OKC Medical Staffing | 5 Recruiting Stats that Matter in 2020

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s “A” player matchmaker podcast, starring your host and the co-founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello, and welcome back to the A-player matchmaker,

where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And the title of this podcast is five staffing and recruiting stats that matter in the year 2020, Holy smokes, what a first half of the year of 2020. I think everybody is just trying to figure this out. There’s a lot of confusion everyone’s on edge and I hate to admit it because I always find myself as you know, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve been proud of my ability to see through things that I’ve gotta admit, you know, we’re right in the middle of June and there are, um, riots going on all over in our city and we are in the city of Tulsa and it is just, it is it’s shaken me. I’m really surprised at what this has done. You know, my wife asked me the other day, she S or just yesterday she’s like, is it safe to go to work when it comes to the top OKC Medical Staffing services?

And I was like, we are not going to be fearful of this. We are going to move forward and we’re not going to be fearful. And, um, you know, that, that is our stance, but I can’t deny that there’s a concern there as well, because they’ve beat up different parts of our city. Pretty good. So all of these changes are happening and I’m talking about staffing and recruiting stats that matter will it, I’m bringing that up to let, to remind everybody of this is what everybody’s feeling in our country right now. And so it comes with it. Everything goes together, you know, in, in recruiting, employers are seeing this. It’s just another concern. Our economy just took a huge hit, um, staffing industries, you know, according to the American staffing association, our staffing agencies are down 37% from what they were last year. That means companies are concerned right now.

Um, and so we’re waiting for all of this to are now out. I think everybody’s just exed excited to get 20, 21 here, and let’s, let’s get this election cycle over so we can stop this madness, hopefully. Um, but, uh, the so American companies are con they’re going to continue to struggle to, uh, to be able to attract and engage and hire. And then-employer employees are going to struggle to find the right opportunity. And I want to give you guys, I want to give both employers and employees, things that are happening with stats. That can be it it’s really important to remember these things for your next OKC Medical Staffing service. The first one is millennial turnover costs small businesses and our economy, 30 points $5 billion per year. According to data from Gallup 21% of millennials have changed jobs in the last year compared to just 7% of employees, of other generations.

Also, millennials growing up, starting families, and settling down, they are still far more likely to seek out new opportunities than their counterparts. And they seemingly, and the seemingly constant turnover rate of this generation it’s costing the economy greatly at a price tag of 30 points $5 billion. And so you want to, if you’re a millennial looking for work, you can bet money that the employer is concerned about this. And so one of the things that you can do in an interview is starting to speak to this and let them know that you are not going to be someone who is going to be a turnover and be a part of this stat. Every company’s thinking about this. Um, and so, you know, as a, as a staffing firm, one of the things that we are trying to do is trying to help mitigate this risk with employers, in looking for people, with longevity in their resume, believe it or not, if you are a millennial, if you want to stand out and be in the top 95 percentile stay somewhere longer than two years, you will be one of the top sought out people of your generation.

If you do that, a stat number two 45% of employers still struggled to find candidates with the right skills. And that’s even in this COVID crisis. So we have 22 million people out looking for jobs right now, according to a survey conducted by the manpower group, companies are reporting the highest level of talent shortages since 2006 in businesses in all industries, still struggled to locate candidates with the right mix of skills. I think a lot of it is because there’s been so much movement with people, not focusing and becoming a specialist in that field. They’re moving jobs so frequently. There, there aren’t very many specialists anymore. Instead what we have are a lot of generalists, but what gets paid at a high level are specialists. And so if you offer skills as a specialist and you’ve got a high retention rate, meaning you stay place, you’re going to be of high value to job seekers. Number three, 67% of job seekers want to see salary information, their job posts. All right, listen up employers, including Trinity, according to glass store, job seekers, skim ads, looking for one piece of information, pay rate, and benefits for a great OKC Medical Staffing solution.

Employers should pay attention to this. Despite the fact, that implies that candidates want to know about salary before applying only 27% of companies disclose salary. And it’s because they don’t want to get pigeonholed or cornered into a certain salary. The thing is, if you mention a salary that’s not high enough, you might eliminate the right candidate. So I understand in an, if it’s too low, you might eliminate the, you know, certain candidates you’re going after. So you’re taking a risk. It’s at naming a salary. You don’t want to list it too high. You don’t want to list it too low. And let’s just be honest. Most companies don’t know. I get called all the time from some of our customers, Hey, where, where is this salary at when it comes to OKC Medical Staffing? According to LinkedIn, 34% of employers think that posting salary information can harm their negotiation position. And with candidates during the hiring press process, another 75% are concerned about causing salary disputes with existing employees.

That’s interesting. Number three, 78% of employers, I’m sorry, this is number four, 78% of employers. Believe they set clear expectations and communicate well during the harp hiring process. However, only 47% of job seekers feel that that is true. According to career builder, there’s a major discrepancy between the way employers view their hiring process and the way that candidates feel. Companies think they’re being very communicative and candidates. However, report poor communication being in the dark is one of the most frustrating and stressful aspects. Um, I remember, uh, there was a, there was a horror movie, uh, ah, I can’t remember his name. And he had, he had written like some of the most, yeah are ready to give you the top OKC Medical Staffing solutions.

You know, prolific horror movies, like, uh, uh, the birds and, um, some great horror films. And he said fear is the most intense feeling that human beings can feel. But the fear of the unknown is even greater than just normal fear. And I think that’s what companies create. And so asking a question, are we communicating with you is important. Um, the last thing, number five, despite ongoing legal, legal confusion, the gig economy workers will make up 43% of the workforce this year. And that is probably going to change due to COVID. This, uh, this particular group of stats was created in December of 2019, which is interesting. Um, but the gig economy workers made up 36% of the workforce, um, throughout 2019. And they’re expecting it to expand, um, to 43%, by the end of this year, it may even be higher because employers are trying to figure out how to adjust.

And I know that before this COVID, I was completely against our workers working from home or our employees working from home. And one of the things I realized when we were forced to have employees work from home was that, uh, they worked more efficiently from home. And so I think a lot of employers are going to see different ways of doing things in the gig economy may expand even more throughout this, but I thought these were interesting statistics and we can all learn from some of these statistics. I think they’re very important and impactful in decision making. I hope that this helps both our employers and our employees, um, to think about the way that they move forward. If Trinity can help you in any way, we would love to be a resource for you. Please give us a call anytime at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online at Trinityemployment.com.

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