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Bruce: All right, we’re recording.


Cory: Hi there, my name is Cory Minter. And I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company in Tulsa, we specialize in staffing for the health care field, banking, accounting and finance. We also do a lot of customer service in the financial sector, when it comes to collections and that sort of thing. In both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. And I do these videos each week and there was a topic I wanted to talk to you about today called Failure. How to deal with failure?

This morning, I went to go work out for the first time in a good while. I’ve always been somebody who would spend a lot of time in the gym, in fact, I’ve always been very consistent with it. However, for about the last year and a half, I had got injured and I was unable to get back into the habit of it, I would try, I’d last for about a week and then I would stop and then I would try again. And this morning I was invited by one of my good friends, to come and work out with him. He had a personal trainer there. And so this guy was really, really intense. One of the best workouts I have done in a long time but how does this relate to failure? I’m getting there.

This morning it about killed me. In fact, right now it is extremely difficult to even shoot the video because I came straight from there because I had worked out so hard and it just left me, almost lethargic in my mind. I tried to get out the car just a little bit ago and I can hardly walk. But it got me to thinking that this time next month because I’ll continue with this. This time next month, that’s not going to be my reaction at all, because my body’s going to adapt and I’m going to be able to sustain better workout of this magnitude. And right now my body is in failure mode. But from this failure, it’s going to grow and it’s going to get better.

I want to talk to you about failure when it comes to your success. I have another really close friend that he was talking to me about he’s wanting to start his business, he’s already kind of started it but he’s trying to figure out which direction to go. And I asked him, “What’s your biggest limitation right now?” And he told me, “It’s my fear of failure.” And I hear this all the time with people who are in business, even people who are multimillionaires that I speak with- they’re fearful of failure. And so I want to talk just real quickly about what that’s looked like for me and what I’ve experienced in my life and what I’ve grown to expect when it comes to my success. Failure and success go together. It depends on what kind of book you read but any kind of leadership book or any kind of entrepreneurial type book, whoever the author is, if they’re not talking about failure at some level in there, it’s probably not even worth reading because failure is a big part of the success train.

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and the way that he had told- the Rich Dad told his other son, the Rich Dad was talking to the author when he was a little boy, and he said, “Listen, you got to learn how to fail faster. That’s your problem. You’re not failing fast enough.” And he gotten to think about that and now as a successful entrepreneur, he completely understands where he’s coming from. And my good friend, that’s exactly what I was trying to share with him, was the same thing, it’s just that it’s hard to understand it, unless you experience it. But failing faster, if you’re learning, is a great, great, great thing. But if you fail and fail and fail and you don’t learn anything and make any adjustments. Albert Einstein said, “It’s the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” But that’s the only way it works is when you learn.

There’s another book that I read by Zig Ziglar. And one of the things that he had said was, “failing forward.” Both of these terms failing faster with the idea that the reason you want to fail faster, so you can see success sooner. And failing forward are just two great concepts that I think that people need to start incorporating into their idea- into their ideology of what success looks like. If you were to beat down a pathway and if you look at all of the- if you visualize a pathway going down a path, well, it’s beaten down. It’s been walked on, all the ground surrounding is normal but the pathway is, it’s trampled. And sometimes, you get trampled on by bad decisions, sometimes you get trampled on by bad people or someone or competitor. Sometimes you get trampled on by vendors that don’t perform that you need to. But the biggest person that seems to be on the entrepreneur the most is their own head. They get inside their own head and there’s enough negative thought patterns that go on there, that the biggest limiter sometimes can be yourself. But whether it’s a bad vendor, whether it’s a great vendor, whether it’s a huge win, whether it’s a huge loss of a contract, whether you lost one of your great customers, because an office manager change, which is that what happened to me this last week. That is part of your path. And whether its success or failure, if you’re learning from it that is the way that success works.

Don’t get it mixed up the way that the media and most of your friends think that success works. A lot of people look at the millionaires and they think, “Well man, they’ve just got some kind of magic sauce, magic awesome sauce, that everything they touch turns to gold.” That’s really not true. They have failed so much that you wouldn’t believe. So don’t get it in your head that failure is a horrible thing, failure can be a great thing, failure can be the best thing when you learn from it. And so when you’re looking at your success and when you’re looking at your career path, remember that some of those knocks that you had are part of your path and if you learn from it, those are some of the best things that’s ever happened to you. So remember that it’s okay to fail, just so long as you learn. I hope this helps you. Have a great day today, thank you. [exhales]


Is that probably about eight minutes, nine?


