OKC Medical Staffing | Hiring Trends for 2020 After Covid

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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome back to the, a player matchmakers, or we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is for hiring trends for 2020. Holy smokes. Well, this year has been probably the hardest year that we’ve ever done business in Trinity. We’ve been doing business for 11 years now, and I’ve never watched, especially our medical division. See our medical division. It didn’t matter what would happen were we live in Tulsa. And so at first, when we started Trinity, most of all of our business was done in the city limits of Tulsa. We rarely got out of it. Now we, we staff nationwide, we’ve grown into this, into these different areas. And one of the things that were always true is that, uh, the medical field, it was almost recession-proof. It, it was really weird. I told my mentor this, you know, I think this is almost recession-proof with our OKC Medical Staffing.

Cause we moved into doing staffing for hospitals as well. And he told me, he said, man, you better be careful saying that. Of course, he’s been in business for 25 years. I think so he’s seen a lot more than I have, but, uh, he was right because our medical industry, we lost 99% of our medical personnel during the middle of COVID. And although we’ve begun to, to bounce and go back up, um, that, that was crazy to watch that happen. So there, there are a lot of weird things that have happened in the year 2020. Um, here are some interesting stats. I looked this up one ASA, the American staffing association because even the department of labor uses and looks at the staffing index to find out what’s likely going to happen in the rest of the country because it happens with staffing firms.

First temps begin to rise and then people get more comfortable to hire permanent positions. So, um, the S you know, temporary staffing is a very important number to watch. If you want to begin to see where employment is going to go throughout the rest of the country. And right now, as of last month, staffing industries were down 35.7% compared to the month, uh, uh, last year, our staffing, um, in 2019, this was written. This is what’s interesting. In December of 2019, these were the projections for 2020. It says the US staffing industry grew 4% in the year, 2019, and is projected to reach a record 153.5 billion in revenue. This growth is, is expected to fall to 3% in 2020. The staffing industry has been growing faster than the economy and GDP growth for 2019 hits between 2.2% and 2.3% while staffing industry growth sits at 3.3 0.4% at this moment for the best OKC Medical Staffing services.

So they were expecting staffing to grow big time for projections for 2020. And then we’re 35% below what we were last year. That is just crazy. Um, so staffing jobs for the week of may, um, increased 1.2% from the prior week, um, ticking up to a rounded value of 61. That’s the staffing index on ASA. And all those staffing employment was down 36%. That was in may, um, year to year. This marks the third consecutive week that the index has advanced. So we’re starting to begin to slowly move up, but recruiting and HR are constantly evolving. And, but with a new decade just around the corner, changes in the air more than it ever has been before. And so this is, um, these are a list of HR predictions identified by Glassdoor’s chief economist, dr. Andrew Chamberlain Chamberlain. Um, and so he has years of study in the labor market coupled with, um, just the glass doors, great data with the best OKC Medical Staffing.

If you haven’t ever broken into glass doors data, you should take a look at that as a recruiter, by the way. Um, it’s really interesting, but here are some trends that they are expecting for 2020. Number one, culture’s gonna come first. Um, I could not agree with this anymore. I’ll tell you one of the things that happened when all the craziness happened at Trinity was we began to see our culture flourish, um, because we, we, we had to cut back and we were only able to keep, you know, some, some, some of our top performers to be quite Frank, um, and in a world of the trance of increasing transparency and corporate accountability, strong company culture is no longer just nice to have. It’s a business imperative. And for one company, culture has a significant impact on a company’s ability to recruit and retain top talent. Not only that. And Steve jobs says this, I’ve said this a million times on this podcast with us here for our OKC Medical Staffing services. It seems like that, uh, he, he was going to sang a team of players will run a small team of players will run circles around a team of BNC level players. I’ll have that wall, that on my wall up here, and the recent Glassdoor survey confirmed that workers increasingly value company culture over cash. And since today’s candidates can get an insider’s look into your organizational culture through platforms like Glassdoor, social media, Google reviews,

you know, um, companies can no longer just talk the talk and that’s what’s happened for years. You had to try them out before you could tell for sure. And there’s going to be a growing body of research providing that accompany culture drives real business results. So it’s no surprise that many of the world’s most influential companies are placing a renewed emphasis on employees, and you’re going to see this happen more and more. Uh, Chamberlain says in 2020, we expect this changing tide of CEO opinion to usher in a new wave of culture. First thinking among business leaders, elevating employee engagement, to the status of core business focus for a growing number of companies. So what can you do to improve your company culture? One, forget about that. The fluffy perks like free food and ping pong tables. Um, the best research has shown that the three biggest drivers of employee satisfaction or a clear mission, high quality, senior leadership, and career opportunities. Number two, employers will brace for a potential recession. Everyone’s trying to figure out what in the world is this going to mean for us? I’m trying to figure it out right now.

I was making calls this afternoon to all of our customers over the last three years, just to see what they’re seeing. And then also try to be a resource for them if we can be. But of course, as you can imagine, most of them told me we’re on a hiring freeze because we’re trying to see what is going to happen. Are we going to go into recession or not? I don’t know if anyone knows, but I’ve never seen so many situ you know, right now we’re in the middle of riots throughout our city. It’s almost like people forgot about COVID all of a sudden, Oh, doesn’t exist anymore. Forget about COVID. We’ve got a new fear that we can focus on now. And they’re doing a good job with that. At least with my wife, she said to me last night, you know we are looking to give you the top OKC Medical Staffing services, Corey, is it even safe to go to work? Because they bashed up a big chunk of our, of the main corners of our city. And we’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma, like that’s rare, but it’s really sad to watch it happen. I hate watching the divide in our country, but most people are just going to try to figure out what does this means economically? So we may be in the midst of the longest period of economic growth, you know, we just had it happen. Um, but we’re taking a huge dip. Now in many employers assume that hiring is going to become easier in a recession.

But right now we can’t get anybody to go to work that makes underneath $50,000 a year because they’re getting unemployment. And so many companies are finding themselves overwhelmed by a flood of low-quality applications. And as a result, companies are likely going to have to identify which recruiting channels are going to deliver the most, the most highly qualified candidates. And I believe it’s going to come in the form of AI or something completely different. Number three more candidates will embrace the mobile job search. So everybody’s known this for a long time, but in, in a real quick thing, your website and all of your communication better be mobile-friendly. A glass store study found that mobile job seekers encounter multiple barriers to entry into the employment process. Most companies have not yet created a truly mobile-first friendly experience. And as a result, companies are turning high-quality candidates off of their organization because they believe that, listen, they’re not up to speed with the new technologies when it comes to the best OKC Medical Staffing.

This is something that people have been saying for a long time, but if you’re trying to hire top talent, they’re likely going to be applying on a cell phone and, or a mobile device like an iPad or something. So you might want to make sure and get that thing ready to go. If Trinity can help you in your hiring, we would love to be a resource for you. We do some of the best recruiting with and finding some of the hardest people to find ever. And we try to put quality in front of it in front of everything. If Trinity can help you in any way, please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.