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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. And I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialist. Trinity is the staffing company that specializes in staffing for the banking community. Trinity is not a staffing company that- that is all things to all people. We’re a staffing agency that really tries to focus and hone in on what we’re good at, stay within our lane and that is one of the ways that we’ve been able to be exceptional for our customers.

Over the last three years, Trinity has been one of Tulsa’s Top 40 Fastest Growing Companies. And one of the ways that we do that is because about 80% of our business all comes by way of referral. It doesn’t matter how big your city is, each individual industry is a small community really, because people will share information, so if you go and do a good job for someone, they might tell two or three people and that’s great and you love it. But let me tell you something, you go and do a bad job for someone and they will tell 20 people about it and it’ll hurt you over time.

So over time, just doing the right things, over time and you multiply that by doing it the right way, we say multiplying it by God, It equals an unstoppable momentum. And that’s one of the main equations that I can give. Trinity is that we just do the right things over time and we keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it and it’s given us an unstoppable momentum to where we have as much business as we want. And I’m so grateful for learning that piece of advice from a guy name Dave Ramsey many years ago.

But I want to tell you a little bit about a position that we are recruiting for at the moment. We’re recruiting for an Administrative Assistant for our office. And this is one of the key roles in our office, this is one of the greatest things also. This position is available because of growth. We have added two new positions to our team and this position is available because we have promoted someone within our organization and we need somebody to fulfill that role. We believe that our Administrative Assistant is the perfect place to be able to start and move somewhere else within our company because once you learn the role of an administrative assistant in our organization, you will have your hands a little bit in every single position within our company. And you’ll truly be able to understand that our company as a whole as you promote. And so this position, we have set it up for it to be a pole vaulting position for someone’s career layer on.

Now this isn’t something that we want somebody to take the position and expect to be moved within the first year. This is a position that we would really like for someone to be comfortable with for a little while, really get a chance to know our organization and our industry and then at the right time, let’s try to get- try to promote, this person into a recruiting role and a coordinator type role or something like that. That’s really what we’re going for, but these are the things that we’re looking for.

We really want find someone with a solid work history. I get really concerned about someone who has one year here, one year there, that’s not really what we’re looking for. I’ve had enough experience in recruiting and hiring for people that my experience with individuals that change jobs every year, they are probably going to do that again and we will lose money, if that’s the case.

The next thing is, we need this person to have a great attitude. Attitude is everything, the way the person sees the world is everything. And I’m sure you’ve been- you walked out to place before and either the front desk or the person that they very first see, in our company this will be the very first person the person see that any of our employees come in to see. And they just didn’t care or there was just something not right, they treated you differently, you weren’t really sure what was going on. But because of that experience, you really didn’t have 100% trust in that organization that is what we don’t want to have happen. We really want this individual to be able to show confidence, to show competence and also a really friendly face. And we want somebody that knows how to treat individuals well. We are staffing company that focuses on treating both our employees and our employers or customers extremely well. Our employees are not numbers to us, they are people and they are hopefully in a job transition that is going in the right direction and that’s the reason that they’re with us. We want to help them. And if this person does not understand that or grasp that that there’s just no chance they’ll be successful in our company and they’re going to be frustrated and quite honestly so will we.

We need someone who can lean in towards positivity and not lean in towards negativity. Have you ever worked in a place, where there’s always one, two or three that just love to talk gossip and if there’s anything not happening right in the organization, “Oh, they just love to talk about it, makes them feel so good, they just love it, oh it’s so great.” Well, that demolishes almost every company in the entire country and they are truly a- they can be a cancer, if it goes unchecked. So if you’re listening to this, I hope you’re not that individual. But if you are that individual, please, do not apply for this position. We really do not want that type of environment inside of Trinity. We currently don’t have it. And it’s not something that we will accept and allow to continue.

So we need someone who has a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office. I mean somebody who really understands technology and how to work it. And because this person will be working with me occasionally, I need someone that really understands technology really well because I’m one that- I need somebody to show me some things from time to time.

We also need somebody who has a strong background in working in databases. We have a very large database that is of core piece to holding all of the data for Trinity. And we need someone who really understand this, take charge of it. And really just grasp and lean in towards learning as much as they can about our database. And maybe even trying to find some functions that can make us better.

