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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is primarily going to be for employers because never in the history of the United States of America has there been a better time to recruit. That probably sounds a little bit, um, wrong maybe to other people, not, not necessarily wrong in morally, but just not exactly the way you feel right now. Let me give you some, some data and statistics. We’re always trying to add data and statistics here. This last week we had 30.3 million people apply for unemployment benefits. And in the great recession, the number of jobs that we lost was 8.7 million. So compare 30.3 million to 8.7 million. What a ridiculous contrast the jobs created since the great recession has been 22.4 million. That’s how many jobs we’ve created since the great recession. That was a long time ago with our OKC Medical Staffing.

So right now we have more really high level talent out there looking for work. Some of them, but we’re a staffing firms, so I can tell you there are a lot of people that are trying to stay on unemployment because the unemployment benefits are so great that if you make probably $15 an hour or less, man, you probably are better staying on unemployment from a financial standpoint. Not long term, but short term you get a lot of value with our OKC Medical Staffing services. So what do we do with this? Well, I think that we have, I’ve got some really great ideas. Some of this came from another podcast that I listened to on occasion from Craig Rochelle with life church and he says a couple of things that are really interesting. Every crisis does two things. Number one, a crisis creates unexpected problems. Well, of course, of course it does, but number two, listen to this.

This changes things. A crisis also creates unprecedented opportunities if you know how to look for them. The best companies will take advantage of unprecedented recruiting opportunities that are available to them. But you’ve got to be proactive and aggressive and great leaders do this during hard times when it is available and possible. Craig Rochelle says, good leaders lead through hard times. See, a crisis has the rare side effect of bringing intense clarity to an organization. Across this can mean that you need to maybe think about narrowing your focus, redeploying temp team members to other areas. Uh, listen, we did that with one of our staff members here. We redeployed her into a new area and she’s thriving in it. Now listen, we’re still struggling in coming out of this negative impact that’s had on our company. But what a great move that was when it comes to the best OKC Medical Staffing company.


but it’s because this crisis, it did, it naturally gave us a side effect and it brought intense clarity and, and she will probably be forever grateful. But these practical nuts and bolts opportunity, they help your company get laser focused on what really truly matters. Um, you know, you, I can’t remember who it says, but it is a really great book. Says, um, make sure that you make the most important thing, the most important thing. It’s really great advice and that’s what this can help you do. Most people see problems though. Leaders address the problems and they seize the opportunities. A crisis can also create financial opportunities. You may see a need that your company is uniquely equipped to fill. Here at Trinity, I began creating a new software that is going to help save our company money. In recruiting, you have many employers you know, have been forced to furlough and even lay off really great employees. But because of the significant loss in income, and there are so many great employees open to new opportunities like never before. We see a need to take advantage of this. And this is a significant recruiting time for many people. So if there, if there are so many a players up there and out there right now, what can we do to try to capture them with our OKC Medical Staffing services?

Um, how can we recruit them? Well, let’s, let’s take a look at this. Hiring a players makes a significant difference in your team’s performance. Gallup says high performing employees have three things in common talent, high engagement, and usually about 10 plus years of service within a company. Organizations with highly engaged employees had an average three year revenue growth, 2.3 times greater than companies whose employees were only engaged at an average level. Disengaged workers had a 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents and 60% more errors and defects. Um, and that is according to Gallup organizations with low employee engagement scores saw 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability and 37% lower job growth and 65% lower share price over time. That’s also according to Gallup. So as the great, great Ferris Bueller once quoted, this is according to, or this is a considering recruiting, he says this life moves pretty fast and so does the opportunity to capture the incredible opportunity to recruit a players and replace your B and C level players if that, if they even exist in your company. So what are the, um, traits of an a player with our OKC Medical Staffing?

Let’s, let’s look at four truths about a versus B players. Number one, a players own both good and bad outcomes. And B, players have a laundry list of excuses for why they’re not performing. An employee who owns up to their mistakes demonstrates a high level of self awareness. And if, and if you are an a player, you understand how important this is. And it also demonstrates personal responsibility, both fundamental qualities of a players. Everyone who is an a player understands that holding yourself accountable leads to solutions and not prolonging the problems in a players understand this or repeating it over and over again. You’ve heard of doing the same thing again and expecting different results according to a bunch of data that I’ve just read and this philosophy that we’re going over. Um, B players are performing the definition of insanity. Number two, a players try something new or different to correct their course and B, players stick to their comfort zone.

Mistakes happen and some, but sometimes they can lead to great things, but when the outcome is less than optimal, your a players are going to, you’re going to watch them learn to adjust their strategy even when the answer really isn’t in their wheelhouse. They’ll go figure it out. Your best employees are willing to try something new when the plan isn’t working and oftentimes you’ll see your B players unwilling to do that. We’re afraid to make necessary changes and so they just keep doing the same thing over and over again. Number three, a players excite and motivate the people around them. B players require motivation. Your a players start with high expectations and standards for themselves and they also impose that on their peers and your best employees. They’re eager to engage others along to bring them up with them and in turn people look forward to collaborating with a players when you get the top OKC Medical Staffing services.

A players will only want to collaborate with a players and if you bring an a player in with a group of B and C level players, likely your A-players may leave. Last thing in the threat pup. A players work to understand the ins and outs of their business and B players know just enough to get the job done. You’re a players. You’re going to notice that they are going to start asking questions. Why? Why would you do it that way? You’re A-player recognizes they’re fluctuating responsibilities, adapting to best solve problems. You’ll never hear from them, well, that just wasn’t in my job description. A players are actively involved. Team members of your team and they’re always working, trying to figure out your business so that they can be a better, they can be a better team player for your team. Listen, if Trinity can help you in any way, shape or form to go out and find a players, give us a call. You can call us@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightorjustgovisitusonlineattrinityemployment.com.

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