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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to the employers that we work with and also to the employees. And this particular podcast is targeted towards travel nursing. Trinity is now, we’ve been in the healthcare field for a 11 years and now we’re providing a travel nursing we have for a good while. We’re building on this area and we’re always trying to add value to the travel nurses. And this particular podcast is kind of interesting. 13 social media statistics that travel nurses should know. This is really important. This is going to be a two part series because the first part I’m going to go over are the statistics that you need to be at least aware of when it comes to social media in the next thing is, is what can you do to make sure in mind your social media and um, and make sure that you never, ever, ever put your, um, your nursing opportunities at risk because of something that’s going on social media that might require OKC Medical Staffing.

The thing is is social media is everywhere. Travel nurses love their jobs and the adventures that go along with traveling. They get to discover new places. They get to meet all of these new friends and network with people. They get to visit the local hotspots. You know, it’s not my thing. Bars, not clubs, restaurants, theme parks, you know, all of the different things that are in the area. But, but did you realize that your online social profile, it could begin to jeopardize your future opportunities to some of these great places. Listen to some of the best traveling places that wish they had OKC Medical Staffing. That’s where a lot of travel nurses want to go. So you’ve got a lot more competition there and some of these hospitals, they get to be picky, so you don’t want to gamble your job and travel prospects as you go through this because these media stats, they’re going to start opening your eyes to the importance of maintaining just some basic professionalism when it comes to social media.


so the next time you’re thinking about posting up that photo where you’re at the bar or something that could be misread in a different, maybe it’s just something simple in a, you didn’t mean anything by it at all there and there wasn’t anything behind it,


maybe in the background you’re having friends with, you’re taking a shot with your friends, not a shot, but you’re taking a photo with your friends and behind you they’re taking shots and so now the perception is, Oh my gosh, this person’s a drunk and wasn’t in at all. You were just there with your, be careful what’s up. Even if you have a privacy settings on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, any other person can tag you in a photo and it could expose an image that has a lot of perceptions about it that may or may not be true and it goes out to all of their friends and you can just see how this, you’ve heard of things going viral. Well, it most lucky your photo is not going to go viral, but it can go viral in somewhat of a way because all of these friends are sharing it now. It’s out there and your name’s attached to it with your OKC Medical Staffing,

so some settings can, they can allow others to read comments, you know, but this is a small community. This nursing thing is even when you’re looking at it nationwide and you got to know that they’re looking at your social media. So these are statistics that you need to be aware of. These statistics come from CareerBuilder who partnered with the Harris poll and they conducted an annual survey on the practice of employers searching through search social media sites to research not just prospective employees but also current employees. This is happening. So number one, over the last 10 years, the number of employers who screen perspective candidates through social media searches has increased by 500% you know, they’re looking for something. You just want to make sure and be careful what they’re looking at. Number two 60% of employers have searched research job candidates by browsing through social networking sites. You kind of knew that 49% of the employers discovered information online while that prevented them from hiring a potential candidate. Listen, we have this happen all of the time, and listen with some of these with, with travel nurses, they’re wanting to get the very best nurse that they can and they can,

and so they’re checking online and if there’s not a level of professionalism, they’re there. They’re raising a caution and listen. With travel nursing, it’s not what a lot of nurses think. Yeah, yeah, we are. We are aggressively all of the travel nursing agencies. We’re aggressively going after trying to get nurses, but we are also any job opportunity that’s out there with your OKC Medical Staffing. We have to post it up online to say, Hey, what about this nurse? Would you be interested in them and they, they are likely going to get 10 other candidates minimum. So they’re going to check you out and we just want, we just don’t want you to put yourself in a bad position. Next stat, more than 25% of these employers found content on these sites that resulted in either a firing or a severe reprimand of a current employee. Um, we have not experienced this in house at Trinity. However, we have had other people that we know of that this has happened to number five of all employers within the healthcare industry in the survey, a whopping 59% of them use social media to research prospective candidates in the healthcare industry. So why, why are hiring managers trolling the online profiles of prospective employees? Well, according to this survey, number one is 53% said it’s to determine if the prospective employer employee has a professional online persona. Number two 30% said it’s to see what others are posting about the perspective employee.

They’re saying, what are other people saying about you? They can go read about that. If you’re in an argument or being divisive, you can see that stuff pretty easily. Actually, number three, 21% said they’re looking for a reason not to hire the perspective employee. So why are hiring managers trolling on long profiles? That’s why they’re trying to find a way, a reason not to hire them. Which by the way, that’s really the way you have to be. You’ve got to look at it that way. So what online content prevents an employer from hiring a prospective employee? According to the survey, 46% is due to proactive or inappropriate images. I’m sorry, not proactive, provocative, or inappropriate images or videos for your OKC Medical Staffing.

43% is due to references to potential candidate using drugs or drinking. 33% is due to discriminatory, discriminatory statements involving religion, race, or gender. I remember one time, um, I lost a huge deal. Um, we at Trinity we have a big, uh, it’s called, uh, um, leaders in healthcare luncheon series. And so we brought in all of our leaders, uh, for healthcare and we did, we do a launch, we provide a free lunch. And, um, you know, Trinity is a Christian company. So we set a quick prayer before the meeting, uh, before we had, uh, you know, had food and the, we had our very large company worth the one point $2 million worth of business. Um, tell us we will no longer do business with you because we felt like you forced us into your religion. Whoa, hold on. Um, well that was a tough pill to swallow because all we did was say a quick little 32nd prayer before lunch, but they saw it completely different.

So you just never know the way people are going to to that. And for us that was a really big thing. Um, you know, for, for us, I’m not going to stop praying before my meal, but that was a stark reminder of the reaction of someone, what it could be. Number a number 1230 1% is due to negative. This is a what online content prevents an employer for hiring a prospective employee. What online content prevents it? 31% is due to negative statements about the current employer. Well that can be a big deal. 29% is due to subpar communication skills, misspelling, bad grammar, especially if you’re going to be a nurse that is doing a lot of entry into the EMR system. Um, that could be a really, that could, that’s a real reason for people to really take a look at things. But these are just some statistics about what is happening online here in, uh, here in this next podcast I’m going to do one that’s called how can you control your social media image for employers with your OKC Medical Staffing?

What are some things that you can do? I’ve got a list of things that you need to do, um, to be able to make sure that your, uh, that you still maintain a good quality professional image for yourself. Cause it can get out of hand real quickly and it can do, it can happen with something so simple and innocent as well. And remember, perception is reality to people. So it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter necessarily. Sometimes what actually happened, ebb is more what people think about what happened and listen that, that, that hits me negatively sometimes just like it does everybody else. So we just got to pay attention to it. If Trinity can help you in any way, shape, or form with travel nursing, please give us a call. We would love to be a resource for you. You can call us@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightoryoucanvisitusonlineattrinityemployment.com.

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