SEO Video 13

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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing agency that focuses on a specific field in accounting. And in this particular position that I wanted to talk to you, real quickly about is a collector. And it is a position that we’re working with an organization that is related to the state. And they are needing individuals who can collect money from individuals who have had some kind of fine of some sorts.

I want to talk to you just real quickly, real briefly about some of the qualifications that we look for in this position. And if this is something that you might possibly be interested in, we would love to speak with you, but this is a very unique position. So when you are doing collections, especially from individuals who have received some kind of fine, sometimes common that you would be lied to.

We’re looking for an individual who had some experience being lied to in their past. I know this sounds like one of the craziest things that would not normally be in some kind of job description. This is not something that we can literally write down but we need someone who while they’re on the phone, they can have some kind of intuition to knowing when they’re being lied to. And part of that intuition just comes from being able to look at the history of an individual and pay attention to everything that they’ve said previously and ask really, really good questions. And this position is would really cater to someone who is like this.

I would even go as far as to say that someone who had a little bit of street smarts, would be really good at this. And so if this is something that describes you to a T, I would really like for you to listen to some of the things that we’re looking for here and possibly consider applying for this.

First thing that is really important is to be very quick witted and be able to check all of the details. A great example is, I went and sat and listened to someone who was training an individual and it was a pre-employment training. And they were on the phone with an individual and the individual- they were on the phone, they allowed me to listen in on the call, for training purposes, because we were the ones recruiting for it. And this individual had said, “Well, I’ve been in the hospital for the last three or four months and so that’s why I haven’t made my payment.” And the person that was on the phone with them that was working for this collections agency, she was able to look in the history and go, “Well you made a payment just last month, how did you make that payment while you were in the hospital, did you have somebody do that for you?” And by asking really detailed questions, she was able to determine pretty clearly and even getting admission that she was being lied to. And at the end of that call, it was amazing, that even by being nice, being considerate but also being matter of fact and calling someone out when they recognize that they were lying to them, they actually receive payment that day for something.

This type of collections position is not the type of position where it is hardcore, let’s be mean to people type of collections, in fact it’s the exact opposite. Overall philosophy is that you kill more flies with honey. And so what this position is- what they’re looking for and the right individual for this, is they’re looking for somebody who can be firm but yet be kind. They actually will go as far as helping the individual get a job, so that they can give them an avenue at which to pay off their debts. And so that is the type of collections that they are looking for.

Someone who has a previous collections background in a different type of environment, where it is hardcore, let’s put the fear of God in collections. This is not what- they don’t even want to interview someone like that because it’s very difficult to change the mentality. Having someone who just has a pretty good work history, has a skill set in talking with individuals and has a talent for being able to determine quickly when someone is lying to them. And being able to, in a kind way, call them out on it and try to work towards resolution, rather than just calling them out and arguing and bickering about it.

If this is something that describes you, I would encourage you to apply for this position. This is something that we’re looking for and not everyone is great at this and it takes a special individual for it. And so I thought that I would do a quick video blog about this today and see if there might be someone that might possibly have listened to this and they might think to apply, because we’re going to be consistently recruiting for this position.

I hope that this kind of finds you well and good luck to you. Thank you.