SEO Video 16

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Cory: Hi there, my name is Cory Minter. I am the President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing agency, we specialize in the medical field, financial, accounting and banking industry. And we work both in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. And we are a company, we’ve been one of the Top 40 Fastest Growing Companies in Tulsa over the past three years and we have just really done some great things in Tulsa as a company. We’re a company we’ve been around for almost ten years now.

And I want to talk to you today real quickly about something that is very difficult. When I’ve started Trinity many years ago, I had to put something within myself to get through a lot of struggles. And so what I’m going to talk to you today about is greatness, how do you achieve that, what goes into being great. And I want to try to change your perspective today because most people, I would say 99.9% of the individuals that might be listening to this would never see themselves as being great. But I want to talk to you about changing your mindset about that. And I hope to encourage you with this today and here are a few things that have led to the success of Trinity.

It is not always been easy but by staying committed to a few important things, is just lead to greatness. And this is a roadmap that almost every millionaire or billionaire or whoever is seeing a lot of success, this is part of the roadmap. So I hope that this helps you today. Let’s get started real quick. Cut.

[flipping papers]

When we all look at greatness, most people are going to go and look at people like, Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison. Some of the people that have just achieved things that were just exceptional. But if you look around, there are a lot of people who are just doing exceptionally great things around you. But what I want to do is, I want the individuals here to start thinking that they might themselves be able to put in practice a list of things to do, in a mindset to start looking at becoming great also. And my question to you is, why not?

I just don’t think that I would know anyone- if you ask them, ”Hey, would you like to be great, if you could be?” I don’t think that there are too many people who would be like, “No, I don’t want to be great.” I think that is an imaginative idea that everyone would want to be a part of. It’s just that people don’t put the ideas or the patterns in practice to become great. And I want to talk to you about two or three of those today.

The first thing that I want to mention, is a long time ago- I’d read a book about Michael Jordan and his thought process as he practice. Some of the patterns that Michael Jordan put in place, he was at practice way before everyone else, he had a determination that was just unheard of before. But he just somewhere along the way had told himself that I am going to be successful and I don’t care what it takes, I’m just going to do that. Because he had that kind of mindset, it also morphed into all of the players that were teammates of his. And he just had a work ethic that was just crazy.

I also remember one time I went to a practice round at a PGA tournament here in Tulsa. And this was when Tiger Woods was just at his peak. He was winning every tournament around. Well I would watch all of these individuals in the practice round. They would drive the ball, they would hit two or three drives, they would hit two or three approach shots, they would chip a little bit about the green, they put three or four or five times and they would move on. This process would take all about 30 minutes per hole, it seem like. And then I watched Tiger Woods, on every single hole, the guy spent almost an hour and a half on every hole. And I remember when he finally got up to the green, he used to be known for all his putting, his caddy would go and just throw screwdrivers in the ground, all over the green, he would spread the green with all of the screwdrivers that were– how you just throw a screwdriver and stick in the ground. And Tiger Woods would literally put at every single one of those screwdrivers that were laid in the ground. And I’ll bet you they spent almost 45 minutes to an hour on that green. My point is, is that he put in the practice that changed his circumstances. I think that a big part of that was just his mindset. He just knew, I’m going to put in the effort to be able to be great. But one thing about greatness that you need to know, is that it’s all about what you put into it.

Everyone has the opportunity to be great, everyone does. And so you should ask yourself, “Would it be worth it for me to put some effort into becoming great? Would be worth it if I put in more effort than anyone else over time?” It’ll create extraordinary results. But let me tell you if you’re watching this, I’ll bet you that 99 out of a hundred people, they’re listening to this will never put the practices in place to be able to become great. It’s not something that’s natural and easy to do. Cut.

