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You are listening to Trinity employments player, matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find

And different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is specifically for travel nursing. One of the areas that Trinity’s that Trinity moved into quite a while ago is travel nursing and nurses are needed now more than ever. It is crazy how much or how the demand that nurses have had right now that we are in April of 2020. And we are dealing with this COVID 19 virus that has literally sent not only our medical world into a spin with our great OKC Medical Staffing, but literally every American for the most part is being really drastically impacted by this. You know, even me just going into Walmart is quite an experience right now. And if you’re listening to this in, in real time or within the next few days, you’re going to know exactly what I’m thinking about or what I’m feeling. You walk into Walmart, and now everyone has a mask and this mask alone brings about fear, like a decent amount of fear.

Because for me, I’m sitting here thinking, does this person have, are they sick? What’s going on? That was just a couple of weeks ago. Now almost everyone is wearing a mask. This mask signifies to everyone’s conscience, that something is wrong. There’s something out there that I need to protect myself from and fear begins to happen. We’ll now think if you’re a nurse, this has to be like escalated at least three or four times for nurses because not only are they wearing a mask and everyone else’s wearing a mask, however, almost anyone walking into their facility has a DCE has a much higher percentage of having this virus. And so nurses need to be applauded. I think everyone in our nation is recognizing this, you know, on social media, I’m seeing posts about, you know, our nurses need to be applauded. They need to have all their loans forgiven all of these different messages. But the basic sentiment is, is that everyone respects where nurses are right now. But the, the title of this podcast is nurses. Compassionate care, how it affects patient outcomes. And in the middle of all of this stress that nurses have to be experiencing, there’s no way that they cannot be experiencing some level of stress. Even if it’s not that they’re concerned about the virus itself, just for the fact that their personal lives have been flipped upside down and they can hardly even go to Walmart in the same way that they used to. And change Is always a stressor. So how could this possibly be impacting not just the nurses, but the nurses impact on the patient

And having a strong quality of care is still very important. And unfortunately just still a big stressor for the nurses. So we want to talk about nurses, compassionate care, how it impacts patients and how we can always get better at this. We’re always wanting to add value to nurses. So in, although we are, we’re trying to, we’re wanting to try to encourage not discourage during this podcast. And so if any way, shape or form I come across as being discouraging without our OKC Medical Staffing, I do not intend that at all. I only want to be encouraging right now. There are an estimated 25,000 working travel nursing jobs. Okay. Listen, travel nurse travel nurses are being commissioned all over the nation, dealing with ICU. We are, uh, here in Oklahoma, we have been warned by our travel nursing, um, service providers that we’re expected to see ICU nurses begin to, uh, on an increase.

And so it’s getting ready to hit Oklahoma here very much like it has, uh, in other hotspots in the nation, um, where we’re going to see a drastic increase. Presently, there are over 340 us travel nursing companies, 110 are joint commission certified worldwide. And there are more than 480 companies total. And so there are a lot of staffing firms that are providing opportunities for travel nursing. Now, here is a really good thing for, for travel nurses. Rates are in emergency type of rates right now, and sometimes they are double and triple what uh, nurses are used to. And so this is a very, this can a very good thing here. One survey found that the majority of travel nurses are age 40 to 50, which are 34.7%, 26.9% are in the range of 30 to 40 years old. And 21.3% are over the age of 50.

So this virus impacts 21.3% of the nursing population quite a bit more than it does the 17.1%, which fall within the 25 to 30 year old age range. And so there, there is a lot that needs to be considered or that that nurses are going through right now. What we’re talking about is compassionate care and the importance of it with OKC Medical Staffing, the holistic approach, according to Deborah Wood, who is an RN of being present doing for patients and forming a connection, embodies the caring profession and new research shows that emphasizing the art of nursing and compassionate care during orientation and training can improve outcomes, including boosting patient satisfaction and reducing the incidents

