OKC Medical Staffing | 10 ways to Prepare for a Career in Travel Nursing

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter.

Hello and welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers alike and I have got to be the funniest dude around and I know this because I can literally get Darcell to begin to laugh before we even get started. We’re just having too good of a time in here. I think that’s what it is. Either that or it’s just my unbelievable sense of humor. He’s amazing. He, he, yeah, he has interacted me and so listen today, today we are a, we’re always trying to add value to job seekers and employers. Listen, we’re going to do an entire series for a good while here, primarily on travel, nursing and pros. Cons. Good, bad. Today is 10 ways to prepare for a career in travel nursing. We’re wanting to add value to employers with great OKC Medical Staffing options.

This is for the employees section here. The reason that we feel that this is important is because there are many nurses that see the drastic difference in a good way for salaries when they enter into travel nursing. And so this is a way for people to really sock away some money real quickly and, and make, and maybe even just set up, you know, like some retirement or it or at least get some savings, pay for some kind of project that’s going on or take a vacation that they want. You could go on the third, you could go to Florida state, 13 weeks you’re in a vacation but you still working. Oh gosh. Florida works by a nurse. Me and my wife are traveling on a beach to Florida and I, I, I, I purchased a kayak and I gave this, I went to Walmart. I’m not kidding you.

I went to Walmart, uh, purchased this kayak and I just use it for the week cause they, they were going to charge me $80 a day to rent a kayak. So I was like, why not go buy one for $180 at Walmart? And I gave it to this guy on the beach. He’s like, what do you get me? But I was out there in the Bay. I tried to go in the ocean, but the waves, not me, or really, really hurt me, but I went out in the Bay and these dolphins would come up and just, Oh, this is so cool. Suit. How did I get off on talking about Florida? Because nurses travel. Nursing is big in Florida. Go to Florida, starting nurses. Travel. Nurses start going to Florida in October. They do the winter months. They get out. Yes. You mean we can give people vacations on this deal?

That’s why they do it. They can’t afford it any other way. They go to places that they want to go to torso. You and I got in the wrong in the wrong business because we’re stuck. We don’t get to go to Florida. Not at all, but if you’re a travel nurse, according to Darcell and she’s expert, she’s been doing this for 10 years now. She’s leading this, this area here for Trinity, but you can go to Florida on vacation, then pay for your vacation after working for maybe a couple of days out on the beach after your shift. There you go. All right, so we, we always start off with statistics. I’m sorry for my gift of gab in D in desire to go off in left field about OKC Medical Staffing. Um, S statistics to get a starting a about 10 ways to prepare for a career in travel nursing. Number one is employment of registered nurses is projected to grow.

We’ve talked about this three different times now, much, much faster than, than the average growth of almost all occupations. That is correct according to the Bureau of labor statistics for Ahrens and X. And it’s expected to grow by 15% within the 10 year gap of 2016 to 2026 so that roughly means that we’ve got probably around a 12% growth rate from now to 2026. If I were to try to amateurize that out, um, the, the second w we’ve got several statistics. I just think they’re interesting that even though the largest expected growth is set to take place in California, every state’s employment growth is expected@atleastelevenpercentaccordingtonursingworld.org. No 1.1 million. What’s that? That’s how many jobs are expected to need to be created by 2022 that is correct. According to American nurses association. All right. If you’re a nurse, that’s good news because the only thing with demand, with demand going up and supply staying around the same or going down price has to go up.

So if you’re not sure where you can take an assignment, I think should give Trinity a call, give Darcell a call here in at nine one eight six two two two five, eight, eight. And she saw me in new con, she showed me a new contract that we’re getting ready to start working on and there’s literally like a hundred and some odd opportunities all over the nation. It’s really crazy. Yeah. Um, the, the next statistics is part of the high demand that we’re talking about. It’s due to the aging population of Ahrens and the population of, of the baby boomers getting ready to retire, having chronic illnesses, which is unfortunately a chronic thing. And you know, in uh, America, but the nurse, the American nurses association States that more than 500,000 RNs are expected to retire. Absolutely. [inaudible] to note. Note that. Yeah. And then 70% of nurses feel burnt out in their current jobs.

And so it gives nurses a good opportunity to, you were talking about it earlier, vacation. Well and find something new. Absolutely investigate new areas. And the reason they’re burnt out. And I say that because my daughters, I have two daughters. This Aryans. Really? Yes. And so, I mean, it, the workload, there’s not enough nurses on a floor, any floor to cover for those nurses. So we need more nurses to get involved. Right. So anyway, we’re going to be, uh, presenting new ideas, but today I’m going to try to keep us on track with 10 ways to prepare for a career in travel nursing. Number one is explore travel nursing. Do you, are you aware that there are travel nursing blogs? Yes. Darcell is going to be starting one. In fact, tomorrow I’m going to be adding a new blog section. So Eric, so you can talk directly to Darcell, ask her some questions for great OKC Medical Staffing.

She’s one of the nicest ladies ever. Um, but I’m the company president so you probably don’t trust he’s a TV star. You probably don’t trust me, but try just, just check it out. Darcell is one of the nicest help. Helpful people. But um, but the gypsy nurse shares tips about how to travel, uh, as a, as a, um, as a nurse on the travel nursing blogs has articles of interest and tools. These are different things. Highway, hyper Dominic’s um, it, it shows travel nurses, how they make a difference. Um, one hospital at a time go travel nursing, um, is a, is another option that you can go to offer some practical advice on getting started. And then C, R, Z. E G. R. L, that’s a, that’s a website. It’s a flight nurse. Yeah, that goes all over the world. And we do put flight nurses to work for travel contracts as well the top OKC Medical Staffing.

