OKC Medical Staffing | Travel Nursing Trends – A Look Ahead part 1

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists. Cory Minter. Hello, hello

and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers and the title of this podcast are travel nursing trends. A look ahead and I want to tell you something that is a little bit exciting and new for Trinity in that is this, we’re now, we’ve been doing medical staffing now for 11 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long, but we’ve been doing it for 11 years and now we’re getting ready to start placing travel nurses all over the nation. It’s not if it’s now we’re going forward and so what we want to start doing is truly beginning to add value to some of the travel nursing and I’m using, this is going to be the very first one, but we have an expert here. Her name is Darcell Darcell. Thank you for joinees with your OKC Medical Staffing.

Thank you. What, who Darcell is Darcell is a new recruiter with Trinity, but she has been doing this for a long time now. Darcell how long tell everybody, how long have you been years. So she’s been doing this about the same amount of time that Trinity’s been in existence and we are so lucky to have someone with a knowledge base like Darcell it says in just general books and general conventional wisdom that after you’ve been doing something for two years, you, and you’ve done it for 40 hours a week, you’re all of a sudden going to be an expert. So you’re like, what, five times an expert now, I mean, is that, is that the real deal? That is the real deal for your OKC Medical Staffing. Oh man, you could do it. Anyway. We’ve got a serious expert here. So, um, what, what we want to start doing is you’re going to see in our podcast, we’re going to have several, um, podcasts specifically for travel nursing and then we’ll begin to blend it in with everything else that we do.

Um, but to start this off, the reason that we think that this is interesting is because listen to me, there is a ton of new opportunities that are coming to agency nurses and travel nurses and it’s changing as we speak and it’s growing as we speak. Travel nurses need to know about this and we can’t wait to share with you some of the, some of the new trends that are happening. And so I believe that is why this podcast is important for the best OKC Medical Staffing. So we always start off with statistics to get your brain just kind of flowing with this. Travel nurses, this is a, this is coming from the Bureau of labor statistics, travel, uh, nurses. The, the average pay of a regular licensed nurse is roughly at 43,000, 170 per annual. That seems a little low to me. It does. It doesn’t it to you. It is.

And it’s very low. That’s why this business is booming. We’ll be even, even in luck, our hospitals and our clinics that we, staff Ahrens and LPN Zinn, that seems a little low to me. I mean you never really know about the Bureau of labor statistics. Some of their stuff is correct, some of it’s not. I think that’s a little bit low. However, in contrast, according to the labor Bureau of labor statistics, the salary of a travel nurse can go up as high as $103,893 that is more than double, which is pretty surprising in that statistic comes from payscale.com so travel nurses have a serious financial advantage coupled with additional benefits like housing stipends that are tax free and it can be a little bit more financially viable of a career depending on the person’s name. Correct. And so this is just something that people should consider generally and a Darcell please tell me if I’m wrong cause I think you’re the expert clearly identified that so far.

Um, the, the contracts for travel nurses generally last about 13 weeks or less. And this is true with extensions. They could extend after that. Okay. And then an article with travel nursing.com um, this is a reported by Aaron Moore. He indicated that the short contracts of travel nurses can be a huge advantage. It allows nurses who do not have very much employment opportunities in their home towns, uh, to seek employment in other areas and in different areas. And the ability to migrate where the demand is. It can be quite a boom for travel nurses because, um, employment opportunities will always be available. So if you are a nurse that you’re wanting to try to get specialized, especially if you have the opportunity, this is a great opportunity for you to get specialized in this. Absolutely. Absolutely. So let’s, let’s jump into, um, into some of the nursing into some of our action items here for your OKC Medical Staffing.

Um, nursing is currently and will continue to be one of the professions in high demand over the next coming years because there’s such a huge need for it. And over the last few years, travel nursing has become an attractive option for those who want, um, to take their patients skills on the road or to the next level. And, and they just don’t have an opera. They haven’t had an opportunity to do that yet. So the first action item is, is the nursing shortage continues to grow. T tell us a little bit about that. Well, the nurses shortage as the baby boomers retiring, um, we’re at a standpoint where we have to do, hospitals have to reach out to fill those needs so they will have to, what they are doing now is bringing in travel nursing to fill those needs. It says the Bureau of labor statistics also says this is that there is a shortage of nursing professionals and it’s likely to get worse, not now.

Listen, this, this is one thing that almost started another company about this because there, there’s one thing that we know for sure this is guaranteed. It’s not if it’s when currently there is no chance that we have the educational system set up or the ability to produce enough physicians and medical personnel to service all of the baby boomers that will begin needing healthcare. Now you add to that the fact that very quickly with the affordable care act and now that was in 2016 17 I get that, but very quickly we added millions of people into the, into the healthcare system, so that had a huge increase there. The education wasn’t able to keep up with that. We know we’re not going to have enough physicians. The only thing Darcell that can change this or that is there’s this thing that I learned in economics and it was, it was called supply and demand with your OKC Medical Staffing.

Have you ever heard of this thing? Okay. It goes like this. This is a very basic, my seven year old gets it. He talked to me about it the other day. Great. But it’s just, it’s just an absolute, when there is short and sub in domain in supply, what happens to price? I’d go sky high. Can’t nobody afford it. So as the norm, as the nursing shortage grows, we’re going to have, it says that through 2022 according to Bureau labor statistics, there’s an expected to be 1 million job vacancies for registered nurses. Holy smokes. This mostly has to do with the workforce that’s reaching retirement age and there’s not enough younger nurses ready to take their place. All right, listen, I, I know that the Bureau of labor statistics, the labor statistics are saying this about Ahrens physicians. It’s even worse. It is. However, it has to do with the demographics of the country also, and it’s changing healthcare needs that the aging population has more senior citizens than ever before.

In many of who of these people have created one or more chronic health issues, and as per the U S census data projected projections, by 2050 there will be 88.5 million people over the age of 65 so looking ahead as a result of the continuing nursing shortage, it should and could very well end up that medical centers begin to rely more and more and more on travel nurses salaries are going to go up. Supply and demand makes the price go up. And so the, the action item number one, as I just rambled through, that lack of professional rambler, the nursing shortage is going to grow and so are the salaries. The number number two thing is the affordable care act. What what impact are. So did the, did the affordable care act have on nursing do you think? I think, well, we had more patients, more people being able to afford insurance with great OKC Medical Staffing.

And even with the nurses, it really helped the nurses get a healthcare. So what that did was the hospitals had such a high demand they had to reach out and start getting more nurses to come on. And with the pay scale being as low as it was, then they had to start with the travel contracts. Did, did the, did the travel nursing industry, did it shoot up? It did. Absolutely. Really? Absolutely. So what people who couldn’t afford insurance do, you know, even though it hurts some of the ones that had insurance, their premiums went up, but the people that couldn’t afford it and the medical field, just random luck. Right. How amazing. Well one, one thing that I just looked at is the time here and I try to keep these down to 10 minutes each. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to come back for part two of this, um, so that we can break it up, um, as we always have before at [inaudible], try to keep them around 10 minutes. So, um, part two of this, we’re going to go over the affordable care act, bigger role and bigger roles for nurses. And we will complete that. Please check the next, uh, the next, uh, podcast number. Sorry. Um, but if Trinity can help you out in any way, shape, or form, please give us a call. You can contact us at nine one eight, six, two, two, two, five, eight. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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