OKC Medical Staffing | Body Language Mistakes in an Interview

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to

job seekers and employers. In the particular title of this podcast is a list of the strangest interview and body language mistakes. This is obviously going to be for the interviewee and so we always want to try to add value to job seekers, especially in this time that we’re going through this. We are in April of 2020. Um, if you’re listening to this later and we’re right in the middle of this coven, um, crazy virus crisis and what is getting ready to happen? We’ve had 6 million people laid off with out the top OKC Medical Staffing on your side. A lot of people are going to be displaced because companies were going to go, uh, are, are going to go down. Unfortunately. I hate to even say that, but um, there are going to be a lot of people interviewing and we want to be a great resource for you. Um, and so thinking about interviewing again, I think it’s really important, uh, that we do this.

But the, the first, the first, uh, thing that I like to do is start off with some statistics. 33% of bosses claim that they know if they’re going to hire somebody within the first 90 seconds of the interview. And I remember when ever I worked at a large oil and gas company and I was the HR manager there and we, we had this big glass door to get into our floor and they would meet at the receptionist down at the bottom and then they would ride the elevator up and they would meet, I would go and meet them and let them in because we had a locked door. But the, the glass door was big with the top OKC Medical Staffing. It was glassy. And you could see, and I remember thinking, I could not believe how many people I could see them and I could know if they were a good fit for our company.

Almost like that. Now that’s not always, but it happened a lot. And a lot of times I was right because I wasn’t the one making the decision. It was the hiring manager. I was just filtering it, making sure that they are worth the manager meeting with. That was my job really. I was the HR person, not the direct hiring manager, but it was, it was really, really important that I do my job. Well. I have an interesting quote that, uh, it’s an interviewing quote. It says, I asked the zebra, are you black with white stripes or white with black stripes for your OKC Medical Staffing? And the zebra asked me, are you good with bad habits or are you bad with good habits? Are you noisy with quiet times or are you quiet with noisy times? Are you happy with some sad days or are you sad with some happy days or unique with some slop, with some sloppy ways, or you sloppy with some neat ways and on and on and on and on.

It went. I’ll never ask a zebra about stripes again. Um, and so there’s a lot of confusion that can get, uh, happened in interviewing. And I just, I just want to make sure that we’re not doing the wrong things. Um, career builder, um, released an annual list of strangest interview body language mistakes. I thought this was pretty interesting and um, the strangest things people have done in job interviews are as follows. I think it’s pretty interesting. Um, candidate asked to step away to call his wife and ask her if the starting salary was enough before he agreed to continue in the interview to get the top OKC Medical Staffing. Um, the, the learning thing, there is no where you want to be, know your range that you want to be so you can answer quickly and concisely the candidate asked where the nearest bar was located. Um, be careful with your personal things that you bring into an interview.

Um, don’t assume that that the interviewer shares the same kind of hobbies that you do. I would wait for them to bring that kind of thing. Uh, because then you’re just assuming. Um, uh, one thing that was interesting is a cha is one of the candidates brought one of the childhood, one of his childhood toys, the interview. One candidate ate a pizza, he brought with him and didn’t offer to sh I think, I think they’re, they’re interviewing for call centers here. Um, candidate asked the interviewer, uh, why her aura didn’t like the candidate. Um, Holy cow candidate put on a candidate put on and took off their sunglasses repeatedly. Um, th th that that could be a, uh, a weird tick that a lot of people get stuck with. But I want to go over mastering your body language in your mannerisms. Interviewers in this same survey were asked what the biggest problem was that the interview, that the interview he had and 67% said failing to make our contact was a real problem for them.

Another one, 39% said failing to smile. And you can see why these nervous. I think a lot of these are just nervous ticks. Some people are serious, but most people are going to smile. But when you, I’ve interviewed enough people, you could tell the nervousness was just crazy with your OKC Medical Staffing. Um, 34% said they were frustrated with them playing with something on the table again and nervous tick. Um, 32% said, uh, uh, fidgeting with something in their seats. I remember a Cassie, one of our recruiters said this person kept playing with her foot underneath the table and like she said, you could tell that she was a nice person who’s just nervous, but she was, she, she wasn’t wearing any socks and they, they took off their shoe and was playing with their foot as a nervous tick. Said it really made her, uh, feel uncomfortable. Um, 31% having bad posture, um, 32% crossing their arms over their chest, signaling that they’re closed off, but really they were just nervous.

Um, playing with their hair or touching their faces was 28% having a weak handshake was 22% and using too many hand gestures was 13% and having a handshake was too strong, was 9%. All of these things get, they’re just body language issues that a lot of people have when they’re nervous. Um, some of the things that interview interviewees do consciously, that’s interesting. Canada’s caught lying about something 66%. Listen, I’ve caught so many people lying about stuff. It is nuts. Candida answers a cell phone or a text during the interview. 64% candidate appears arrogant or entitled 59%. A lot of times they’re trying to just re appear confident but sometimes I can’t wait to get out of the interview room with an arrogant individual candidate dresses inappropriately. 49%. We had that happen a lot here at Trinity and candidate appears to have a lack of accountability and when you get someone that everyone, everything is someone else’s fault, it’s just a really bad, it’s a bad sign for sure without a OKC Medical Staffing.

Um, this, the survey was conducted online with uh, the U S uh, by Harris poll on behalf of career builder 2,605 hiring and human resource managers 18 and over, um, including 2,391 in the private sector. And these were all brought in with the sampling error of a 0.1, 1.92% percentage points. And I thought this was just an interesting way of looking at interviewing. I hope that this was interesting for you as well and I hope it just added value to what it is that you do in interviewing. If Trinity can help you in any way. We are a staffing firm that’s located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we also staff for firms in the medical field. We staff for firms, um, in business finance and accounting. Um, and, and now we staff for industrial divisions as well. We would love to be an employment agency that you would, uh, consider you would consider, uh, taking a look at. Definitely go to our reviews on Google. You can see we’re one of the highest rated staffing firms in the entire region here. And, uh, you could also go to our website@trinityemployment.com or just give us a call at nine one eight six two two, two five, eight, eight.