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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast storing your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. In the title of this podcast is just figuring out the benefits of travel. Nursing Trinity is a travel nursing agency. We’ve been doing medical staffing for over 11 years now and it’s been the staple of our business since day one. But recently we started staffing specifically for agency work for hospitals all over the nation. We have hospitals in every state in our nation and we’re gaining more and more contracts as the time goes by. And so one of the things that we want to do with this, uh, podcast is just add value to the nurses out there. I don’t see a lot of content being delivered to a lot of the nurses, so we want to want to be able to give really good ideas and thoughts, especially to nurses who might have never ever thought of doing travel nursing before you got OKC Medical Staffing.

And they’ve heard about it, they’ve seen it. They’ve talked to other nurses that have probably come in through the hospital, but uh, they, they probably hear certain things about salaries, the double double what you normally get paid, you know, flexibility is really great. All the cool little places that people have gotten to go and they’re a little bit intrigued. But I think that a lot of nurses are going to be really considering this because of the COBIT 19 just disruption because what happened in nursing is completely different from what the rest of the country thinks about and heard about because we had, without being political in any way, shape or form, and only being factual, America was told that hospitals were cram packed full and that there was a huge crisis on our hands and that nurses were needed everywhere and that they were so important and they were. But the one thing that is a misconception about all of America, and if you’re a nurse and you’re listening to this, you already know this, but

the hospitals were empty all across the entire United States. Even in, even in New York, maybe some particular areas had people in them, but for the most part they were empty. And so nurses across the nation, and if you’re a nurse you, you may be in this category, but there was a huge percentage of nurses that were out of a job and furloughed even here in Tulsa where we have one of the only hospitals that’s a debt free hospital, they had to furlough a majority of their nurses. And so I think that nationwide, there are a lot of nurses going, all right, I’ve heard about this travel nursing thing. I’ve heard there’s a lot of flexibility in it. Is this something that I should be interested in? And I’ll tell you, we’ve got a contract right now that’s just 45 minutes away from Tulsa. And in our nurses are getting a full, um, uh, like living, living expenses, meals paid for, all of this is tax free and they’re getting a much higher salary with your OKC Medical Staffing.


And so this is something that a lot of nurses are going to begin to consider. And so we just want to be a resource for, um, our nurses. Um, out there, I have, I have a little bit of a stat that came from nursing world.org and it says, the good news is, is that one of the benefits of being a travel nurse is that you can, you can make up to six figures in many acute care assignments that’s double in many cases what most nurses get paid, even though the largest expected growth is set to take place in California, which California’s rates are outrageous, but man, their employment laws are as well. Um, they kind of get scary for people here in Oklahoma, but we’ve got contracts out there, but every state’s employment growth is projected at 11%. And the, uh, the FSA or not, not that the department of labor, their estimation is 15 to 20% in between. Now, in years 20, 26. So if you’re listening to this, you probably already know that there’s a lot of benefits in travel nursing, but if you’re looking for a stable job that provides plenty of value and opportunity, travel nursing is a decent option for you to consider because the demand for nursing is at an all time high

and due to this high demand for nurses, there’s going to be a huge shortage of nurses, which means that when supply goes down, price goes up and that’s where travel nursing fits in. And that’s why hospitals are utilizing travel nursing a lot is because of the recruiting power it. And so in this podcast, you know, I’m going to just go over some benefits of travel nursing. Some of these benefits might be new to you and some of them might be something that you haven’t ever thought of before with your OKC Medical Staffing, but we’ll, we’ll go through this. Number one is professional flexibility. Travel nursing positions vary in length, location setting. Most of the time they’re 13 week assignments, but sometimes eight week assignments. But they’re, it’s a contract and so you’ve got to complete it. But this level of flexibility, it can do wonders for your professional career. You can learn, you can gain knowledge and some of the best facilities in the nation.

And if you have career aspirations will being a travel nurse can help you achieve your professional goals and you can do it in quite a bit of flexibility professionally. Second thing is, is it gives you personal flexibility and to go along with professional flexibility. Travel nursing offers tons of personal flexibility. One of the benefits you get, um, is you get the ability to work in any location that you want. I have a very good friend who his daughter and son-in-law have a huge travel trailer and they’re going to go travel to the coast and they’re going to live on a beach in their travel trailer, get paid, uh, get, uh, reimbursed by the travel nursing agency way more than what they normally would. Uh, then they’re going to have to pay to stay on the beach in their travel trailer and they’ve got a really nice travel trailer. It’s like an $80,000 rig, but they’re going to be able to go and travel. And live where they want and they’re in a place in life where they can, but other options are you can just travel. All you have to do is travel 50 miles outside of your location of your, of your main house. Next thing is you get to meet a lot of people. You get to work in more settings, you’re going to make double the salary in many cases, the median compensation nationwide for permanent nurses, 66,000 per year that you would get without a OKC Medical Staffing.

And that sounds like decent money to most people. I would imagine according to the average salary in the United States, but most travel nurses with the acute care experience can earn over a hundred grand a year when all of the benefits and allowances are included. And a lot of those benefits and allowances are tax free OKC Medical Staffing.

You’ll get deluxe housing paid for. And so if you have a travel trailer, like the example I gave you, you’re gonna, you’re gonna end up making money on your travel or on your travel stipend or I’m sorry, your living stipend. You get licensed reimbursement travel reimbursement and it’s tax free travel. You can travel with your pet. If you want, you can travel with a spouse or a friend. You’re going to learn skills beyond just nursing. There’s career advancement opportunities. Whenever you decide to settle in for a permanent job and there’s career, there’s advancement opportunities and travel nursing as well, probably in a lot quicker of a way. You get to avoid a lot of office politics. You’re only going to be there for 13 weeks. You get to help a much more variety of people work in a very diverse type, in all sorts of different cultures because, let’s just be honest, the culture up in Boston is going to be much different than the culture in Tulsa. There’s endless job security, especially right now with a OKC Medical Staffing.

What if you’re looking for a city to settle down in? All of these things can be great for a personal flexibility. You can find hobbies. You can go travel to a city to see if you like a hobby. I hope that these things just open your eyes up to some of the great things about travel. Nursing and Trinity would love to be a resource for you. If we can help you out in any way, shape, or form, please give us a call here at Trinity at (918) 622-2588 ask for Darcel or Kasey and uh, or you can just visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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