Fall of a falls and pressure ulcers right now, Nurses are more distracted than ever. And so being able to have compassionate care for nurses is really important. One of the things that we always want to do is make sure that we provide nurses with positivity and positivity training so that they can Pass that on to, uh, onto The people that they’re around. But one of the areas, one of the things that I would like to encourage nurses to do is to pay attention to the things

That energize you. And so a lot of them, Tom, I mean, we’re going to all have some free time and our free time can be used. However we want, um, unfortunate for a lot of people. We’re, we’re still having to take care of our kids and school and sort of thing. But when we do have free time being very,

Very, Um, specific with how we use it and, and making sure that the time that we use are things that energize us. So for example, if you like going outdoors and you’re you feel after you feel what OKC Medical Staffing is all about, after you get done doing this event, you feel very energized. That’s a really great way for you to spend your time

Outdoors. If what You do, what you like to do is like what my wife enjoys. She enjoys reading. If she gets done reading, this is a great thing for her, either taking a walk or reading, these are her, um, things that are great releasers for her. But one of the things that you can do for yourself is make sure and for yourself, well, when you have downtime, the second thing is, is for all of the nursing leaders right now, creating and maintaining a caring culture is very important at the Cleveland clinic. Um, Ms. Hancock reported that the importance of empathy and compassionate care are wo are woven throughout the entire residency program, instilling in new graduates, the value of patient centered care and showing them and having all of the, the, um, veteran staff, show them and mentor them on how to develop a strong patient nurse relationship.

The hospital uses simulation and role playing in training this because the relationship helps Hancock says, and she wants to make sure that her culture is built around giving the staff the skills about how to handle very important conversations with their patients. Because the little things matter, just, just as small as smiling and addressing the patient as they walk, as they walk in and addressing them that the way that they want to be addressed. And the reality is is that there are a lot of nurses that are under undue stress. And so just providing a smile and making sure that you’re talking to patients the way that they would want to be spoken to is drastically important. I remember when my, my grandmother was in the hospital and we had many nurses come in because she was there for a long period of time. And there were some nurses that were very nice and cordial and treated us like human beings.

And there were some that did not in those that did made such a great difference. Nurses can make such a great difference in the lives of the patients that they serve. Please make sure and care for yourself when you have downtime. And just remember to make sure that there’s someone else experiencing something very difficult on the other end. And we always want to promote and create a culture at Trinity of extraordinary patient care. I hope this encourages our nurses out there today. Please give us a call at Trinity. If we can help you in any way, shape or form. Our number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

You are listening to Trinity, employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this particular podcast is specifically geared towards our travel nursing candidates and just for travel nursing, um, individuals who are, or maybe our nurses who are currently working in hospitals and are considering going into travel nursing. One of the things that is interesting is most likely if you are a nurse and you are, um, and you are sitting around and working every day, you’re likely around someone who’s doing traveling nursing. And the thing that you’re probably hearing over and over again is how they make more money. Probably all of the good things, because there are a lot of really great things in luxuries. Not everyone can go do what a normal travel nurse does like traveling the country. I’ve got one of my very good friends, his son and daughter, or his I’m sorry, his daughter and son-in-law are, have decided to rent an RV, not rent an RV, purchase an RV and travel the country and use this time when they’re younger, too, To travel the country and be able to work while they’re doing it. And so This sounds really Rome. It’s a, it’s a great romantic idea, but not

Everyone can do that, but we’ve The options for people that all you have to do is travel more than 45 OKC Medical Staffing, 50 miles. And sometimes you can get paid more than double what you make as a normal nurse. So what you could do is literally work one half the time, worked six months as a travel nurse and take the rest of the six months off. That’s truly an option. And so

There are a lot of things that nurses who have not jumped into travel nursing things they might want to know. And so that’s what this podcast is about 20 questions, what you need to know about travel nursing jobs. And so I’m going to go through these really quickly. I don’t have the great, great Darcell with me today, but I want to try to run through these myself. Um, but first I want to start off with some statistics. Nursing is the nation’s largest healthcare profession with more than 3.8 million registered nurses nationwide of all licensed Ahrens, 84.5% are employed in nursing. And I can almost promise you that, of those 84.5%, there’s probably another

