OKC Medical Staffing | Don’t Overlook This Number One Factor for Job Searching

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You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is don’t overlook this number one factor when looking for a job after this, COVID crazy because this has changed things. And we’ve got a lot of people out on unemployment right now. And the unemployment now is beginning to see we’re a little bit past one-half way of when the extra $600 a week is in, is into a force, which by the way, is keeping so many people from even entertaining new opportunities. We’re seeing that as a staffing agency now, and right now is interesting. Just last month we had 22 million Americans file for unemployment, and it seems like even more layoffs are expected or the hiring freezes are going to continue. And so the job market is only going to continue to get more competitive OKC Medical Staffing services.

And the simple truth is, is that most job seekers are not going to get hired right away. That is what we’ve been trying to tell all of these people who have declined jobs because they were making so much in unemployment. And a lot of industries need to understand that, um, you know, hiring, uh, is going to be interesting. You’re going to have to be diligent in submitting applications very quickly, because as, as employees, um, the tables are going to turn very quickly where jobs are going to be very scarce. And we’ve, we’ve tried to tell so many people who’ve declined to the position that this is not going to happen with the best OKC Medical Staffing. Um, like what you think that it is. Um, and you know, like, like any executive who’s been interviewing and hiring for more than 20, 20 years, you know, the biggest mistakes they’re going to see people make is when job hunting is, especially during times of desperation is just limiting their strategy to only sending out as many resumes as possible.

I can tell you, I don’t think that’s going to work during the situation. There’s going to be way too many people out there doing that. And it’s going to just flood the, what we would call the big black hole of resumes, which is where I think most think the resume goes when they send it in a line, but it’s, it’s just going to be interesting. So the number one thing that I want to talk about here is just don’t overlook the power of networking. According to a recent report from us Bureau of labor statistics and Yale University, they found that over 70% of jobs are found through networking. I would, I would be willing to think that that’s probably even higher than that. Maybe as much as 80%. So if you want to boost your chances of getting hired, you need to put yourself on the radar of those people who can make a difference.

Are I wonder if we don’t see this more, where there are a lot of jobs that they’re not even going to be posted because there’s going to be so many people out there on imp on unemployment. Most companies are going to go to their employees first before they start spinning money on indeed or someplace like this. That just ends up getting you hundreds of resumes that most of them have nothing to do with what you’re trying to do. Uh, the pandemic certainly is going to make the job finding a bit more stressful. And the good news is, is that there’s if there’s ever a perfect time to network, like this is going to be it in a lot of the networking now has shifted to shaking your hand and going to a lunch or breakfast or some speaker to here to doing it all online, which to some people there you’re going to have half the people that that is a good thing with us because we are looking to give you a good OKC Medical Staffing solution.

They don’t have to go shake hands and they would prefer to do it online. And then you have people like me. I, I would much rather it be online. You’re going to have different people that have different ways of doing it, but I want to talk about networking real quick. The wrong way to network networking poorly is really, probably worse than not networking at all. You know, for example, you know, reaching out to somebody that you haven’t had any contact within years, and then just blatantly asking for help. You know, um, I remember watching, uh, a, a punk version of this with a great OKC Medical Staffing service. This was a long time ago in the nineties. I think it was in the nineties. And this was when, uh, this was when, uh, Jessica Simpson and, uh, ha I can’t remember his name. I think it was Nick Nicholas Shay. Yeah. Yeah.

He, I know he was in a boy band, whatever his name was. Um, they were married and then, uh, pumped did a version where this long distant cousin shows up in an RV, very like cousin Eddie on a Christmas vacation and starts asking for like $10,000 or something like that. It was ridiculous. And that is kind of the equivalent of going to a net going and reaching out to somebody that you worked with maybe, you know, three or four years ago. And then it’s all, it’s all, all of a sudden like, let’s, can you help me? And there’s nothing that turns me off more, and I, it’s almost offensive when you do that. Um, but one of them, one of the things that you can do there’s helpful is when you lead with your give before you seek to get, you must do that right now. You know, you, if you think of a person in your network who could help you with the job search or something like that, or maybe they work in a company that you think would be beneficial for you to look into, um, and they can make an internet introduction to you or connect you with somebody that is a decision-maker. Um, you know, you, you know, who can help you brainstorm or provide a perspective on how to help this person. You can write down a list of things that you can do for them, even if it’s a minor gesture, but it can help when you go to your ask, but think it through, you know, it’s opposite of what you think. You know, if you’re doing sales, you help people get what they want first, and then you’ll never have any problem getting what you want. Zig Ziglar said that. He said, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll never have a problem getting what you want, but never underestimate the power of simply just being a sounding board for someone going through a tough time or having a laugh with them in turbulent times, offering an extra set of hands and helpful set of hands is a great way to lead in with, Hey, can you help me with something else? The next thing is, is, don’t forget about the unexpected fruits of networking when it comes to the best OKC Medical Staffing. Um, a recent survey when, uh, hurricane Harvey hit Houston, uh, Texas, uh, a Texas friend lost his job as a corporate manager.

In addition to spending much of his time looking for jobs, he set aside two hours per week to just begin handing out blankets and bottled water. And he just stepped in to help as much as he could with being a part of a human chain to help bring people out of flooded homes. And he worked side by side with many volunteers, but they didn’t even think about themselves first. Um, but when the other volunteers, you know, everybody is going to ask, what is it you do outside of this? You know, this specific person, he shared his, his brief story. And it happened to be with the right person. Um, you know, and that person was like, Hey, listen, my company is looking for someone with that kind of background. Let me try to hook you up with it, but it didn’t come from what that person thought about.

And right now with the pandemic happening there, there’s still a lot of people that are out of work and they need food. It’s really hard for many Americans to realize that, that there are people that need food and necessities that you could help with. And so I just want to encourage you, if you, if you are unemployed, you’re trying to find different ways to network, try to figure out a way to help other people get what they want first. And it’s amazing at what can come out of our OKC Medical Staffing. I hope that this helps you in, in your, you know, a pathway to begin networking. It is very important, but try to help other people get what they want. I think you’re going to be amazed at what might come out of that. If Trinity can help you in any way with your job search or help you network, we’ve got a lot of people we work with. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinityemployment.com.

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