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Cory: President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company that specializes in the health care field, in accounting and in banking. And we do staffing for all sorts of businesses in these particular areas and we’ve become specialists in these areas

Trinity has been around for almost ten years now. And I want to talk just real quickly about my journey in starting Trinity from a little bitty laptop in my kitchen, all the way up to a multimillion dollar organization. And I want to tell you some of the things that I’ve learned, some of the things that I’ve struggled with but really explain what the journey is really like to build a successful company. And some of the things that at least I had to deal with and over time, I’ve noticed that many other people have had to deal with this as well.

When I very first started Trinity, I was working in a job and I really didn’t feel I had any other options. And so I went and I was talking to my accountant, and my accountant would ask me all sorts of questions about, “What’s your plan for this and what your plan for that?” And I just kept bringing up- every point in turn I kept bringing up this big concern and that big concern. And it was just an ongoing group of concerns that I was focused on. And after the second meeting, I think he just got tired of listening to this but it was just fear after fear after fear, what if, what if scenarios. And he told me this, he said, “Cory, I don’t think that you would be a very good businessman.” In fact, he told me and my wife was sitting there next to me, he said, “I think she would probably be better than you because you’re scared of everything and you’re just going to be so focused on that that you’ll never amount to anything in business. And so I highly recommend that you don’t do this.” Well, of course I was really just frustrated by that. And it was just a big ego attack to me. And the next day, that’s when I started the company.

I want to talk real quick about what I’ve learned in my journey with that. See, here’s a top reason why so many people never get to experience what their potential is. Fear is a reason why they never even try because they don’t know exactly what’s coming next and they’re really not sure what’s going to happen. And so rather than facing that fear, they just don’t try. And so many people just never see their potential because of this. Fear is the reason why people refuse to take risks and that’s why. 90% of all things feared are considered to be something that is a significant issue to you. But 60% of all things that are feared are never going to happen, that’s what statistics tell us about fear. And it’s very similar to being up in the middle of the night and being concerned about something the next day and then you wake up the next morning and realize that there is nothing that big happening.

On my journey, on experiencing fear and having to deal with it in my own way, as I climbed the ladder of success, I had the opportunity to meet with more and more, very successful business men. They were all millionaires and I had the opportunity to sit down and it started with just having a coffee or a lunch. And it slowly developed into being able to really spend some time with them and get to know them and become friends. And the more that I got to know them, the more that I recognized that they dealt with this feeling of fear and having to face fears, just as much if not more than I did. And they really didn’t actively deal with it. They slowly started to reveal it about themselves as time went on.

One of the things I noticed with them, is that the higher the level that they climbed, which was the same experience I had, the worse the problem became, the worse the fear was. And you’ve heard the rap song, Mo Money Mo Problems. TD Jakes says that as you progress and as you’re promoted, you create more problems. And that is the way that I personally had experienced success in my life, is that as I promote to a new level, there are more problems that arise.

I remember the very first time that I had my first worker’s comp case. As an employment agency, this is something that hopefully, other employment agencies don’t have to deal with this. We generally have to deal with it one or two times a year. But the thing is, it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen one or two times a year and there’s nothing that you can do about it. But the thing was is it flipped me out because I had no clue what to do. And it’s so funny, because my very first one was actually very clear that it was a fraudulent case and it was one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever handled to date. And I was in my first month of business.

But I remember the very first time that I got that call and I literally had no clue what to do. And it just terrified me. I called my attorney trying to figure out what’s going on. And now, if we get a worker’s comp case, no one even bats an eye. We’re not freaked out by it, we’re concerned for the individual but we have an entire process. And so as you grow, this is something that you should expect, is the things that bother you now and the things that are a struggle for you now, are probably not going to be something that is a struggle later on. But the thing is, is if you’re going to grow, you should expect something else to replace it, just like the worker’s comp case was a big thing to me. Back then, it was because I was in the growth stage. And I hadn’t yet experienced it. And so if you’re going to grow, you should expect to run into things that you’ve never experienced before that creates fear and anxiety. And so it’s just a part of the process.

I came up with this quote the other day that somewhat interesting I thought. And it is that fear and success are neighbors and they borrow each other’s sugar. And so if you think about that a little bit, it’s common artistic way to view my relationship with fear. But fear and success go together and they are all ways together, inner things and it’s like they borrow from one another all of the time. And as you rise to new heights, you should expect these things. And you should embrace them rather than letting it really start to bother you.

I remember watching the film, Wiley the Coyote and watching the coyote get close to the roadrunner and he not get it and then he falls off the cliff and then he gets blown up by his own contraption or his own contraption falls on him. But the thing that I really like about the coyote is, he never stops trying ever, ever. He gets close and he misses the road runner but he keeps going and he keeps going and he keeps going. Listen, I’m telling you that is such a great illustration for how my experience has been in chasing my dream as an entrepreneur, starting this company. And if you are going to experience success, I think that there is a big portion of your life is going to be seen very similar to the Wiley the Coyote cartoons.