10% that just they are choosing not to work. Maybe even more. There are Plenty of job opportunities as a nurse, and it’s a great thing. And travel nursing is, uh, is an option. A way to make more money can possibly work less and have a lot more control over your schedule. So the, the travel, um, we want to help all the travel nursing agencies and Trinity, especially as a travel nursing agency, we want to help you find the best opportunity while offering you services that you need to succeed while you’re on an assignment. And we, we want you to be well informed and prepared before you even accept a contract or take a new job offer. So here’s some questions and answers here that I think will help you out OKC Medical Staffing. The first question is, are you under any obligation after submitting your application? Just an application. The answer is no. Your application and profile are created simply by using a qualification for you to travel and getting all of your credentials and you can choose to travel now or in the future, or just not, not do that at all.

Second question, are there going to be any, uh, fees associated with me? Um, if I choose to use Trinity employment specialists and the answer is no, never, um, our client, I mean, we, we would never charge any of our nurses, um, for being able to do that. All of the fees paid are paid through the hospitals. Question number three, can you travel with your family or pets? Well, of course, because traveling with your family or pets, it’s a great way for you to enjoy the experience a lot more. And it’s going to give you a lot more comfortability. Uh, you know, you’re going to be a lot more in your environment and it’ll, especially if you’re able to take family with you, you’re going to have a lot more fun and have excitement, um, on your travel experiences with us as OKC Medical Staffing. You know, so my, my very good friend, his daughter and his son-in-law, both of them are nurses.

That’s the perfect way. You know, all you have to do is get a travel nursing, uh, agency that has the contracts to be able to send you all over the nation. Um, just, you just need to let your recruiter know, um, before you confirm an assignment. So you can, so, uh, that we can help you find a family-friendly or pet friendly, um, uh, accommodations for where your housing stipend is going to be. Number four, do you have to commit to a long-term contract? The answer is no. Um, your commitment to Trinity is only going to extend through the link of the assignment that you agree to take. Most assignments are going to be 13 week contracts. However, there are some shorter eight week contracts, and then Trinity also offers per diem nursing in addition to travel nursing options. Um, question number five, what are the minimum travel nursing requirements?

And the answer is, it really depends on your specialty that you specialize in as, as a nurse and the facilities requirements, um, travel nurses usually need a minimum of 12 to 24 months of experience in a hospital to, in their specialty. It’s, it’s not going to be, um, just any experience at all. There are some pretty strict requirements that you have to meet to be able to gain a job because the, uh, the hospital staff, they get to select you, and they’re going to be looking at your resume. And so, of course, if they’re looking for a NICU nurse, they’re not going to pull a nurse in the, uh, you know, for example, in, uh, OB GYN, they’re going to find a NICU nurse. Um, number six, how much are you going to earn pay rates are going to vary depending on the facility, the location and the importance right now, we’re in emergency rates right now, your rate goes way up because of that.

Um, but it’s also because of your specialty in most travel nurses can earn competitively or much better hourly rates than staff positions, um, as, because also you get reimbursements for travel free housing and more, and a lot of those are tax-free options. Um, you’re, you’ll have options for overtime pay and bonuses. They’re going to be available in a lot of different contracts. So you’re going to want to check out the specifics of your contract number, question number seven, how, and when will I know when I’m going to be paid and Trinity is going to be, uh, we’re going to make options for a check, direct deposits. We strongly want to suggest bait, uh, direct deposits, um, or you can do over and over not mail checks every two weeks. Um, and if you choose direct deposit, um, your, a pay stub, it will be, uh, uploaded into your profile in our system.