Bruce: Yes. I guess so, I didn’t time that one.


Cory: Okay, I’ll get to working on the next one real quick.


Bruce: I would grab you a snack, if you don’t have meal, if you want to-


Cory: I do not. Yes, I should have brought a protein bar with me. We started so early this morning, I didn’t think that I was going to run into a problem here.


Gee, I’m so lethargic. I can’t even think. It’s crazy.


Bruce: Yes, workout will do that to you.


Cory: It’s one of the best workouts I have had long term though.


Bruce: You will feel so good tomorrow.


Cory: Dude, I will hurt tomorrow, it’s usually week two or three.


Bruce: Yes. That’s the part where working out the pain after-


Cory: You do, you like it?


Bruce: Yes, because it just means you are doing something.


Cory: Yes. I know what you’re saying, if it’s a moderate pain, this pain is going to be, you can’t walk.


Bruce: [laughs]


Cory: I know exactly what you’re talking about. [silence] Try to get in there.

[silence] [background noise]


Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing firm in both Tulsa, in Oklahoma City markets. But today, I’m going to talk to you real quickly about a key group of positions, we will be hiring for this for the next year in customer service. They will be doing very soft collections, this positions more of a customer service type position than it is a collections type position. What it is you will be- this individual be working with two of the largest automobile companies in our country and they will be conducting the very first call, if there’s a late payment. So it’s really just a reminder call, it’s a friendly reminder that you have a payment that we have not received, it was the- to have you are sent it and if so, do you know when you send it. And trying to solve problems in a lot of situations, making sure that if payment was already sent that maybe they voided that check and send another one or something like that. But this is a 40-hour week position and its full time, it’s a permanent position. And it’s something that we will be recruiting for in the Oklahoma City market for a good while now.

One of the things that Trinity tries to make sure that we do, is provide an A player for the people that- for customers. We really want to put a strong emphasis on quality over quantity. And that’s what we want to do for our customers out in Oklahoma City. We want to make sure that they are overwhelmed with the service that we provide. And a lot of that comes from the employees, so we’re constantly looking for good employees. So if there’s any chance that you know of anyone in Oklahoma City market that is looking or if you might be interested as well, we would really love to see your resume. And you can send those two resume at or if you’d like, you can go to our website at And we have an entire form where you can apply online and submit your resume for consideration.

Right now, we’re coming out of a recession. And so there are probably a big number of people that are looking for a job that would get them into a larger organization. This is it. This is a job that will get you into a very large organization and it may potentially be a great career path.

I know that over the past few years when we have hired people within one of these companies that- once you roll off of our payroll and on to theirs, we have some people that are now supervisors and managers at these huge companies. They started out at a pretty modest salary and now they are doing extremely well. And some of them are now our bosses at Trinity. And so that is something that we are really, really proud of and it’s something that we’re looking for. We’re looking for someone who has an intention to grow. But also that they are patient enough to be able to put in their time and learn the foundation of each one of these companies.

So if there’s any chance that you might know someone or you might be interested in, please contact us at the areas that I had mentioned earlier and we would really love to speak with you. Look forward to hopefully meeting with you or someone you refer. Thank you so much for your time today.


Bruce: Four minutes and 30 seconds.


Cory: Four, oh man. How did I do? Okay. I thought I went long in that, Bruce.


Hi, my name is Cory Minter. And I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company that specializes in the medical industry. And we provide medical personnel to clinics, medical clinics, to area hospitals, in both the Oklahoma City and the Tulsa markets, constantly recruiting for medical personnel. And I want to tell you about a very unique position we have as an RN, something that it doesn’t come along very often. This is a direct hire opportunity. This is not going to be a contract hiring. This individual will not be working on Trinity’s payroll and they will go directly on to the payroll for this school. We have been contacted by one of the area schools to help them to find RNs to be able to staff for their LPN classes. And this is a- they are going to need three or four RNs but we need somebody with their BS in degree, with their bachelor’s in nursing.