Fear doesn’t show up in areas that do not matter for you. If you are experiencing some level of fear or big concern, the odds that they are something- that is something that is important to you is pretty high. But also if you’re experiencing something or if you’re experiencing fear in area of your career path or where you’re growing, I want you to know that I believe that you are most likely moving in the right direction. And it’s totally counterintuitive to the way that American culture thinks that success is happens.

My wife told me last night, she watched this new movie that’s on Netflix, it’s on right now. And she was talking about- she was so disappointed because she watched Walt Disney’s journey to creating Disney world and what we see is Disney now. And she’s like, “All it was were these negative things that happened to him.” And then at the very end, it showed a small glimmer of the greatness that it would become. But I understand my wife’s perspective where you want to see more greatness in something or in a movie. But that is such a great illustration of how real success works because you have about 90% of it being struggle and about 10% of it being something great.

I went and took my daughter to Silver Dollar City the other day. And when you as a father- she’s seven years old and for me, as a father, when I get a chance to finally ride the roller coasters, they are the big one, the big one. I’ve spent five six years with her not being tall enough to get on these roller coasters. And we’re going to Silver Dollar City and I finally get to do something that’s not all 100% kid oriented. And so I knew that this was a possibility and I started early, I started about a week into it and I started talking to my daughter about these roller coasters and how- I think that she should ride and there is so much fun. And I started preparing her for it, that you’re going to think that it’s scary but whenever you get off of it, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I finally got her talked into it. And we even made an agreement, she’s going to go on three roller coasters with me. And if she did that, I will be on– I bribed her with something. But when she got there, the things that were churning through her head about these roller coasters were- is so bad. And she just had all these fears about, “Oh my Gosh, this thing is going to be so awful,” and her imagination just went nuts on her. And she wanted her prize, so she got on the roller coaster with me. But I wish that I could have showed you a picture of her face before she got on that thing and then a picture of her face when she got off of it and she realized that it wasn’t even one quarter of as bad as she thought it would be and the ride was nothing as scary is what she thought it might be. She had a big huge smile on her face. And that is the way that most of the things that I have to face. The things that I think are such huge mountains and I just can’t imagine myself climbing over them. Once I lean into that, I realize that it- a lot of the issues are not nearly as difficult as what I once thought that they might be.

And so I’m going to end this segment with this one statement. And that is this. Your imagination can take you into crazy land or it can take you to success, your imagination can take you in all sorts of different ways. It can put you in chains, with who you are as a person or it can set you free to go and just really accomplish something amazing. So here’s the statement, you have to learn to manage your imagination or your imagination will begin to slowly manage you. Thank you.


Was that about ten minutes? [silence] Oh, it went off.


Bruce: Yes, it’s about ten minutes. 13 minutes actually.


Cory: Okay. [silence] Let me do the second part of it. Let’s add that up 13 minutes. I’ve got to- I’m just losing myself in these notes. I don’t even know where I’m going.

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity Employment Specialists is a staffing company that specializes in staffing for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets, where staffing agency that focuses on trying to find A players for your organization. We’ve been in business for over ten years and I’m in the process, I’m in the second series here of talking about my journey to building this company of Trinity and some of the things that I had to go through when building this company. And the last thing that I just left off with is that you have to learn to manage your imagination or your imagination will start to manage you. Your imagination can set you free, with your inhibitions, in being able to do certain things or it will put you in chains because your success is all starts right here in your brain. And your imagination really can dictate the way that it thinks in the way that it moves.

But what I’ve noticed over time is that many people live their lives as one big huge false alarms. And they live their life that there is something happening all the time that really doesn’t even exist or their imagination has blown it up to being so big that it’s not realistic. And so a majority of many people’s time is spent worrying and being concerned and anxious about something that is not really realistic. And the thoughts of their imagination are going so much in the wrong direction that their own mind is just not reliable. And so if you allow fear in your life and it becomes a part of your regular routine, fear will strip you, of your confidence, your self-worth, your potential, your strength, so on and so on. But the thing is, is it will replace it with insecurity, doubt, confusion and weakness.

People deal with fear in three different ways. They allow it to – they use it as fuel and it’s a huge motivator. And it literally can drive them to success and it can use, as the fuel to achieve things that are amazing. People can use it, where they fuel it with their words, their imagination, their perspective. If you have a fear and you start and you have a pattern of using your imagination of making one certain thing worse, this is a great- this is where you are with that. But I think the worst way that people experience fear is where it- they just remain stagnant. That is the worst area to be at. And I’ll bet you, you know someone who is like that, where they are just so scared of succeeding or so scared of putting themselves out there that they literally do nothing almost all their life and they never see potential. And maybe some of the reason they did that is because of something that they experienced previously in their past. But either way, that is I believe one of the worst ways that you can experience fear, but fear comes at you, in those three areas and you need to try to identify where you are at in those three different kinds of reactions.

