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Cory Minter: Hi. My name’s Cory Minter and I am president of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity, we are a staffing company that specializes in the medical field. We staff for both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets. And one of the positions that we are constantly recruiting for are specialized LPNs.


Over the last few years, LPNs have done this in the medical market. We went for a period there, where hospitals did not want them in the hospital at all in the Tulsa market. And then now, all of a sudden, it’s ramped back up. So what happened was, the schools stopped using or stopped recruiting for LPNs to get a degree or to get that certification. And as a result, the schools focused only on RNs. Now, we have a huge influx of RNs and not enough LPNs.


And so Trinity has been asked to recruit for some very specialized LPNs, one of the top hospitals in the entire state of Oklahoma. And it is a privilege to work with them. We get requests probably about once every other week to try to find a specialized LPN. It’s a huge, huge hospital, great, great benefits, and it’s something that we just love doing.


But we’re always looking for good LPNs. The specialties that we are constantly looking for are in orthopedics, the ER, urology, and oncology. These are primarily the type of specialty groups that we recruit for, for the hospital. We need to find somebody who has at least two years of experience.


Very rarely, for the hospitals especially, we’re not going to be able to recruit for someone who is new out of school. We’re only going to be able to find somebody who has at least a couple of years of experience. And if they have more than that, they need to have solid experience with the company and longevity where they’re at. Because this specific HR manager, that’s what she is going to demand before we’re able to send someone to her.


But what we try to find, and this is something that we’re very good at, is we only want A-players. That’s all we want, we only want A-players. And it’s something that we specialize in at Trinity. From what I know, we are the only A-player matchmaker in Tulsa Oklahoma City and we try to pride ourselves on that. We want everyone to know that that is what we expect out of ourselves, and that’s what we want them to hold us accountable to, and not accept anything less than an A-player.


In the medical field right now, there have been so many changes. And these changes, some of them could possibly be good. I think most people are starting to see the quality of care going down. And because of that, it’s even that much more important for us at Trinity. We want to make sure that the people that we provide do an exceptional job.


Patients are more and more spending less and less time with an actual physician. And they’re spending more and more time with an LPN, an RN, a medical assistant, or a PA, or nurse practitioner. Very rarely are you spending a lot of time with your physician anymore. And so if that’s going to be the case, and it looks like there’s no other way around it, that’s just what the Affordable Care Act has brought us, we want, at Trinity, to provide exceptional personnel for not only LPNs but for RNs and medical assistants, front office people, medical billing people. That’s all we want to expect from ourselves.


We are an A-player matchmaker and we commit ourselves to doing that. When we get an A-player in your clinic, and then over time, develop a team of A-players, the entire dynamic in your office is going to change and you are going to push B and C-players out just by an osmosis, just by a natural thing that happens there. A-players want to hang out with other A-players. They will attract other A-players. If we can get all of our customers to commit to only accepting A-players for their clinics, they will attract more and more A-players, and eventually, they won’t need us very often because A-players typically stay where there are a good group, a healthy group, and a group of A-players there.


So that’s what we expect from ourselves. We are a specialist in the medical field. We would love to help any clinic in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City market. Please give us a call if we can help you at all. My number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Thank you.

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