Or you can have it, it’ll be attached to your check that is mailed to you. Question number eight. Can you earn a burn bonus if you refer other nurses to Trinity? Yes, absolutely. Um, if you will just give us a call or just send an email to Darcell or Cassie or myself, or just a general email into our, um, into our, uh, website@trinityemployment.com. We would love if you had any travel nursing referrals for us, we would absolutely love to have that, um, number nine, and we will give you a payment for it as well. Sorry, I forgot. That’s the most important part to you? Number nine is, um, what benefits do, uh, Trent, what does, what benefits does Trinity employment spot specialists offer? There is a wide variety of benefits, including benefits starting day one, health insurance starting day one dental. And, um, we can, we can, we can go over all of those, uh, benefits for OKC Medical Staffing.

You know, we’re going to have a housing pack package if you’re traveling, um, and all sorts of different benefits that we offer, we would love to go over those with you. Um, do, do we offer education options? Um, we are working on getting some education options, um, set up for all of our nurses. And so we’re really excited to be able to offer that to you as well. Um, last, last question here, can I work as a traveler or in my hometown? Yes. We have local travel opportunities that I talked about earlier. Please check out our job opportunities and you can apply today to the right position just right outside of your area, even if we can get you outside of 50 miles with our OKC Medical Staffing, which is just really, if you think about it, it took me 30 minutes to drive into work today. And I live in my same city.

It just took me 30 minutes, but if you are willing to drive about 20 minutes further than the average commute in Tulsa, well, then you’re going to be able to get, uh, you know, living expenses and all sorts of different things that we can offer you as well into that contract. Um, but we also have per diem, uh, nursing options as well. So, um, if you want to choose an assignment or if you’re interested, please give us a call here at Trinity employment. Um, we are, uh, we are a travel nursing agency that really tries to pay close attention to our nurses and give them the best benefits that are out there. You can give us a call at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot.

You are listening to Trinity. Employment’s a player matchmaker podcast, storing your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello,

Welcome back to the A-player matchmakers, where we’re always trying to add value to job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast. Our top nursing trends of 2019 Trinity employment specialists has been working in the travel nursing arena. And we are now a travel nursing agency, and we staff for travel nurses all over the entire United States. A big chunk of our nurses are in the central part of here in Oklahoma, but we have contracts that are literally all over the United States. And what w what this particular podcast is, is to just let nurses know what to expect. Um, in 2020, we started 2020 off with quite a bang. I don’t think it’s a bang that anyone really wanted to hear though. This COVID virus has really shaken our country up.

It is just really Remarkable at the changes that we are all experiencing, and no one is experiencing changes more than nurses. It is really remarkable. There, there, you know, we were, we were talking earlier in one of our other podcasts where we know one thing for sure. And that is that with baby boomers, get getting older and requiring more healthcare.

In addition to the affordable care act, throwing many more millions of people into the healthcare system. And we know that there are not enough physicians to facilitate all of the needs that we’re going to have, and we don’t even have enough schools to produce physicians at a rate that we’re going to need them well, nursing is the exact same thing. And so nursing is going to be a tremendous demand on our us economy. Here’s a nursing fact sheet. Nursing is the nation’s largest healthcare profession with more than 3.8 million registered nurses nationwide if you need the best OKC Medical Staffing, and of all licensed RNs, 84.5% are currently employed. I think that’s probably higher now with the demand increasing, most likely salaries are going to begin to increase the federal government projects that more than 200,000 new registered nurse positions will, will be created each

Year from 2019 To 2026. And another stat statistic that I read just a little bit ago is that, um, well, here it is right here. Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 15 to 20% from now until 2026, much, much faster than the average for all occupations and growth for RN workforce will occur for a number of reasons. Um, the, I I’d mentioned the, uh, the affordable care act will now we have this COVID

Virus That is drastically increased the need for nurses. Most likely it’s not going to go away. You know, we’ve heard this. Um, so often that our world is not going to be, uh, be the same. You know, I walk into a Walmart right now and everyone is wearing a mask in. It’s just, it’s just putting fear into everyone with our OKC Medical Staffing. I just went to the bank just a minute ago. And through the drive-thru, there’s a guy wearing a mask

Just to talk to the drive-through person. Fear is everywhere in that’s likely changed the landscape of our entire culture in one of the things that is going to change is going to be the demand of nurses. And so, um, so I want to just talk about top nursing trends on things to expect. And, um, and let’s try to, let’s try to grab some, some good thinking, some forward type thinking. Um, as, as we look into the taught nursing trends of 2019, um, and the first one is, is that technology is increasing.

