SEO Video 17

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Cory Minter: Hi My name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity Employment Specialist. Trinity is a specialized staffing company that specializes in the medical industries, in both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. We also staff for most of the major hospitals in Tulsa. We’re a staffing agency that specializes in finding A-players. That’s what we do. We want to find A-player medical talent for the companies that we work for and work with. I want to talk to you just real quickly about a common position that we’re always recruiting for, and let me see if there’s any way that we might be able to help you in looking for some of the positions that you’re looking for.

This position is a medical assistant and it’s something that we are constantly recruiting for. The difference with Trinity is that we’re always looking to only place A-players. That’s it. It’s not something that we just say. Most of the staffing companies and staffing agencies that that we work with love to say all of these things and some are very good at what they do. I don’t want to in any way criticize any of our competition, but we at Trinity, we really want to commit to finding an A-player for your team. If we don’t, we want to give you an opportunity to release that individual to let them go find and do something that they would want to do that would be better for them, and every clinic is not for everyone. God has got a place for everyone. It’s not always through us and it’s not always through your clinic.

However, we want your experience with Trinity to only experience A-players and if we don’t get that for you we want to give you an opportunity to release that individual, so you can move on to getting an A-player. We want your mindset to be that you will not accept anything less than an A-player from us. If we do this we will eventually work ourselves out of a job because you won’t need to use us anymore. I know that sounds absolutely crazy that I would even say something like that because we would eventually put ourselves out of business, but it really hasn’t worked like that. When you commit to sending only A-players and helping your clients get A-players from you, they will recommend you to literally everyone. 80% of our business last year came through way of recommendation and so I would love to continue in that pattern so that we can continue our referrals.

I want to talk to you a bit about a medical assistant today tell you what it is that Trinity looks for in trying to find individuals. I’m giving you a little bit of our playbook on how we find an A-player for you. If at any point in time, that you would like for us to try to utilize our system of finding you an A-player, we would love to be able to help you with that. The first the first thing that we look for is we look for someone who has a solid work history. With medical assistants it is very common to find someone who stays at a place for about a year every year and just switches every year. That is not what we’re looking for. In Trinity’s viewpoint we look at that as a potential B-player. Even though there may be an A-player that switches jobs every year or so and there are good reasons behind it, unless we can find a great reason behind it, we want to try to stick with the individuals that have a solid work history for our clients.

That is a good indicator of how an individual is. We want to try to take into consideration that you want to pay more attention to what the person does than what they say they are. In an interview there are many great medical assistants that do exceptional in the interview and you really like them up front, but their actions say a different thing. Their actions say, “I’m going to be with you for about a year and then I’m going to leave.” Trinity wants to propose to any clinic that we’re looking for, is that Trinity will look at that as a tremendous loss for our client, if someone stays with them for only a year. Even though our contract is roughly around three and a half months. That is something that we really look for is a strong work history. The next thing that we’re looking for is we need to find someone who is both, certified or registered. If they are not certified or registered we need to find somebody who has a tremendous work history and we need to try to figure out a way to get that that individual with a tremendous work history certified or registered.

That is something that we’re constantly looking for and it’s something that’s become a mandatory thing for many medical clinics throughout Tulsa to be reimbursed through Medicare and Medicaid. These are the things that we look for at Trinity. These are things that we find very important. I want to reiterate again, not to duplicate myself, but just reiterate the idea that if you’re to utilize Trinity, if you can commit to only accepting A-players from us you will be so happy with our service and what we can do. We will get our clinics an A-player quicker. That’s our commitment to you. We would love to work with you. If you find any of this information helpful or it inspired you maybe call us. My number is 918-622-2588. Trinity is a staffing agency that would love to go to work for you. Thank you.