This is a program that I believe is probably going to increase. Some of the hospitals not long ago in the Tulsa market, they changed the way that their system worked and they really removed a lot of LPNs from their staff. And this was before the Affordable Care Act. Now that the Affordable Care Act has really forced most medical clinics to be cost conscious, a lot of hospitals are looking for LPNs to possibly facilitate that. And so there are some of the schools that are going back to really trying to create LPN programs for the RN nursing for hospitals. So this position, we need to try to find someone who has been a nurse for at least five years, who has their bachelor’s in nursing degree and we also need someone who has a real genuine desire to instruct, teach and even do some public speaking. Public speaking for the classroom.

This is going to need to be someone who has no problem being in front of other people. They have a lot of nurse educators now, especially the pharmaceutical companies are hiring nurse educators for their groups and so that’s what we’re trying to find, is somebody who has that kind of a background, where they can really dig in and have a desire to teach young students how to get into the medical field. We need somebody who is very detailed and they can go over the details. We need somebody who’s going to be patient because patience is going to be needed because you’re going to have really good students that are quick witted and they take it too quickly and you’ll have students who won’t. And you need to be able to work with both.

We just want to have somebody who has this desire. If you know of someone who has their bachelor’s in nursing and they might be looking to do something a little bit different than nursing or maybe it’s even a year two break from being in the nursing field, we would love to speak with you. Please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at And if you’d like to send us your resume, you can send it to Thank you so very much. Hope you have a great day.




I will try and figure out the next thing. I’m telling you, Bruce, I’m so lethargic. I don’t know if you paid attention or not, but I was like losing my train of thought. [laughs]


Bruce: Really?


Cory: Yes. And it’s not bad, it’s all good thing. But it is what it is.


Bruce: We can go to Starbucks in two-


Cory: Dude, I’ve got to go eat something.


Bruce: Yes.


Cory: Yes. [silence]


Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we staff for medical, medical clinics, hospitals and also in the financial and banking and collections and accounting industries. This position that I want to talk to you about is actually in the medical field but it’s in the accounting side of the medical field, it’s an insurance biller. And we’re constantly looking for people to do insurance billing, follow up and also medical coding occasionally. But this particular position is a medical insurance specialist. And we need somebody who has a strong insurance background. So what this is, is that every insurance company requires certain criteria to be handled before, you submit the bill and then you have a follow up process to make sure that the bill, if there is something that was wrong and the bill was denied by the insurance company. Well, the clinic has to be able to get it- get that fixed and resubmitted before, it’s like 90 days or they just won’t get paid. So we need somebody who has a strong knowledge in insurance billing. We need somebody with at least one year of experience, posting, medicine- I’m sorry, Medicare and Commercial Insurance forms, EOBs and EFT forms.

We need somebody who has a working knowledge of cash, pay billing transactions also. These positions are some of the most crucial to a medical clinic or a hospital because they are the ones that make sure that the clinic gets paid. And lately, because of the Affordable Care Act, most of your medical institutions have received some of the stiffest cuts that they’ve ever experienced in such a short period of time. I really feel sorry for a lot of our medical communities because they are really being squeezed to figure out if it’s even plausible to make a profit and because of that, we’ve seen a lot of small and mid-size clinics have to shut down their doors or sell to one of the larger clinics. And it concerns us because the quality care but it is so vital that every dollar earned is collected.

What we want to do at Trinity for all of our customers, is to find the top level medical billers for our clinics, because we know that that’s how they get paid. And we’re a staffing company, so we get paid if they are able to make money, if they can’t make money, well, we just lost our customer. So it is very advantageous for Trinity to get great billers to our customers and it’s something that we’re really proud of ourselves on.

What we also really try to do is only find a players for the customers that we have. And we want to give each one of our customers the opportunity to release someone that they know is not a fit for their organization quickly, for the sole purpose that they can- we can try to find someone who is a good fit for their organization. And because we’re staffing company that person that they did not particularly fit within one organization, they may fit much better over here and we have options. And so we really tried to do the very best thing by not only our customer but also our employee, by helping them to find a place where they can be an A player. It’s really, really important to our business that that’s what we do. We’re not all things to all people, we really want to select our partners carefully but we love being able to add to the good, good medical clinics that we staff for, by providing exceptional medical billing personnel for them. If you are in the medical billing field and you have more than two years of experience, we would really like to speak with you, to see if you might be a fit for one of the many opportunities that we have.

