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You are listening to Trinity employments, eight player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello,

Welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to add value to job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast. Our top nursing trends of 2019 Trinity employment specialists has been working in the travel nursing arena. And we are now a travel nursing agency and we staff for travel nurses all over the entire United States. A big chunk of our nurses are in the central part of here in Oklahoma, but we have contracts that are literally all over the United States with our OKC Medical Staffing. And what w what this particular podcast is, is to just let nurses know what to expect. Um, in 2020, we started 2020 off with quite a bang. I don’t think it’s a bang that anyone really wanted to hear though. This COVID virus has really shaken our country up. It is just really remarkable at the changes that we are all experiencing, and no one is experiencing changes more than nurses.

It is really remarkable. There, there, you know, we were, we were talking earlier in one of our other podcasts where we know one thing for sure. And that is that with baby boomers, get getting older and requiring more health care. In addition to the affordable care act, throwing many more millions of people into the healthcare system. And we know that there are not enough physicians to facilitate all of the needs that we’re going to have, and we don’t even have enough schools to produce physicians at a rate that we’re going to need them well, nursing is the exact same thing. And so nursing is going to be a tremendous demand on our us economy for a top OKC Medical Staffing. Here’s a nursing fact sheet. Nursing is the nation’s largest healthcare profession with more than 3.8 million registered nurses nationwide, and of all license Ahrens, 84.5% are currently employed. I think that’s probably higher now with the demand increasing, most likely salaries are going to begin to increase the federal government projects that more than 200,000 new registered nurse positions will, will be each year from 2019 to 2026 And another step statistics

That I read just a little bit ago is that, um, well, here it is right here. Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 15 to 20% from now until 2026, much, much faster than the average for all occupations and growth for RN workforce will occur for a number of reasons. Um, the, I I’d mentioned the, uh, the affordable care act will now

We have this COVID virus that is drastically Increased the need for nurses. Most likely it’s not going to go away. You know, I’ve heard this so often that our world is not going to be S be the same. You know, I walk into a Walmart right now and everyone is wearing a mask, And it’s just, it’s just putting fear Into everyone. I just went to the bank just a minute ago. And through the drive-thru, there’s a guy wearing a mask just to talk to the drive-through person. Fear

Is everywhere in that’s likely changed the landscape of our entire culture. And one of the things that is going to change is going to be the demand of nurses. And so, um, so I want to just talk about top nursing trends on things to expect. And, um, and let’s try to, let’s try to grab some with our great OKC Medical Staffing, some good thinking some forward thinking. Um, as, as we look into the taught nursing trends of 2019, um, and the first one is, is that technology is increasing. Technology has a huge

Influence on nursing from remote monitoring to robotic surgery, genomics, um, and targeted treatments are on the rise in cancer. Patients having shorter stays in hospital, listen tele-medicine is taking over for Ahrens and then nurse practitioners and physicians And travel

Nursing is going to be the exact same thing. Travel nursing is going to have technology drive the business. Um, and so we’re going to be having remote monitoring for telemedicine and being able to explain new treatments to patients over the phone and delivery may be home

Based instead of in hospitals right now. We just got contacted by a new facility trying to create mobile, um, units, 20 new nurses that are looking for, for mobile units. That’s going to be going all over our city. The next thing that is in demand specialists are in demand. Well OKC Medical Staffing, I can tell you in travel nursing as a travel nursing agency, that if you have a specialty, the salary goes up. So when something’s in demand, price point is going to have to go up. It’s just a simple economic

Mix explanation as such, Why goes down and demand goes up. Price has to go up as well. And so specialists are definitely in demand nurses with expertise in critical care, oncology, pediatrics, renal and operating department nurses are in demand as the need for these specialist skills are on the rise right now, our ICU nurses and our, um, ventilator nurses and ventilator techs that us OKC Medical Staffing, they are, or respiratory tech, sorry. They are hugely on the rise. We just got a big order. Um, in one of our rural hospitals for that, the next thing is, is bilingual nurses are on trend. Well, of course they are. We’ve got, um, more Spanish speaking

People in our, in our area here in Tulsa than ever before that the United States has a changing demographics with an increase in population of individuals where English is not a first language. And so nurses with second language are going to be in a big time demand to care for people who have limited knowledge of English. I know that when I traveled to go to Brazil, I can always use Google translate. And I’m sure that nurses can use that to communicate with, with their patients, but it is so crucial that a patient is able to speak in real time with our nurses and our technology is increasing there. I’ve actually seen some technology that we are, um, looking at for our ministry just to be able to communicate better. But, um, until that gets underway and gets into real time, it’s going to be very important for nurses to be able to speak a different language work-life balance is in demand and nurses are beginning to, uh, talk about this.

That is another reason why I believe travel nursing is going to be on a huge rise because you can travel 50 miles or more and be considered a travel nurse. And when that happens, your salary goes up so much more and you can, you can be a lot more flexible on what hours you work, how long you work for the top OKC Medical Staffing. You can work. You’ll make oftentimes double the amount of salary. And so you can literally work six months out of the year, rather than 12 months, there are all sorts of options to create your preferred work-life balance, but prevention of ill health and maintaining positive work-life balance are big trends for 2020. The cost of healthcare is rising. So there’s a focus on preventing health and being able to have some downtime to recharge because nurse there’s going to be a huge demand on nurses and having ex an exercise regime and a positive culture.

Um, being able to work in a positive culture, maintain me, maintaining healthy weight and spending time on relaxing and is going to be vital for nurses that are on the go. Because if you do one thing in 2020, number one is you need to look out for yourself and introduce some healthy habits into your routine, just for your own personal wellbeing, because there’s going to be such a demand on all of our, all of our nurses moving forward. The last thing here is that the nursing shortage is going to continue. We’re going to continue seeing shortages of nurses, particularly those that have specialist qualifications. So if you are a travel nurse for the top OKC Medical Staffing, it’s important to sign up with your best travel nursing agency, as they take care of placements, Phoenix, Gaucher patients, and, uh, and they can leave you as the focus. Trinity is a great resource for you and Trinity also attracts top jobs. So the shortages that you might be seeing, um, can, they can get placed with the best people, 2020 promises, new developments and opportunities for travel nursing, um, by anticipating trends, uh, that a professional travel nurse is ideally positioned for and being able to connect the dots for the nurse. If Trinity can help you in this way, please give us a call. Our number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.