These are some of the things that we’re looking for in an Administrative Assistant within Trinity. If you are an Office Manager and you are looking to hire a staffing company, we would really love to be someone that you thought of calling. We’re one of the best staffing agencies in town I believe and we would love to be able to help you. Please give us a call. My number is 918-622-2588. Thank you so much.


Yes, I think I’m going to try it again. So if I can knock out two more of these- I want to try to get better at this because I’m going have- I was too robotic. You know what I’m saying? When I was talking about it before.

Well [unintelligible 00:09:28] because these notes and I wrote it down and simplified it yesterday in Microsoft Office 365, if I ever told you, it’s really, really horrible.


It just wore me out, man.

Do you guys use that here or do you just only use Google products?

Speaker 1: We just use Google products, yes, it’s easy to use.

Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialist. Trinity is a staffing organization that staffed for the medical field, banking and in accounting. We also do a lot of collection staffing lately as well. But I want to talk to you real quickly about my pathway, my journey in starting this organization, it was quite an ordeal to start a company that we’ve been- I started this in our kitchen and with one computer and just dialing for dollars. And now we’re a multimillion dollar organization, last three years we’ve been one of Tulsa’s Top 40 Fastest Growing Companies and we have just done a lot of things right, we’ve done a lot of things wrong, but we’ve done a lot of things right. And so I want to talk to you about my journey in how it relates to– my relationship with success and really its relationship with fear. That’s one of the main things that I feel like I’ve had to overcome in trying to grow this company, it’s just like one fear after another, it never stops.

I want to talk with you about my experience in trying to deal with this and see if it might be able to help you and to move towards your success, whatever that is.

So when I started out, I was stuck in a job and it was just- I was being asked to do something that was unethical and it was something I did not want to do, it just drove me crazy. I felt like my back was against the wall and I had no clue what to do. And so I went to our accountant to talk to them about starting a company. And at the time -at first, I was really excited and wanted to talk about all the great things that we could do but when it got really down to it, I started talking about all the things I was concerned about. And it really I believe just must have consumed me because after our second meeting, our accountant looks at me, after hearing about 25 different things I was concerned about. And he looked at me straight in face and he said, “Look here man, I don’t think you’d make a good businessman. I don’t think you should go through with this. You are scared about everything and if you’re going to sit around and be scared, I really think you’re going to fail. So I really don’t think you should do it.” He said this, my wife was sitting right next to me, he said, “I think your wife will be much better than you would.” That just ticked me off.

What I did is, the next day I went and started our company. And so I want to talk to you about my journey in dealing with this. Starting day one, this is what I experienced.

Fear is the very first thing that keeps people from being able to reach their potential. And that’s all that I was experiencing at the moment. It was keeping me from being able to go where my potential could take me. And it’s why I was refusing to take the risk in the moment. But once I decided to take that risk and move forward, it was the very first step on the journey, but it just started with fear and to be honest with you, I still experience it. It’s a part of the journey. Fear and success they just go together.

90% of the things that I feared, they were something that were completely insignificant. That’s what the accountant was talking about. He was like, “Half of these things are not going to be a big deal,” but to me, they were a big deal and I allowed them to be a big deal. But here’s another statistic, 60% of everything that you fear, it’s not even going to take place, 60%. So those of you that were up last night, thinking about something that was happening the next day and it blew up really big in your mind, you couldn’t sleep. There’s a lot of people out there like that, there’s a 60% chance none of that’s going to take place. And so we spend as a nation and especially our entrepreneurs’ and the people that are really driving towards success, we spend way too much of our time worrying and being concerned about things that are never ever going to take place.

Over the years I’ve had the ability to sit down with some of my mentors, each one of these individuals are millionaires in their own right, people that are nationally successful. I’ve had the opportunity to visit with people. And they’ve spent time getting to know me, they allowed me to get to know them. And the more that I got to know them, I got to see – and I didn’t expect this at all, not at all. I thought I was the only one that experience this fear thing and I was the only one dealing with it. I realized that the people that were really at the top of the game, or at least in my eyes they were, they experienced fear just as much, if not worse than I did. I couldn’t believe it.

And as I moved on, I started to notice that the higher the level that you achieve, the more things you’re going to be responsible for, the more concerns, the more the fear and the more that you’re going to experience struggle. That’s just the way it goes. As you promote, you should expect more problems. And with more problems comes fear and anxiety and those sort of things. And the people at the top, I want you to know, almost every one of them experiences it. And I hope that gives you some level of just being okay with yourself today, if you weren’t aware of that.