Please give us a call any time. Our direct line is 918-622-2588 or you can check us out online at or you can also apply online. If you just follow the right tabs. I hope this helps you today. Look forward to working with you, if you heard this message and you might be a fit for us. Thank you so much.


Oh man. [silence]


Bruce: Five minutes and 15 seconds.


Cory: [laughs] I’m struggling to get it out, man. I really am. [silence]


You shoot for more than five minutes. I almost need a flashlight, you can flash the flashlight in there when I finally hit five minutes. Here we go.


Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company that specializes in the medical field, it had for almost ten years now. And we’re proud to be one of the select elite medical staffing groups in the Tulsa market. We’ve developed quite a reputation for ourselves for quality and it’s something that’s very, very important to us, something that we’ve worked very hard for. Because of this quality, Trinity has been able to become one of Tulsa’s top 40 fastest growing companies for the last three years running. And we’ve been nominated for an Inc. 5000 Award which we are really excited about.

But it’s something that we put in front of everything. We only want to hire A players for our customers. That’s it. And if we’re not able to get an A player, we would almost rather wait until we do, rather than sending out people who are subpar, it’s something that’s very important to us and it’s what we do at Trinity. And it’s one of the main reasons why we become one of the Top Fastest 40 Growing Companies. We don’t do a lot of advertising but a lot of people will advertise for us when we do a good job for us.

However, I’ll tell you what, if you do a good job for somebody, they might tell one or two people. But if you do a bad job, they’ll tell 20 easily. So it’s something that we are always constantly working on- position that we’re always recruiting for mainly are clinics or medical assistants. Medical assistants are the first person that you generally meet on the clinical side of a doctor’s visit. They’re the person that takes you back and records the chief complaint, spends time talking to you about any kind of medication that you have. They record a lot of information into the system. And they’ll give injections and they’ll also conduct some of the minor procedures that might be done in a physician’s office. That’s primarily the job duties of the medical assistant.

We’re looking for two or three medical assistance at the moment, but the big thing for us is, we really need to have someone who is certified or registered. Back when the Affordable Care Act was enacted in the United States, you needed to become a registered or certified medical assistant. And if your medical system listening to this and you have worked somewhere for the last five or ten years, well you are probably not even knowledgeable about how important this is, unless your clinics brought it up to you. But getting hard is very difficult to do, unless you’re registered or certified, so it’s something that you might want to consider. But our government has restricted payment to clinics who do not have registered or certified medical assistance. Even the insurance companies, they could be a problem. So lot of clinics are trying to adhere to that and make sure- they don’t even have a medical assistance on their staff that could become a problem within getting reimbursed. Because reimbursements are really hot topic right now for medical assistance.

We’re always trying to find someone who is an A player. It’s something that we don’t want to compromise on. We only want to provide A players. We understand that somebody may be an A player in this clinic and not in the other clinic, so we really try to use our intuition to figure out the best place for each individual but what constitutes an A player, is have an exceptional patient skills. And being able to treat patients with exceptional customer service. You’ve been to different places before and you were treated well and you’ve been to places where you were treated poorly. The places you want to go back to, are the place you were treated well. So vitally important that patients feel comfortable. Especially, when they are there to take care of their health, which is one of the most important things to them.

So we’re trying to find some with that friendly personality, has great patient service experience. And we need somebody with a minimum of two years of experience before we can submit them to any of our clinics. So we’re generally going to be looking for somebody who has some experience.

If you are someone who has some experience or if you know of someone who does, we would really love to speak with you. You can connect with this in several different ways, you can try to give us a call at 918-622-2588. You can visit us online at And while you’re there, if you want to fill out an application, you can do that and submit your resume online as well. We would really love to work with the best in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City.

If there is anything that we can do to help you in your career, please give us a call, we’d love to talk to you. Our number 918-622-2588. Thank you so much.




Bruce: Five minutes, 43 seconds. How many have you done so far?


Cory: Five.


Bruce: Oh my God.


Cory: I’m going through them in no time. I can’t even think to talk. Let me do this one more Bruce. And I almost want to just leave because I don’t know what time it is, if we’re getting closer to-


Bruce: It’s like 8:00.


Cory: Oh is it?


Bruce: We will have six, if you want to do one more.


