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Medical Staffing Tulsa | Best Services

Hi, my name is corey mentor and I am with trinity employment specialist trinity we’re staffing organization. We staff in both oklahoma city and tulsa markets web two different divisions in our in our company. The first division is where we started our company and that’s in the medical division, where we staff for everything from a front-office person to now physicians. We we used to staff only for front office, all the way up to nurse practitioners, but we got this huge new contract with the large hospital and we have to hire a hundred physicians right now. So if anyone knows of a physician that happens to be watching this video, we would love to be able to speak with them. Cuz, it’s something that’s very difficult to recruit for, and so we started that position so in between there. So there’s Medical Staffing Tulsa lpns, rn’s medical assistance, medical front office assistants and we recruit for these positionsand all the time and then in when the affordable care act was passed.

We we began a division in our business division, where we really focus on finance accounting in banking. In between there, we have a lot of customer service roles in the financial aspect a lot of times. It’s like with a big company like verizon, where you know, if you ever gotten a bill from a cell phone company, could not understand it or we hire the people that help to explain it and can make any kind of corrections on your bill that needs to be made and understanding that process, and so in those rooms and customer service. That’s what we do today. I want to talk real quickly about creating a hiring process. I talked about this quite often actually because I believe it’s so very important, but the main reason is is because you know we work with many different companies andalmost a guarantee of any new company that is talking with us or if they hire us for our service for recruiting the likelihood of them. Having a true hiring plan is man is very rare, and so I really try to teach them immediately how to create a hiring play now. The crummy part about that is that if you teach somebody how to have a really great hiring plan, you know maybe-or maybe they wouldn’t utilize your service. But you know a lot of times you’re trying to recruit the right people, and you got to put a lot of time and effort into it, and so even those that we treat with teacher hiring plan to Medical Staffing Tulsa continue to use our service, but I’m telling you this is so so very important for even us, even if you’re hiring us for us to be able to do our job right. You’ll understand what I’m talking aboutso I want to try to walk people through what what a hiring process is. This is like this could be one of many, but you know here in a second I’ll. Look for another one and talk talk. Wait, talk my way through how that would work in your company. So you know what I want to do is have a series of content here where it has different hiring systems that you can possibly put into place.

So the first thing that you need to do is is truly identify the hiring need. Now, Medical Staffing Tulsa if somebody were to leave or something like that happens, it’s been awhile since you replace this position. Maybe that held the position for three or four years, probably anything more than 2 years. Well, you really want to sit back and go alright. Is it necessary for them to do that? Is it necessary for them to do this? Should we should we transfer this over and even create a new positionshould? We add more responsibilities to this position before we bring them in like really analyze it out and try to make a decision on what it is that you really need in the position is very important that you that you are very clear and concise in the you have a vision for what it is that you’re wanting to do, and then, if that, if your previous vision would need to be readjusted, Medical Staffing Tulsa I mean by all means. Please take this time. This is a really great time for you to readjust the position and get it more in tune with what it needs to be listened to. Everything changes in a company, it’s the company’s the absolutely refuse to change that missed the mark. Yesterday I was at a at an event and the guy was telling the story in the office of heard the story about kodak, but he was telling the story about blockbuster and how you know the guy from netflix actually came. Toit said:hey, listen, I would love to sell you. My company is like 4 or 5 or 10 million dollars. You know, blockbuster was like a billion dollar company and had it all wrapped up there like listen man, we will squash you go away little fly and had they bought that technology good grief, how different would they have been? But so it’s just really important to always reevaluate things and not expect that things are going to stay. The same all the time, so reevaluate your position after two years, really smart move next thing is:is you want to plan how you’re going to do this? You want to write your little create. You know how you’re going to go about the process of hiring someone and really try to think it through a lot of people. Just ready aim fire. Medical Staffing Tulsa You know that you’re ready fire aim, type thing that it saidthey come to us. They don’t even know what they want and they don’t have a job description. They don’t know what they’re, what they’re needing and planning something out and taking your time and hiring someone is really important.

I get I really do get it a lot of times when people come to us like we need somebody now, but don’t know, make a quick hiring decision and even against our our advice. Build will bring somebody in just to get them in there. You know I was I was on the phone or not on the phone. I was having breakfast with a guy. Just a second ago when we just finished working out and I asked him. I said:hey how’s that how’s that Medical Staffing Tulsa person working out for you. You know this is a really close friend of mine, so I just sent him some resumes didn’t do a recruiting thing for him that I sent him. Some resumes, try to help him out real quick and he hired someone and the and the very first day they showed up 20 minutes late then, another day they no called no-showed, but then they called like 10it’s up there supposed to be there saying oh I hurt my back and I was like man. You got to find them you’re going to get what you tolerate. You know and he’s like nah man. She really knows what she’s doing all my gosh, this girls already wearing you out the first week so I just want to I just want to encourage you to really plan out what it is that you’re wanting and don’t do not just tolerate stuff it. It really really kills you. So how do you plan it out? First thing:is you want to create a job description and rewrite it? Medical Staffing Tulsa If you need to, please don’t be like a majority of the company that we work with sometimes and their job description if they actually have one like it’s from 5 or 6 years ago, and then you’re like okay. So you want him to do this now. No wheat jamie stopped stop doing that and we don’t. We don’t need that anymore. You know it’s a sentences. Job description is completely irrelevant. It was and I’m not hating on our customers. We love our customers I’m just trying. These are some of the things that we advise them. One so create a job description. Make sure it’s relevant.

If you have a pretty job description, make sure you look at read over it make sure things are relevant and that jamie didn’t eliminate that you know 2 years ago, tuff stuff, then the next thing you’ll probably want to do, is start doing some screaming interviews after you post a job ad up, and you know, there’s different sites that you can use. You can use as a staffing company, but this is just how we do it. Medical Staffing Tulsa We want to be screening. Interviews. Screening interviews is very poignant, very structured questions. We want our screening of used to be on the phone and we don’t want to be for, like 3 4 5 minutes long and like 5 minutes, you need to crank it out. You need to let him know about the position. Real, quick, ask him if they’re interested and then ask him, maybe a couple of really pointed questions to eliminate them. You want to get questions that eliminate. It’s really really important that you do that, because you want to limit them as soon as possible, bring somebody and you and I both know, even if you’re extremely efficient at interviewing just bring to me and you’re. Looking at an hour of your time, and if you hire like we do where as I want my staff to lay eyes on people and Medical Staffing Tulsa I want to use their intuition and their knowledge of the position. I mean my goodness you’re going to be you’re going to have like five six hours wrapped up in his having somebody come in and do a do, a quick little interview so try to screen people out don’t spend more important. 5 minutes with it, and once you get people ready, then you’re going to want to bring them in for a full-fledged interview which needs to be planned out and I’ll talk about that here in just a second in this next video that I’m going to do, and so will do part 2 here in just a little bit if trinity can help you in any way. Please give us a call. We would really love to. You can visit us online at trinity employment.Com or he can give us a call right now, right now at 918-622-2588. Thank you so much