Medicals Jobs in Tulsa | First Day Jitters

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Medicals Jobs in Tulsa | First Day Jitters

Hi my name’s corey mentzer I’m, with trinity employment, specialist trinity, we’re staffing organization. We staff in the medical field. We stafford every kind of position that you can think of in the medical field from a front office person, a scheduler medical scheduler, medical biller, medical coder. We staff for lpns, rn’s, x-ray, techs, radiology, ct scanners, everything up all the way to a nurse practitioner and physician’s assistant and now physicians for one of the oklahoma’s largest hospital. We are there sole provider for physicians I’m, so proud of what we’ve done in the medical field, and we also have another division in accounting, finance and banking, where we stand for accountants and counting managers, bank tellers all the way up into commercial lenders and it it’s all over thethe new cycle for for companies and for the medical organizations, that’s the biggest bulk of what it is that we do I want to talk real quick about when you bring somebody on board in a week.

We hire a lot of people and we hear a lot of great stories success stories of people’s first days and then we hear a really poor stories of it and over I was just telling a second ago that you know i, can’t believeall of the things that we take for granted as a company that I don’t recognize that we do and how much effort in time and screwing it up. We put into it, but you’ve got to be able to create a system for hiring someone when you bring when you bring people in and that when you, when you don’t do this, it just creates a a confusing day for the person on the very first day, but also often times as a company you’re just going to miss some things. And so, whenever you, whenever you hire someone i, want to strongly encourage that you have a checklist and that you have a plan for onboarding someone, because if you don’t you’re going to leave them a little bit confused and trying to figure it out on their own and likely if they are truly an a player. Listen a player’s kind of wanting expect this. They want to be able to feel like they’re organized so I’m just going to go over somethings that we do at trinity that I didn’t you know, I was reading about it. I didn’t really think about it, but this this is a part of our hiring system. One. You need a new heart checklist. You need to be able to go through all of the right paperwork. Make sure that you have everything checked off for each position. There should be a little bit of different paperwork for each individual position on, because you got to make sure that you put a job description in there, for instance, and so each different positions going to have a different job description. Medicals Jobs in Tulsa

Medicals Jobs in Tulsa You need to make sure that you’re having them sign off on all of this later on. This helps you out legally. If they were come back and say well that wasn’t part of my job description will yeah. It was we had you sign it with, and then you make sure your job description is is adjusted that in that sort of thing, but you want to be able to set expectations that that is a that is really important. You do that early on so whatis that you need to be able to explain to them. What is the dress code? They need to know what it is you need to. They need to know. When are they going to start? What, time of day, are they going to get done? What time? What time of day are they going to start? What time of day, are they going to get done whenever they get their hooty-hoo? Is it they need to speak to who’s, going to be the point of contact who’s going to be the person that trains them, and then this is what we do training we go at step further. We literally plan out their entire week, so it it’s. This is what it kind of looks like so at 8. You show up you’re going to spend the next 30 minutes going over your email and in reading this material, then at 8:30 you’re, going to be meeting with jenny jenny is going to take you through training over in in our work and our world tempworks she’s going to show you this specific section, ofit works, then, whenever you get done with that, you’re going to be you’re going to be going over to one of the recruiters learning about what it is that they do.

Medicals Jobs in Tulsa This is for sales person learning about what it is they’re going to do, you’re going to interview with this person and see how they interview you need to know how we do what we do and then we’re going to have you interview someone. You know we’re going to train. You had interview so you’re going to know exactly what our process is. You know then you’re going to then you’re going to take a lunch break after lunch you’re going to come back when you get back from lunch. We want you reading and studying this material about our sales process. Then, after an hour doing that you’re going to meet with corey you’re going to go over it and ask any questions and then he’s going to begin the training process and he’s going to do sections 1, 2 & 3 I’m, just telling you our sales. This is the first day of our of are bringing on a salespersonthen you’re, going to take a quick little break and then we’re going to reconvene back in corey’s office roughly around 3:30 and from that point from 3:30 until 4:30 we are going to go over. Medicals Jobs in Tulsa Who trinity is how we came about? What are our main? What is it that we want to become as who are we as an organization in what is are mango, and that is where I personally give them the vision of what trinity is, and then we have their entire first 5 days planned out our order in 30 minutes segments.

Medicals Jobs in Tulsa What it is that they’re going to be doing so there in tire first week, is planned out where intentional with it, and they know exactly what it is they’re going to do now. Some people may think, that’s a little bit overboard, but we want to make sure that they’re trained well and it gives people an opportunity that this is what we’re doing in themwe are seeing. Are they taking notes? Listen if they’re, not taking notes I’m almost going to consider terminating them. Is that you? That’s? That’s just been my experience, so you know the people that take notes do surprisingly better in our company from the people who, like yeah i, got it I got it. You need to take notes, i, don’t know, I’ll, remember! Listen. There are out. There is such a small number of people that have a brain like a damn elephant where they remember everything, but it just doesn’t happen and if you got somebody’s not going to be taking notes likely, they are not going to be doing a detail job for you. They need to be a dagum salesman, but even a salesman need some detail to so i. Don’t know why I just threw that in there. Medicals Jobs in Tulsa That’s that’s true. You need to have an onboarding package where you give them the company handbook. You give them their mission statement. Their training material and then that that would be in where that first week of checklist would come in make sure that they know what it is they’re doing next thing is:make sure and communicate with your staff that hey listen susie. We just tired, susie and she’s, going to be coming in to the office and have their desk ready for them to go. Make sure that your back office people have their computer ready to go in the you cleaned it off. Medicals Jobs in Tulsa

Medicals Jobs in Tulsa If there, if you’re, placing someone and then it is ready to go for them and they don’t have old stuff from the previous employer, there I mean. Hopefully you have an it company that come in there, wipe that thing off. Have it clear, save the stuff that you need to you know and put it on a drive and then get the person of free, clean computer, so they feel organized whenever they get in there make sure that their desk is organized, and then it looks like they’re supposed to be there now. This is just something that trinity. Does you? Don’t you don’t have to do this? Some corporations, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but listen. We have balloons, we have funny stuff, we put all over their desk, we welcome them and we make them feel welcome and then having a good time. We want them to laugh the very first time they walk in the office, so we want. We want laughter to be the first thing that happens. Do you want to set up this environment? Make sure that you’re intentional with it make sure that you have all of these things ready for a person where they come on? Make this a part of your onboarding process and I’m just telling you all of the things that I personally have screwed up, I guarantee you I was screwed up, and not only that people that have stayed with me. The especially early on that used to talk about how horrible the first week was. They didn’t know if they would even stay because of how badly I on-boarded them. Listen, don’t be like this I’m. It’s not good, for you make sure that you have a good system for people if trinity can help you out with this process. Give us a call, we love to help. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com. Thank you Medicals Jobs in Tulsa

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