But when you’re dealing with your fear, in one of those three areas wherever you fall in, just like you have to manage your imagination, you also have to manage your perspective. So your imagination gives you your perspective, but your perspective is the way that you view the certain things that are coming at you. Do you view it naturally in a negative way, do you view it in a positive way or you just neutral? Where is your perspective most of the time?

Fear can change your perspective and your perspective can change your fear. So if your perspective is constantly negative, you should expect your fear to be extremely escalated. But if your perspective is shifted toward seeing the positivity in something, it will really change the way that you experience fear. But you better manage your perspective or your perspective will manage you.

To gain high levels of success, the best people in the business, they all have become masters of their perspective to some level. They don’t just allow their mind to go wherever they wanted- wherever it goes. They specifically tell it which direction to be thinking and they do it consciously. But if you do not gain control over this, you’re going to be getting beat on by insecurities, of course fear, doubt, confusion, weakness, all those things are going to hit you. And it’s going to come slowly in the form of something that I just call “The Voice” and this happens by a slow process that starts with your imagination in your perspective. And I’ll admit to you that it happens to me quite often. And it has to be controlled or it really will get out of whack. And this is what sometimes my voice tells me that I constantly have to fight. Some of the things that it says is, “You suck, you’re never going to accomplish that, so and so would be much better at that than you would be. You’re never going to be able to do that. That’s just really a stupid idea.” These are thoughts that go through my head regularly.

It used to happen without any kind of defense or offense or stopping it with my mind. And if it goes unchecked, it can really get out of control. And so if you are someone who is a high achiever or an entrepreneurial minded individual, the likelihood of you experiencing this, is pretty high. So I want to encourage you to take control over your voice and do not let it control you, because it happens in a slow process and before you know it, you will start to believe the things that your voice tells you. And the things that your voice tells you are very unreliable.

I was listening to a celebrity talk about how they were dealing with being a celebrity. And they said, that the more success they’d seen as a celebrity, the worst things got. And and he said, it was because you have what you know to be truth and then you have all the things that were said about them in the paparazzi and what people wrote about them, which was constantly negative. And he said, trying to find out the truth in that that it would get blurred sometimes. And he really couldn’t figure out where he really stood with things. And that is so similar to the way that we experience fear and we experience this voice. The Voice is very unreliable and then we have to know what the truth is and not allow them to blend because when they start blending, it becomes a part of your belief system and you have to stop that.

When you think about the greatest people that do certain things, I thought of just a couple people when I thought of examples. One was Michael Jordan, he always wanted the ball but he visualized himself, I read a book about him, he would visualize himself even as a little kid, like imagining himself taking the winning shot, he would always imagine it going in. He put in more practice and more effort than anyone else would. Steve Jobs, he literally got kicked out of his own company and they kicked him out, they wouldn’t let him in, he started Apple but the board kicked him out because they said, “We really don’t like your ideas, you’re too aggressive with things.” And so do you think Steve Jobs was a little bit nervous when he went back to Apple and wanted to present the idea of doing this new thing called an iPad or an iPhone? I’ll bet you, he had voices in his head saying, “I don’t know that you should do that, they might kick you out again.” I’ll bet you Michael Jordan had voices saying, “You might miss that shot,” but Michael Jordan always wanted the ball. And Steve Jobs moved forward despite all of the concerns that he might have.

Our imagination and our perspective, so if we can change our imagination and we can change our perspective, we can change our circumstances.

And my last point is that our vision is limited. And what I mean by that is- and this is a little bit of an alert. This is my spiritual journey here that I’m sharing with you. And this is the way that I’ve experienced my spiritual life. But if you were to look up at the stars, our naked I can see roughly about 4500 stars up in the sky. But if you got a pair of binoculars, you can see a 100,000 stars. And if you got a three inch telescope, you can see over a million, what’s out there is so incredibly huge. But we can only see a small portion of it, because our physical eyesight is limited. And this is the way that I have experienced. My success in the way that I view my relationship with fear and just of the unknown and that is this, God, can see so much more than I can and he’s in control of the whole things. And with my relationship with God, I believe that I’ve been partnered with someone who can really, really change things and watch out for me. And so far for the last ten years, he has carved a path out for me that I could never have done it any better. And in fact when I tried to go the wrong direction, he would bring me back into the right direction. But one thing that I’ve learned to rely on, and that is, his vision is much bigger than my own. And my ability to trust in him with the things that I cannot see has really helped me to eliminate a lot of my fear. And I hope this helps you. Thank you.

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