Cory: Yes. It won’t be this bad every Thursday, man, I promise you.


Bruce: I know.


Cory: But I’m really- I will make sure this. [silence]

Bruce, give me a topic to talk about, let me see if I can do it, anything random. And I want to try to knock out five minutes with it and I want to turn it on.


Bruce: Public speaking.


[background conversation] Let me see if I can do five minutes. Okay.


Hi, my name is Cory Minter. And I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. One of the things that I have done just recently is, I’ve started doing some public speaking. The reason that I wanted to do but public speaking is because I wanted to share a lot of the knowledge that I’d learned as an entrepreneur. What I wanted to do is I wanted to be able to basically treat it is though, mentoring myself ten years ago.

See, I’ve seen, I’ve been in business at Trinity for about the last ten years and over that time period, we’ve become one of Tulsa’s Top 40 Fastest Growing Companies, I’ve grown it from my living room, dialing for dollars, all the way up to- we did a little over $2 million in business last year. And along the way there have been so many things that have come up that I just felt, I really needed to speak about.

One of the things that I really try to do, is I really try to get around other individuals who also did some public speaking. And I learned so many things about it. And so I just wanted to tell you a few things that I’ve learned about public speaking, from some of the best public speakers around.

The first thing is, is to make sure in stay within your wheel house. You can get hit up a lot, once you start public speaking a little bit, you’re going to get hit up, if you’re good at it, you’ll get asked to speak at all these different events. Well, I try to make sure and do, is make sure that the event that I’m trying to work with, is going to somehow directly or indirectly impact my business in a positive way. Or I want to do it for a charity type thing. And of course, I would never charge for something like that. So those are the two main areas, what you don’t want to do, is get in the business of speaking and offering yourself to speak at different places, where it doesn’t in any way impact or help your business. I’m trying to utilize this to be able to support the business. I know there are public speakers and that’s the only way that they make money. And in that case, I would really suggest that they stay within their wheelhouse of knowledge, you need to become an expert. And that’s the second thing that I wanted to point out.

Not only do you need to stay within your business and make sure that it impacts that, but second thing is, you need to stay within your area of expertise. And make sure that you know what you’re talking about.

There are many public speakers that are just getting up- and you don’t want to get into an area where people do not believe you. So you need to be able to know your area of topic, you need to be able to tell a story. Telling a story can bring people in and help them to relate to where you’re at in your scenario. So for me, I love telling stories about the different experiences that I have in my job, I typically use stories that relate to my business when my kids are talking to me.

The other day- I’ll share a real quick story with you. I was driving by in our neighborhood, and our neighborhood getting developed right now. And my three year old son’s at the time, he’s four now, he said, “Daddy, that sure is a mess and they need to clean up their mess.” And I was like, “That’s a great topic for public speaking,” because when you’re going through your career, at first it’s really messy, but once they build that house, it’s beautiful, going through the mess is part of getting to the glory.

So those are some of the stories, you will look around for opportunities to be able to share your stories. In the end, make yourself an expert by telling people how to work through the mess.

Then there’s one last thing, that I think can help any public speaker out and that is to make sure that you deliver and that you practice, practice, practice. Get it in your head and practice. And if you deliver one good speech, this is a big mistake that I made. When you deliver one good speech and you’re like, “Oh, I got that down,” and the two or three months go by, I don’t even need practice it. Well, practice, practice, practice. I did that one time and it really fell flat. But it was because I didn’t have my material fresh in my mind.

And so those three things I think can really help out anyone looking at trying to do public speaking. At Trinity Employment Specialists, I always want to make sure that we’re giving back to the people that we’re at, that we’re with. Any of our customers, any of the community and that’s one way that I think that I can do that and if you own a business I think you could do it too, I hope this helps you, I hope you have a great day. Thank you so much.


Bruce: Six minutes and 18 seconds.


Cory: And I got three points out.


Bruce: Did you see the light?


Cory: Yes. I was just trying to wrap it up. I had one more thing in my head.


Bruce: That was good. Sweet.


Cory: Dude, its 8:00. I will give you 30 minutes to do a rewind. I need to go eat some breakfast and figure out who just called me. Thanks so much.


Bruce: Well, no problem. Go- get some breakfast and little bit rest before you-


Cory: Okay.