Fear will change- fear and anxiety, if you experience it, it’ll change the way that it comes at you. But it’s probably not going to go away, it will change the way that it comes at you in different ways too. I remember the very first time that I experienced my first worker’s comp case and I was just terrified, I didn’t know what in the world to do. Because I’d never experienced it before, so I was scared and I was like, “Oh my Gosh, I remember exactly where I was at when I got a very first worker’s comp case. But you know what? Right now, if we got a worker’s comp call where someone got hurt on the job, do you know it’s not any big deal at all, we’re concerned for the employee, but we have an entire system to take care of it, it’s not at all a concern. We’ve got it handled. It’s no longer going to ever be a concern of mine. But I’ll tell you what, if I continue to grow, I can guarantee you that more and more and more things are going to come up as fears and concerns. Because the higher I climb, the more territory I’m going to enter that I’ve never been in before.

So if you want to experience success, I want you to put on the hat that allows you to get over the fears that you need to go through because you’re going to experience things that you’ve never experienced before. And those that lean in towards that are going to be successful and those that are scared of it and leave it alone and don’t touch it, you’re just going to stay where you’re at and you’ll never be able to grow. That’s just the way that success works, but if you are right now somewhere really uncomfortable and wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing, if you’re experiencing something that is just really making you uncomfortable, I will bet you, you are probably in an area of growth and you’re going in the direction you really need to be heading in. Raise to new heights, expect this.


I remember Wiley the Coyote and he is that cartoon was so funny to me, because every time he would chase the Road Runner, he’d get really close and he would miss the Road Runner just by a little bit but this is what I think throws success all over this Coyote. He never stopped, it didn’t matter how many times he missed, he just never stopped and that is almost the mentality that you have to have to be an entrepreneur and to see success in taking something from the ground floor that doesn’t exist and making it something that’s big. You just never have to stop and you have to have that mentality.

But fear is not always bad thing. Fear can be a very great thing. Remember back in the caveman days, a long time ago, a caveman was scared of a tiger or a bear or whatever and he had a stick, created a stick with a point and he eventually, the human was able to figure out how to kill the bear and make meat out of it. But I’ll tell you what, it was fear that kept that sucker alive and so you can use fear to your benefit, you can have your fear take you to the moon, because sometimes for me at least, my fear is what keep driving me, my fear of failure just drives me and it takes me absolutely to the moon. But fear that never show up in areas that do not matter. If you’re experiencing fear in something, especially if you have a healthy sense of fear, most likely that is in an area that you really need to be moving into.

I want to tell you real quick about a story about me and my daughter. She was going to Silver Dollar City, we’re going as a family. And she finally got high enough to where she could ride the big roller coaster, I knew it and I knew as a dad, I owed it to her to try to talk her into it, at least I started a week before to get her ready to get on this Magnum roller coaster with me, so I can start doing all the kiddie things and I can start doing something that I enjoy because I like riding roller coaster, so I talked her into it and used a little small bribe, I told her I was going to buy her something that if she went at least three roller coasters with me. She agreed, but here’s the thing, when she very first got on that roller coaster or when she was getting ready to go in there, I wish you could have seen her face, she was terrified. All these things were going through her head, she didn’t know what in the world to think and her imagination was just getting out of control, how bad this roller coaster was going to be, she couldn’t believe it and she was terrified, she was shaking. I was proud of her because she went through with it, but I really wish that you could take a look at the picture of her face right when she got off of it, because she had the time of her life and she couldn’t wait to get on again. In fact, that very first roller coaster was the most- that was the most intense one. And she couldn’t wait to get on it again. And we went on it two or three times that day. The thing is her imagination took her to a place that was just not healthy and it wasn’t accurate and it wasn’t reliable, but it went there and what it really was not that big a deal, but that’s the way that our imagination works sometimes.

Here’s the thing guys, you have to control your imagination and go in the right direction or it will manage you, it will control you. And eventually that will lead to some really significant issues if you don’t manage it. Some people live their lives as one big huge false alarm. They’re scared about something and it doesn’t even exist. So don’t allow yourself to do that. Take control over your imagination.

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