OKC Medical Staffing | 7 Things to Know When Looking for a Job During a Crisis

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s eight player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the A-player matchmaker

occurs where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers and this podcast is titled job searching during a crisis. We wanted to give you seven things you really need to know. Here’s some really striking data. I’ve, I’ve shared this similar kind of data in the last three or four podcasts I’ve done is because this covert thing is just crazy and I know you’re feeling it too. In the past four weeks, more than 22 million Americans filed for unemployment. People across almost every industry has been impacted in some way either through losing a job, having their hours reduced and as unemployment surges. Gig workers and the self-employed are also struggling trying to figure out how to keep their businesses afloat. Trinity was one of them. We lost 70% of our business there at one point in time. Now we’re now, we’re starting to rebound funding for small businesses ran out faster than anticipated leaving the self employed and gig gig economy with really not very many options. I know of someone pretty well that, uh, honestly, just, they, they missed the deadline and they were a contractor. They just barely missed it. It was a big crush to them of data published by C space sponsored by monster revealed that more than a third 34% of employees are actively seeking a job. Holy smokes. 34% are looking for jobs. And, and though confidence is low, the job search process will undoubtedly prove to be really difficult for new grads for sure. A lot of gig workers, self-employed and the unemployed. And if job seekers want to prevail, they need to be adaptable, adaptable, sorry. And they’re going to have to be pretty persistent as well. They’re gonna have to have some grit, have a really strong mindset to overcome a lot of rejections with our OKC Medical Staffing.

We wanted to give. Uh, here’s some things to help job seekers be successful in their job search during a crisis. And so I’m hoping that this can be helpful. Uh, candidates really shouldn’t overlook the opera, the possibility of a contract or temporary or gig roles. Trinity has all of these. Additionally, Shea, they should remain open minded about flexible hours. Um, Brandy frattini is a talent acquisition manager at career builder recommended job seekers should also look for opportunities in other businesses within similar sections where the demand is growing. You know, for a great example, Mike, I’ve got a very good buddy and he owns an it firm in man. They’re surging. And I know that not everyone wants to go work for Chick-fil-A, but I’ve got a really good friend who is a owner slash operator at two or three different Chick-fil-As here in town and they surge by 30%. There are a lot of businesses that have done very well in the middle of this. Um, I wished I could say the same for Trinity. We, we had a big kit, we had to lay off some employees because we no longer had the workload. We still don’t have the workload to bring them back.

And that was one of the hardest things that me and my wife running Trinity have had to do. It was one of the hardest months of my life, but it’s bouncing back now and focusing on in demand industries and companies such as healthcare, telecommuting, software, shipping and delivering services, tech support, warehousing, logistics, food supply chains are a huge increase right now. Gives you ways to increase your chances of finding a jobs to hit hot markets. I want you to know that we staff in the healthcare field right now, the healthcare field is still very slow without the best OKC Medical Staffing. However it is going to rebound because all when when elected surgery was canceled, guess what got really built up and backed up elective surgery. There is going to be a huge surge of it happened soon. According to career builder, the top businesses hiring, of course these are national chains, Amazon dollar general, all the Oracle, Walgreens, Decker, truck line, home Depot, Lowe’s,

you know, none of that. I think about it. Home Depot and Lowe’s, their parking lots have been packed. The jobs with the highest growth rates are financial analysts and advisors. Um, I want to disagree with, uh, CareerBuilder. They, they are wrong for certain. They have second, uh, listed here as nurses. And I can tell you that for certain nurses are not in high demand right now. They will be later. But, um, the reason I know that we have a, uh, travel nursing division to our agency and right now the contracts that we have, normally they would have roughly 4,000 open opportunities in a multi multiple hospitals. And right now for normally 4,000, we’re down to less than a hundred. And I know that for sure it’s starting to rebound, but I’m telling you nurses right now are not it. Um, sales, uh, retail and insurance agents according to career builder, um, customer service representatives, laborers, data entry and administrative support managers who are on the front lawn projects and truck drivers.

Um, so what are some things that you can do? Number one, ditch desperation and lead with purpose. Competition for jobs are harder than normal, um, resulting in heightened emotions for everyone getting rejected. Just remember that you, it doesn’t matter how many rejections or nose, nose you got when all you need is one. Yes. Keep that in mind. Monster conducted another poll and found that 73% of employees are experiencing mental health stress such as depression due to the impact of the Corona virus. Um, I’m really concerned about suicides and stuff like that going up. I’ve, I’ve mentioned this to our Congressman and uh, and just the people that want to hear these things. I was concerned about that when we started shutting down the country that it’s going to put a lot of people in some serious, uh, problems in their life. Um, the job search process should be about quality over quantity. Additionally, when a job seekers burnout, their effort is affected. Be careful with that.

