This is one of the ways that some people allow fear to take over their life. Or three, just make it make you stagnant. I’ll bet you know somebody where fear has made them stagnant and they just don’t do anything. They’re scared of being able to go after any of their dreams, and that’s sad. It’s one of the worst places to be in. tulsa staffing


The thing is, is if you are dealing with any of these three areas of fear, which mostly likely you are. You have to learn to manage, just like your imagination, you have to learn to manage your perspective, or your perspective will manage you. Fear can change your perspective. If you’re scared of something, your perspective may be very negative, or you can take your perspective, make it positive and it will start to control your fear. Perspective is a key. Manage your perspective, do it consciously. If you can do that, you can reduce a lot of the fear that you experience. The best of the best of the best, they know how to manage their perspective. In fact they’ve become masters of their perspective.


I want to challenge you with this, master your perspective and you will master your circumstance. I’m telling you it will change the way that you do things. If not, if you don’t do this, this is what you should expect. You should expect, insecurities, doubts, confusion, weakness, negative thoughts, negative words in almost everything you do. You have to manage your perspective. The best of the best, all the billionaires, they all talk about their ability to manage their perspective. This is what most people deal with, I deal with this and I want to talk to you about my experience in dealing with this. I have something in my head, it’s a silent voice, I’m not schizophrenic, almost every entrepreneur experiences this, at least those that I’ve talked to. It says things to me that are extremely unreliable. tulsa staffing


These are some of the things, I mean just some examples. It tells me, “You suck. You’ll never accomplish that. You really are not that good. So and so would be so much better at that then you will be. You’re never going to be able to accomplish that. That’s too big of a thing for you. That is really a stupid idea, don’t you think? What do you thing other people are going to think about that idea?” My voice says these things all the time, but the thing is, is they’re unreliable. In fact, as soon as I finish talking about this speech, I’m probably, my head is eventually going to say, “Listen, that really sucked” You can tell by listening to me, I’m not a horrible speaker. I might not be the very best, but I’ll guarantee you one thing, I’m not horrible. My voice tells me I’m horrible, it’s unreliable. tulsa staffing


I was listening to a celebrity talk, actually just yesterday and they were talking about the relationship about how the higher the level that they’d experienced in their career as a celebrity, the worst that they experienced things, the harder it was. They were talking about it because people write some of the worst things about them in the media, and you can’t help but read it sometimes. They knew what the truth was and then they would read what the media would say and some over time it would blend into what they believed. tulsa staffing


Check this, what if your mind is doing the exact same thing, and filling you with unreliable thoughts, like they’re not truth. You know the truth, but your mind keeps saying things that are lies to you. If you allow those things to start mingling it will start to become a part of who you are. You can’t allow that to happen and you’ve got to stop it consciously. Your voice, it really controls your imagination and your perspective. Here’s the thing, if you can manage your voice, and your imagination, and your perspective, you are going to change your circumstances big time. This is a key to what I believe my success is. I deal with all three of these things, and they haven’t stopped. I’m consciously working on them every day. They change your circumstances when you can lean in towards the negativity and lean in towards the things that create struggle for you. tulsa staffing


When I think about Steve Jobs, I think about the iPad. He already got kicked out of Apple, his own company. ,They kicked him out of it, and when they brought it back in he wanted to start the iPhone and he wanted to start a new music player. I’ll bet you money that there was something in his head that said, “Listen, that’s a stupid idea, they might kick me out again.” What if Steve Jobs never, ever moved forward with his vision of the iPhone, and the iPad, and the iTunes thing? He revolutionized the way that Americans look at media. I’m sitting here looking at an iPad right now. Changed the world with it.


Michael Jordan, he would constantly — I read books about him. He practiced more than anyone, but as a little boy he used to constantly in his head visualize himself being successful making the game winning shot. The thing is, he missed more shots than he ever made. It didn’t matter, he always wanted the ball and he always visualized himself making the shot. You need to ask yourself, are you one of those people that want the ball or are you the guy that passes it to someone else? If you pass to someone else, you’ll never make that winning shot. Michael Jordan missed way more than he ever made but he wanted the ball and he got the ball, and he had the guts to take the shot.


That’s the only reason we see highlight reels of that guy today. It’s because he took the shot, Steve Jobs took the shot. I don’t want — I bet in this audience today, there are a lot of great ideas that are out there that’ll never come to fruition because people are too fearful to move forward towards them. What if the next iPad idea is sitting out there? Or how many iPad ideas were out there that never came to fruition, because the guy that came up with it was too scared to move forward with it? Don’t be that, don’t let that fear kill you and your idea.


My last point is this, your vision is limited and you’ve got to be able to have a realistic perspective about your vision, you can only see so much. Your naked eye can only see like 4500 stars, but you get a pair of binoculars, you can see 100,000 stars, and you get a three inch telescope and you’ll see a million. The reason is, is because our human eyes can only accept so much light. The more light we could absorb, if we could absorb more light, we can see more. The thing is, is our vision is limited. A lot of times when we’re moving forward with something like this, and this is just my experience and in my faith, okay? God can see much more than I can. He’s carved a path out for me that I couldn’t have even done for myself.


Rather than relying on my personal vision, I’ve had the luxury of relying on God’s vision. Following his lead has led me to success that I could never, ever, achieve. He wrote me a pathway to success in the Bible. You go read any kind of Ink magazine about what constitutes a successful entrepreneur, I guarantee you in Proverbs somewhere, the Bible lines it out. You read that and follow that. God gives you a pathway to success that you’ll never see ,and he watches out for you and he holds your hand. You might stumble but he’ll never let you fall, he never has with me. It’s been one of my biggest keys to success in my own viewpoint, and I’m certain of it.


Don’t rely on your vision. When there’s so much more out there if you could only see it. God’s got control over it and he’s the big guy. When I view him as my partner, my abilities and my future is limitless. I hope that you can start to see that or leaning towards that today. Thanks.

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