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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is the second part of a series. It’s for employees, specifically travel nurses. And it started out with 13 social media statistics that travel nurses should know. The followup to this is how you can control your social media image for employers. So we, we, we talked just recently and I’ll go over like three or four of the statistics just to get us kind of started in this on why this is a big deal. It can be a very, very big deal. Um, statistics say it all. Career builder partnered with the Harris poll to conduct its annual survey on the practice of employers searching through social media sites to not only research just prospective employers, but also current employees. And the results got really staggering because this is a real thing. It will not stop and it will probably get even more and more uh, common which really aligns with the first statistic and that says over the last 10 years, the number of employers who screen perspective at candidates through social media searches has increased by 500% here’s the thing, you will be blown away at what you find as an employer with OKC Medical Staffing.

We’ve had somebody before that. Um, I mean they were doing some of the, some of the videos they had online were just horrible and you know, they were going to be a problem because of their, there’s no one that would have gotten along with somebody that said and did and posted some of these things. It definitely isn’t professional image and if you are going to be a travel nurse, it’s really important that you have a professional image, especially if you want to go travel to some of the top cities because there are a lot of travel nursing agencies out now and there are lots of options for the hospital and if you want to be one of them, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle America that is the best OKC Medical Staffing. And those are the only places that will ever allow you to travel. Not that middle America is bad. I live in Oklahoma, I love Oklahoma. But if you’re wanting to go travel in Florida and some of these other hot spot places will, um, you know, there’s a lot of competition with nurses out there in the hospital, gets to pick whoever they want and they’re just receiving the resume. And you know, this statistic by CareerBuilder, CareerBuilder is saying they’re going to social media and checking this out. Let’s go over some statistics. Um, these are just general statistics. 60% of the employers, uh, have researched job candidates before and browsing through social networking sites before they harm. 49% had discovered information online while that prevented them from hiring a potential candidate.

And more than 25% of these employers found content on these sites that resulted in either firing or severe reprimand wire managers trolling on co, on online profiles because 53% said, uh, it’s to determine if the prospective employee has a professional online persona. Are they professional? 30% said it’s to see what others are posting about the, about that candidate. Are they in a lot of arguments? 21% said they’re looking for a reason not to hire the perspective. Overall for your OKC Medical Staffing. What online content prevents employers from hiring a prospective employee? 46% is due to provocative, imminent, inappropriate images. 43% is due to references to a potential candidate using drugs or alcohol that are illegal. 33% is due to discriminatory statements involving religion, race, or gender or equality. So what does this mean for travel nursing? Well, obviously these statistics mean that if you want your employer to hire and not fire you or to actually just get you onboarded anyway, you have to do more than interview will and perform your job proficiently and get submitted by the staffing firm.

You also have to project an online image of professionalism. That’s what hospitals want and they’re looking for. And as a nurse, you’re representing whatever medical facility hires you. And that doesn’t necessarily end when you walk away from your job. I know that at Trinity, one of our number one things that we do is we only want to hire nurses that we are comfortable working on our grandmother. If they were in ICU, in the hospital. This is a great standard for our recruiters to have in mind. Let’s make sure that they’re, that we would be comfortable working on someone that we love. So what do you do with your social media? How do you protect it? One, you can install privacy settings on all your online accounts. So not just anyone can post content up or they can’t tag you without your permission because think about it for your OKC Medical Staffing.

One person tags you and it can go out to thousands of people with all their friends and you don’t even know all of these people. See, can’t really take this stuff down. It’s just going to be out there and there’s nothing you can do about it. Number two is you can remove yourself from any posts. Friends may have tagged you in that are really morally questionable. Like I said earlier, it could be something as simple as you’ve got. Um, you’re, you’re at a restaurant that has a bar in it and you’re taking a picture with your friends and behind you people are taking shots, photo bombing your photo and someone doesn’t think about it. They post it up and now you’re on there, you don’t think about it. So you posted up. So now people think people can assume quote co assume something very innocent is actually something not very innocent and they’re going to assume that you’re a part of that. All sorts of assumptions can be made by your social media profile. You just need to be thinking about it in a little bit different of a way because everyone’s using it. Um, uh, the, the next thing, never bad mouth. Your current employer or previous employers save these scathing remarks for your friends, your diary


you know, maybe your spouse or significant other like save these comments for them. You don’t have to go blasting it out online.


it can get great with OKC Medical Staffing, it can get people to start thinking about you a little bit differently. The next thing, think twice about posting your personal opinions regarding politics, abortion, gay rights, immigration reform. Kovod 19. Now I know that just a little bit ago I went online and posted up a a [inaudible]. Our family are campers and we love to camp and so, um, I, all the camp grounds are closed but every Walmart is open and I just thought it was interesting that a blank camp ground with hardly anyone in it during the middle of the week is closed. But a Walmart is not, not as posted up a picture of a empty camp ground going, uh, this is considered not safe. And then a full, completely packed Walmart parking lot that says I’m safe camping ground, not safe, Walmart safe. And it’s just a weird thing that’s going on. I just posted it up because I couldn’t find a park, a camping ground. Well, Holy smokes, can you believe all of the people are so politically motivated now I’m just wanting to go camping. But you wouldn’t believe the comments that you get from things like this and everyone instantaneously goes political and then it starts fights. I’m, I’m in the middle of these other people fighting on my tagline.

Not wanting to be, but people can make a perception about me because of this. When all I was trying to say is you guys shut down my camp sites, all I want to do is go camping.

But you can see how something very innocent turned into something political. I would have never guessed that, but it happened. Um, next thing, how about your strengths, especially on a work related sites such as LinkedIn. So make sure you have a great professional profile on LinkedIn. Next thing, refrain from using vulgar language. People don’t I, you know, my grandmother does not want vulgar language being used in the workplace and uh, they don’t want to hear it. I know that she doesn’t, she’s very conservative and um, and so there are a lot of perceptions that come with people who, who use vulgar languages. Now does that, does that mean that that’s bad? No. I know a lot of great, wonderful people that on occasion they drop a four letter word. But when you do it repetitively online, it creates perceptions. Whether it’s true or not, that’s going to be individually number for your OKC Medical Staffing.

The next thing is a don’t post scantily clad selfies. Next thing is proofread everything posted publicly. So it’s grammatically correct because you don’t want the hospital thinking that you’re going to have incorrect grammar on EMR systems that they, that they are, they need to be very careful with. A good rule of thumb is to only post comments in images that you wouldn’t mind your grandparents seeing. And that goes back to Trinity’s model. But I really think that these things can help people when they’re doing, you know, when you’re going to do travel nursing every three months, you’re going to be looking for a new assignment. So it’s not going to be like a lot of traditional jobs where you know, you, you might be able to keep that job for 10 years and never really have to worry about that. But it’s a thing now we’re not going to get away from it with the great OKC Medical Staffing.

And I can just hear the comments right now that, you know, this is not fair blow, you know, whatever it is, but it’s just a part of our reality now. Just like, you know, we’re in the middle of April. I had some friends of mine complaining about how they’re handling the Kovac 19 and that it’s wrong that we’re shutting down businesses. That was their opinion on, I don’t want to start another political thing, but I had to tell him, listen, it’s a part of our reality now and it’s not like we can do anything about it. So we just have to do the very best we can with the situation that we have. Same thing here, if Trinity can help you out in any way, shape, or form, especially when it comes to travel nursing, we would love to be a great resource for you. Please give us a call@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightorvisitusonlineattrinityemployment.com.

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