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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory mentor.

Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is specific for travel nurses. This is one of our newest ventures here at Trinity and we are wanting to add value to job seekers who are nurses might be considering travel nursing and they don’t know what they think about it. And that’s okay. I’m sure that most nurses that have hat that have experienced some nurses in the hospital and uh, they know that their travel nurses, they probably heard how much money, extra money they’re making, how much more money they’re making the Nim, they’re doing the same job. They’re only there for a short while. It sounds really great, but you really don’t know how to get into it. You really don’t know what to think about it for the top OKC Medical Staffing company feel free to call us.

It’s so different. Let’s just be honest. Most people don’t like change. This isn’t what I’m used to. This isn’t traditional. All of the different things that go through your mind, you know, as, as a human being that it’s just a human being thing. Um, same thing with Trinity. We’re going through this covert thing. I don’t like these changes. It’s not normal. It’s not traditional. I’m working from home. I don’t like working from home. A lot of people do, but a lot of top a personalities don’t like working from home. I don’t like to work from home, but it’s my reality. Um, but if you are kind of, you know, anyone who just doesn’t like change, oftentimes knowledge gives you some comfort and some power in the decision making process. So I just want to bring up and talk about all of the things that we know about travel, nursing, some facts and here just some interesting facts about travel nursing.

I think that most people would be interested in if you’re considering travel nursing and you’re a nurse, just, just so you know, even if you’re new to nursing, all you really have to have is one year of experience in hospital, especially in acute care or any kind of specialty. If you’ve been in a specialty will th there’s a, the salary goes up for per specially off. But let me jump into some of these facts that are, some are known summer might not be as as known, but um, travel nurses, they’ve been around for nearly four decades, most like that. They trace travel nursing starting out around in the 1970s when extra nurses were brought to new Orleans to care for an influx of people that got hurt at Mardi Gras. And that. Interesting. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras? I can’t imagine the early days of that with your OKC Medical Staffing choices.

It probably got pretty rowdy. I remember going one time when I was in high school because we just happened to be there anyway. And not only that, it was, uh, at a school event we were playing at the sugar bowl or ER or something like that. But I remember being there and it was pretty wild. But the number of travel agencies and contracts grew in the 1980s and it’s just been a major influence in the nursing staffing industry ever since. And it’s probably more now than ever. Um, travel nurses are in a huge high demand and this has become especially true in the last couple of years. But think about just in the last few months, travel nursing has become a really, really big industry and the economy, um, although we’re in a down economy as this economy rebounds, it’s even going to be more and more and more with the better OKC Medical Staffing company.

But if you think about it, one of the things that we turned off, at least in the state of Oklahoma, is we turned off elective surgery and that really deflated nurses. In fact, one thing that was really interesting is that the media was trying to share a story that hospitals were packed full and there was no room and nurses were busy. That’s what most people think. And the reality of it is, and if you’re a nurse, you know, um, hospitals were empty and nurses were furloughed because the reality was there. The hospitals were empty because they shut down elective surgery and that was a big majority of who was in the hospital. And so there were actually many more beds available than what they realize. They probably were short on respirators in the case that this thing did blow up, but it didn’t like what they said with our OKC Medical Staffing.

It’s all, it’s all out now. Um, and I hope that we didn’t overreact as a country because a lot of economic bad situations happened to other businesses, but we’re not, we’re not here to talk about that. Um, number three, uh, travel nurses get paid to travel and experience new adventures. And for Trinity, we have, uh, assignments in all 50 States, usually ranging between eight and 13 weeks in duration. Um, you can sightsee find new hobbies, see and experience new cities, meet new people. Um, learn about some of the best ran in the nation. If you went and found them out, you’d go work in them and learn about some of the things that they do. If you’re a manager, you can become a better manager by seeing how different hospitals are managed. You can explore national parks, historical sites, go to the beach, got a good friend, his daughter and her son-in-law, got a travel trailer and went to the beach and still got paid more than what they were having to pay for their space that they had on the beach

tax-free and it just added to their income. So you can go see all sorts of different things from Portland. Austin did Boston to New York, to Oklahoma surfing, warm weather, Florida. You can go anywhere, you can create your own bucket list. Number four, travel nurses receive free job placement assistance anywhere they go. And that is absolutely true because it doesn’t cost you a thing to come to Trinity. And we’ve got 300 new opportunities right now and that is in the Covidien 19 furloughed nurse time period are in the, in the coming months for the best OKC Medical Staffing. As soon as elective surgery gets back up and going again, nationwide, man, our numbers are going to be through the roof on opportunities. Um, number five, travel nurses can bring family, friends and pets. We’ve talked about that and almost every podcast that I’ve done about travel nursing, um, travel nurses have more freedom than most nurses do.

A lot more freedom because you get out on, you get out of politics, you know, you can choose when and where you work. You can choose the hospitals, you can choose generally the D duration. You can set up your next assignment when, where you want, you can take a month off if you want. In between assignments. You could only work six months out of the year in most likely since you’re getting double the pay, most likely. Um, you can literally work six months out of the year, still make the same amount of money on travel. Nurses can gain experience at top. Sillies I just mentioned this, you can go to some of the best top facilities in the entire country and learn how they’re made, how those places are managed and ran and through new experiences and incitements at different hospitals, you can gain skills to add to your resume, advance your career when you use our OKC Medical Staffing agency.

You know, imagine having the chance to just be able to go and shadow some of the magnet hospitals in the nation. It can be invaluable. You can go to specialty hospitals. If you have a specialist, you can become one of the top specialists in the nation because you went in a travel nursing and learn from some of the best in the nation. One of the things that I will never ever be able to pay is having a mentor and having them just walk me through life and being, uh, being, uh, a resource in only that if you make good relationships, you can stay. You can stay a hold of these relationships for life. So all of these things are some really great nursing, uh, travel nursing opportunities for nurses. And these are just facts that you can think and consider whenever you are planning out your, uh, uh, your next job opportunity. I think you should at least look in travel nursing. All you gotta do is give us a call at nine, one, eight, six, two, two, two, five, eight, eight, after Darcell or Kasey. And they will be happy to tell you everything that we have available to you or you can just go online, check us out online@trinityemployment.com.