SEO Video 14

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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing firm that specializes in the medical industry in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We’re consistently recruiting for all sorts of medical types of positions.

I want to talk to you just real quickly about a position that it’s not a common position that we recruit for but is definitely regular. So this is not something that- it’s an everyday thing but it is going to happen on- it will be pretty regular throughout the year. And it is a Medical Office Manager.

The Medical Office Manager with inside a mediums, small medium and even large size medical clinics is probably one of the most important positions in the entire clinic, they manage the staff, they manage the revenue cycle, they manage their electronic medical records or EMR system. They manage just how everything is working, the workflow of the front desk, everything is conglomerated on to this individual.

The larger that you get into clinics, then some- you would have an office administrator and then you’d have a front office manager and a billing office manager and a back office, medical assistant type manager and that sort of thing. But for this particular position that I want to talk to you about, this is for a medium, small to medium size clinic. And this manager is going to be taking care of and managing employees, the revenue cycle, the front office and the back office. So all of these duties are going to be on to this individual. So they have to be sharp.

So I want to talk real quickly about some of the things that we look for in a medical office manager and hopefully someone watching this might reply to it, because it’s something that we’re really trying to find right now.

The first thing that we are looking for is- and I just want to get this out of the way, we really need someone with a solid work history in their background. We are not looking for someone who has jumped every one or two years. We really need to see some stability in an individual, because that is what our client is really needing is stability. We need a heart, nothing but an A player. And so that is one of the most key ways that we look for that is just seeing a solid work history and also being in the medical clinics. And hopefully, it’s been in a medical clinic that we’re familiar with and we might be able to contact the individuals. And also have a good reference when we’re sending this individual on. So that’s the first thing that we’re looking for is an exceptional work history.

The second thing that we’re looking for, is we need to have someone with an extremely strong knowledge of EMR or Electronic Medical Records. This is something that has been around for a number of years, but just in the last two years, has it been required for every medical clinic to be able- to be on this or they won’t be reimbursed by the government. And so virtually every medical clinic in the United States now, if they are going to be receiving any kind of reimbursements from insurance companies and also now the Medicare, Medicaid, then they have to be on an EMR system. And so there are so many different facets to an EMR system that this individual needs to be very privy to, they need to be very well versed in being able to manage the revenue cycle in an EMR system, workflow through an EMR system, making sure that all of the information is updated correctly. And keeping in mind that the EMR system is only as good as the information that is put in it. And so if it’s never managed, what and how is put in it, it would be a colossal disaster when you want to go run the essential reports that you would need to run, to see how the clinics doing and seeing the health of the clinic. So having strong knowledge in an EMR system is the number two thing that we need.

The number three thing is, we need somebody who has an ability, a strong ability to manage employees. And for this particular clinic, we’re looking for someone who manages in a positive style. And so they manage an office where it brings congruity together, it brings teamwork together and it inspires other people to do really well in a positive way. The clinic physicians are really not wanting someone who would manage with fear as much as they would, someone who would manage with positivity and bringing the team together.

The fourth thing is, that they need to be able to manage the revenue cycle. And this is probably one of the most important things because this is the skill set that brings money into the clinic and gets the clinic paid. And so this individual needs to be very versed, well versed in not just billing the patient, but also making sure that it is being collected from the insurance company and billing insurance company and if it’s coded incorrectly or if the claim is denied, well, we need to have someone who understands how to contact the insurance company and manage a group of people that would know- that would go out and do this and bring in as much money as possible into the medical clinic.

If you are a medical specialist, then you should be very well aware of right now, every dime counts in a medical clinic, because all of the reimbursements that have come from the government have been cut so significantly, that medical managers are oftentimes required to really squeeze every dime that they can. And so managing this revenue cycle, especially right now, is one of the most important things to this position. If this is something that you would be interested in, we would love for you to apply at Trinity Employment Specialists. We treat our employees exceptionally well, we put their interests out first and it’s something that I don’t know that any other staffing company is willing and able to do. We would love to talk to you, please give us a call at 918-622-2588. Thank you.