The biggest thing also that I would really strongly suggest is when you are stuck in a negative situation, one, you need to know that it takes effort to be positive. I don’t know why, but it takes almost zero effort to be grumpy and it’s really important to remember that we are the gatekeepers of our minds. You got to protect what goes in and you’ve got to protect the thoughts that you allow to be thought about again and pondered. You’ve got to protect what goes in in your mind. Because if you’re anything like me, sometimes when things are negative, your mind can go crazy, really crazy, some thoughts that are just not even rational people for your OKC Medical Staffing. And this happens a lot of times in crisis. So you have to be a gatekeeper of your mind. Be very intentional with thoughts that you will receive and thoughts that you know are not truth, which we have a lot of those happen sometimes and just actively reject those thoughts. And if you can be a good gatekeeper of your mind, it’s, it’s a lot easier to stay positive. Um, the next thing is, is leverage and cultivate an online network. The old odd, you know, the old thought, it’s not what you know, but it’s who, you know, it still holds true during crisis, but a lot of times, right now this is happening over a digital network, but you want to stay in contact with people, especially people in your industry. So if ever there was a time to focus on leveraging and cultivating networks, right now it’s time due to social distancing. People are a lot more receptive, receptive to to virtual connections than ever before. And LinkedIn is an under rated platform that has, that is really starting to soar during this time. It helps bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. Does a really great job. We use it.

Um, while LinkedIn has more than 20 million job listings, 80% of new jobs by the way, are never posted because they’re found or created through networking. It’s very true. Trinity creates jobs all of the time. According to the undercover recruiter employee referrals account for 80% of all hires. The wall street journal put out an ad saying 80% somewhere in there. Next thing to think about, be proactive and schedule followup meetings. The pandemic blindsided many companies to the point where companies like Amazon or I’m unable to keep up with hiring demands and as a result candidates are being lost in the process. So you’ve got to follow up so you don’t get stuck in that black hole. Next thing is build a personal brand. Um, Northeastern university describes a personal brand as being who you are and what you stand for, the values you embrace and the way in which you express those values with a OKC Medical Staffing service.

Job seekers, pur, uh, job seekers, seekers, personal brand is what will set them apart from competition. You want to put some effort into your profile and make sure the stuff that you say you’re saying on social media, which by the way stays there all the time. It are things that you would prefer for employers to read about you and not something that you kind of wish that professionals wouldn’t look at. It’s out there. Be careful. You better mind your social media or, uh, it’ll, it’ll wake you up and surprise you at the consequences that’ll cost for you. Um, building a personal brand goes beyond a resume and cover letter. Employers are known to do to Google candidates. Find out what people are saying about them. In addition to maintain your current social media channels, job seekers should entertain additional avenues to demonstrate these skills. Um, some people are going as far as YouTube series with our OKC Medical Staffing.

I don’t know that I would be looking at that. Some people might, but it’ll show up in a, I’ll tell you what, for SEO purposes, um, if you shoot YouTube, Google right now, really highly views, uh, YouTube as important. They’re trying to promote YouTube. So it’s very valuable thing to do. Um, you want to optimize your resume. Recruiters typically receive around 250 resumes per position right now and only spend seven points, four seconds reviewing each resume. So I want you to keep in mind this and then we, and then I’ll wrap this up. Reading a resume is going to be like shooting down a highway at 65 miles an hour. And then there’s a billboard. Have you ever seen these billboards? Some billboards are very easy to figure out what it is that they’re saying. You got probably three or four seconds to see it and it’s either going to communicate something to you or it is not. And your resume is very similar in front of a recruiter. You’ve got a very short amount of time for them to read it. You need to make sure that the top of your resume makes sense to that recruiter that they should re they should read further with you next OKC Medical Staffing experience.

because they’re like, they’re going so fast. It’s like they’re going 65 miles an hour down the road and they see something over here and they’re going to read it real quick and then just pass it on, pass on it or become interested and you gotta do that real quick. Keep that in mind when you’re writing your resumes. Guys, I hope that this helps you in your job search. That’s really what we want to do. We want to add value to job seekers. Give us a call if Trinity can help you, we would love to be a great resource for you. Read our Google reviews, we’ve got great Google reviews. You can read them and you can tell they’re authentic. We really appreciate the people that we work with. Give us call@nineoneeightsixtwotwotwofiveeighteightoryoucanvisitusonlineattrinityemployment.com.