How how, how big of a deal is this? So number two, um, one of the things that you ought to start doing as a nurse is begin to network with current travel nurses. Do what? Like, do you have nurses that learn from each other? Tell me like, how’s that work there? Facebook is a social media really Facebook, all their different pages for different States, for travel nurses to go to and they talk to each other, find out, you know, how’s the housing market there, how they could find housing in that state. So they’re always communicating on these social network. And I understand that Instagram now is becoming a part of that. Well maybe on your blog, which we get this set up tomorrow, maybe you can put some, uh, put some links on there. Yes. For some of our nurses. Absolutely. That’d be really helpful.

But one thing that you could just start doing is talk with nurses that are currently traveling or talk with nurses. Ask them, have you traveled with us? Because that’s how you learn. Because it is, as I talk to new nurses that come onboard that want to do travel nursing there, they’re very skeptical. Right. You know, so you want to make sure what we want you to come over to Trinity. Absolutely. But we want to make sure that you have a recruiter where you could reach her. And what I tell traveling nurses is when you go on a contract and it’s your first time, have my cell number call me, right? Because that’s, it’s lonely. You’re out of your comfort zone, you’re away from your family. So you want that recruiter to be able to communicate with you when you need someone to talk to you.

And do you do that pretty often? Do that all the time. Weekends, anytime they know open door policy. I want to make sure that nurse is comfortable when they go out on their contract. Yeah, we’ve got a mother hen over here, so let’s just, um, number three, listen, research, travel, nursing companies. Darcell can you talk to us? How would you go about researching a company? Well, everybody’s on the web, as you guys know. So I would say, again, the social media people would tell you what companies is viable and that would treat you right. Cause do you want to do your research? You have to do your research as an RN or as an NP picking up a travel kind of track. And there’s a lot of, like you mentioned blogging, people talk about stuff on blogs. So you want a company that has character and integrity with the top OKC Medical Staffing.

Um, because again, this is your livelihood, you know, and you, your license. We wanna make sure we protect you as the travel RN. Well, one of the, one of the, um, our guests differentiators that I want to use for Trinity because we’re, we’re really, really going strong in this area now is, you know, travel, nursing. There are huge companies that jump into this and, and you know, when you get so big human being slowly become a number and not a human beings. So there are all sorts of things that happen that a lot of nurses just wished they had somebody to really tell their story. What’s going on that isn’t correct. And one of the things that I always, uh, I just promise you Trinity will always be because I, I just can’t have it go the other way. Right. Is that, I mean, I think the differentiator is just going to be really trying to be there for people.

Just like what you said, like when, when they go someplace that there’s eyes not sure about, you know, but so research your travel companies and make sure that they have that. What, what, what else did you point about that when you said the bigger companies, I’ve been around 10 years doing this and I’ve worked with corporate America and he is absolutely right. This is why I came over to Trinity. Um, not to put us, we’re not perfect. No one’s perfect. We’re not perfect. Trust me, I’m a company within integrity, um, that going to take care of, and like Corey said, he’s not going to be that way. And he’s, he definitely makes sure he stands behind what he says. Yeah. I appreciate you saying that, but it, it’s a long time ago I, I got hired as a staffing firm, you know, through a staffing firm with your OKC Medical Staffing.

They treated me a certain way and it wasn’t that, it was horrible. It was just more of a numbers thing and I just had a little bit more pride in myself and I don’t know if I was just being prideful or what, but I just, I just hated it. Well, it was cold. Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly, that’s actually a good word for it. Yeah. I just don’t want to be that and listen, it’s like what Darcell said. We’re not perfect man. I’m sure that some, somehow some way we screwed up too, but we definitely are going to try to put efforts. Let’s try to knock out these two really quickly then we’ll take this, this last one really quickly. Okay. Let’s take a break. We’ll do part two. Okay. Okay, so the last one is when you’re doing travel nursing, don’t burn your bridges. Why Dorso don’t burn your bridges.

Do not walk off. Don’t count. Don’t dumb be late. It’s very, you have to have integrity. As a travel nurse, you can’t be late. And that’s a number one thing to burn a bridge because you might need that company again or that hospital again. So make sure when you sign that 13 week contract, you stand by it. Well, all right, so you’ve got the staffing service like the Trinity, the Trinity is, and then you’ve also got the, um, the vendor management system, which will flag you. Yes. And not only will it flag you just for that particular department, it will flag you the entire group of hospitals. So you, if you get flagged, okay, at one of the major hospitals, listen, it is very possible that you could get flagged from 10 hospitals, all black because listen, there’s just a way that you handle your business.

Absolutely. And I understand we’ve all got these crazy things going on, but even if it’s crazy, one quick phone call, yes. Of explanation can change a big, big difference for you. Please make sure that you don’t burn your bridges. Listen, we’re going to go, we’re going to take a break. We’re gonna come back for part two. If Trinity can help you in any way, specially with travel nursing, give us a call at (918) 622-2588 or if you just want to go check us out online, go do that for your OKC Medical Staffing services. Read our Google reviews, see what people are saying about us. You can do that@trinityemployment.com.