Technology has a huge Influence on nursing from remote monitoring to robotic surgery, genomics, um, and targeted treatments are on the rise in cancer. Patients having shorter stays in hospital, listen tele-medicine is taking Over for Ahrens and then nurse practitioners and physicians And travel nursing

Is going to be the exact same thing. Travel nursing is going to have technology drive the business. Um, and so we’re going to be having remote monitoring for telemedicine and being able to explain new treatments to patients It’s over the phone and delivery may be Home-based instead of in hospitals Right now, I’ve, I’ve Just got contacted by a new facility, trying to create mobile, um, units, 20 new nurses that are looking for, for mobile units. That’s going to be going all over our city. The next thing that is in demand specialists are in demand. Well, I can tell you in travel nursing as a travel nursing agency, That if you have a specialty, this Salary goes up. So when something’s in demand, price point is going to have to go up. It’s just a simple economic Comics explanation as such,

Why goes down and demand goes up. Price has to go up as well. And so specialists are definitely in demand nurses with expertise in critical care, oncology, pediatrics, renal and operating department nurses are in demand as the need for these specialist skills are on the rise right now, our ICU nurses and our, um, ventilator nurses and ventilator techs. They are respiratory tech, sorry. They are hugely on the rise. We just got a big order. Um, in one of our rural hospitals for that, the next thing is, is bilingual nurses are on trend. Well, of course they are. We’ve got, um, more Spanish speaking people in our, in our area here in Tulsa than ever before that the United States has a changing demographics with an increase in population of individuals where English is not a first language. And so nurses with second language are going to be in a big time demand to care for people who have limited knowledge of English.

W I know that when I traveled to go to Brazil, I can always use Google translate. And I’m sure that nurses can use that to communicate with, with their patients, but it is so crucial that a patient is able to speak in real time with our nurses and our technology is increasing their, I’ve actually seen some technology that we are looking at for our ministry just to, to be able to communicate better. But, um, until that gets underway and gets into real time for our OKC Medical Staffing, it’s going to be very important for nurses to be able to speak a different language work-life balance is in demand and nurses are beginning to, uh, talk about this. That is another reason why I believe travel nursing is going to be on a huge rise because you can travel 50 miles or more and be considered a travel nurse. And when that happens, your salary goes up so much more and you can, you can be a lot more flexible on what hours you work, how long you work.

You can work. You’ll make oftentimes double the amount of salary. And so you can literally work six months out of the year, rather than 12 months, there are all sorts of options to create your preferred work-life balance, but prevention of ill health and maintaining positive work-life balance are big trends for 2020. The cost of healthcare is rising. So there’s a focus on preventing health and being able to have some downtime to recharge because nurse there’s going to be a huge demand on nurses and having an exercise regime and a positive culture. Um, being able to work in a positive culture, maintaining, maintaining, healthy weight, and spending time on relaxing and is going to be vital for nurses that are on the go. Because if you do one thing in 2020, number one is you need to look out for yourself and introduce some healthy habits into your routine, just for your own personal wellbeing, because there’s going to be such a demand on all of our, all of our nurses moving forward.

The last thing here is that the nursing shortage is going to continue. We’re going to continue seeing shortages of nurses, particularly those that have specialist qualifications. So if you are a travel nurse, it’s important to sign up with your best travel nursing agency, as they take care of placements, Phoenix, Gaucher patients, and, uh, and they can leave you as the focus. Trinity is a great resource for you and Trinity also attracts top jobs. So the shortages that you might be seeing, um, can, they can get placed with the best people, 2020 promises, new developments and opportunities for travel nursing, um, by anticipating trends for top OKC Medical Staffing, uh, that a professional travel nurse is ideally positioned for and being able to connect the dots for the nurse. If Trinity can help you in this way, please give us a call. Our number is (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.