To be exceptional, you have to change your mindset. Your mindset will determine where you’re going to go in life. And so if you have a struggle that comes, if anyone has a struggle that comes at them, I’m sure that you’ve noticed the different people around you, some people will look at the struggle and they will look at it from a negative standpoint. “Oh, I’ll never be able to do that, I don’t think that I’ll be able to do that because of this, that’s too much for me, that’s just too much work. Oh my Gosh, that scares me.” And fear generally keeps you from being able to reach your potential but this is the thing, you’ve got to manage your perspective or your perspective will manage you. And your perspective in life, how you see different struggles that come out you, will dictate where you are in life.

So here is my statement that I want you to consider. If you will change your perspective, I will guarantee you that that perspective will change your circumstances. And you need to let that sink in, because that is something that almost every single millionaire or billionaire gets. They’ve changed their perspective, their perspective is different than most people when they have struggles come to them. Change your perspective and you’ll change your circumstances. Cut.

The next thing is that leadership is not about you. It’s about how you can influence and how you can move others in a special way that at a certain time, it will all come back around to you. So if your leadership style is trying to get what you want all of the time, it is a leadership style that will peak at just being moderate.

The type of leadership style that you must incorporate, is a leadership style that puts other people ahead of yourself. And let me share this little- it’s a secret but to me- but it’s only a secret really because no one would be willing to do this. But I think it was Zig Ziglar that once said, that if you will go and help enough people get what they want, you will automatically- get you won’t believe what will come your way, you’ll never believe what that will get you. And so that is something that I want to change your leadership vision. If you can put other people ahead of you and genuinely go out and just try to help other people get what they want, you will not believe what will come around to you, if you were willing to do this over a period of time. Here are couple of hints on this.

You cannot do it for the sole purpose of trying to get of- I want to do something good because I know that I’ll get it back if I do something good for this individual. Never do that, it is a complete mistake. Go out and help someone else, get what they want for no other reason, other than just to help them. And let your heart be resolved to that. And if it never comes back to you, “Oh well, I’ll just helped somebody out and that’s great.” If you will do this over time, you will not believe what individuals will come and help you with later on and you’ll never have to ask them to do it. They will help you with business, they’ll help develop business for you, you just won’t believe what it will bring to you.

Dave Ramsey has a little equation that he had put together. And I found it so impactful that I made it the mission statement of our entire company. I found it that important and I want to tell you what it is real quick.

When you have a focused intensity, over time and you multiply that by God, It equals an unstoppable momentum, that’s the equation. Let me explain it just in layman’s terms for you real quick. When you have a focused intensity, meaning, you go out and over a long period of time, you are unstoppable in having like as much intensity as whatever it takes to get your job done. But when you do it with everything that you have, you take your job and you put everything that you have into it and you do that over a long period of time and you multiply that by God, meaning, that you commit to always being the best, you commit to always doing the right thing, even if it hurts you in the moment, commit to doing the right thing over time. Commit to treating people well, commit to putting other people’s interests in front of yours. When you do that part, so you have a focused intensity, over time you multiply it by God doing all the right things, it equals an unstoppable momentum. I promise you that if this is put in incorporated in your life, your circumstances are going to change dramatically. Cut.

Greatness is in anyone. That is the unbelievable beauty of living in America. We are free to go and pursue whatever it is that we want. It’s only that I would say maybe 1% of the population actually goes out and really does that. Greatness is in you. It’s just that you most likely are going to have to change your mindset and starting to see it in yourself. Once you can change your perspective about yourself, like I said earlier it’s going to change your circumstances. But don’t change your viewpoint about the word greatness, when you hear of greatness, no longer think of people like Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, all of these individuals that did something great, start looking inside, finding out what’s great. In you and put that to action, commit to putting it in action and committing to be, to doing the very best that you can with that skill set. And if you will do that over time, you’re not going to believe what’s going to come your way. It is not easy, but if it were easy, everyone would do it. But if you put some effort into the right things, significant changes are coming. I promise you. I hope that this encourages you today and I hope you have a great day. Thank you.