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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Really Important Information

My name’s Corey midterm president of Trinity employment specialists. Medical Jobs Tulsa We are staffing organization and we staff in the Tolson oakum city markets primarily but we also have staff working in all of our surrounding areas and we have been we have been in staffing for a little over 10 years now which was is kind of a big huge monumental thing for us is just yet 10 years under our belt but in those past 10 years I don’t know how many awards we’ve won but we’ve been one of Tolson’s top 40 fastest growing companies I think 6 years in a row and then we were also in ECOMOG and seen as one of America’s fastest growing companies this past September something we’re really really proud of and this is it I mean Art our main model is we’ve just consistently groomed you know every year and we’ve done it debt free We’ve been a debt free company since the very beginning of when we started I think we were to go alone like month 2 or 3 we paid it off and but this is something that we’ve been really proud of in as we’ve grown Trinity and so we we’ve been able to develop quiet a healthy organization Medical Jobs Tulsa I’m just real quick today I want to go over some just quick hiring tips that I would want to give people who are who are getting ready to Har and a lot of this is just something that I’ve noticed as a rule as a recruiter working with other hiring managers in these are enlightened. Small and small and large organizations or some large organizations they don’t have some of these things nailed down and I think it’s really really important the very 1st thing is.

That this sounds simple but let me tell you like the likelihood of you personally doing this is actually somewhat small and that is have a clear vision of what it is that you’re wanting this position to do a very clear vision in ing and in. Medical Jobs Tulsa In addition I would also want to encourage you have a detailed job description of what you want the individual to do and when you have them come in not only do I want to encourage you to give them a job description make sure that it is accurate and that is detailed but also make sure that you have them sign it so that you you have some kind of a record that you went over this stuff with them in in the legal world Medical Jobs Tulsa. There’s always a HE SAID SHE SAID top of the thing and people always get in trouble. Trying to. Trying to figure out. Did it work did we agree that you would be doing this or not it’s really really important because people will get this idea that I want to go do whatever I want to do on the job in whenever they’re not allowed to do that when they’re told not to like Will I thought that was part of my job 9 of that wasn’t part of your job at all there’s been many lawsuits who have been who have come up and when you don’t have it clearly lined out at what it is that you are trying to do or what it is that you wanted the employed to do a lot of times you’ll you’ll lose some of those some of those suits or even in unemployment if and if for any other Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And we’ve used our job descriptions for unemployment a lot but the main reason is is that you’re clearly communicating what it is that you want the position to do it’s really really important often times we will have managers who will Medical Jobs Tulsa. All of a sudden change what they want the position to do and then they’ll change it back and and they’re just going all over the place and if you’re trying to hire an A player that is one really quick way to lose and a player in that is just switch their jobs scription up on them and and not tell me about it whenever you’re doing it and make it change all the time it’ll it’ll really really change things for you the next thing is focus on their soft skills whenever they’re in there this is the biggest thing is probably 80 percent of the job can this person play in the sand with the other kids and I know it does sound silly but that is so very true like you need to figure out is this person going to fit within this team and need to check and try to try to really gauge on their soft skills how they interact with people are they gruff do they have a history of that you can ask a lot of behavioral based questions to try to determine whether or not the person is a.

Would handle people roughly you know you could you can ask a question and really pay attention to how easy it is for them answers say hey tell me about a time where you really had a struggle with an employee tell me how that happened in how you how you interact with that it flabbergasts you at some of the stories that you might hear when you ask those questions by the way shut up and listen to really really important because that’s where people will start to reveal themselves if you’ll give them the opportunity to talk the 3rd thing is check their social media profile at Trinity. Medical Jobs Tulsa This is the very 1st thing that we do we want to check and see if there’s anything crazy going on and if you’re an employee let me just tell you like Titan a professed page or your Instagram or My Space your space his space hers but whatever space you use tighten it up if you’re going to be using social media whatever you put online is public knowledge anyone can go and look at it and it says a whole lot about you and it’s it is a is a common hiring practice now in fact it like you’re not doing that you’re it’s you’re just begging for one for a big question mark in a mystery you can tell whole lot about what somebody is going to do. What they post and how they interact online Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Next thing is. You’re going to bring in probably multiple candidates make sure that you have the same questions for each candidate it’s just that this is a states simply thing I learned in statistics and it’s backed up by mathematicians in all these big wigs in Harvard now but when you you’re basically need the same sample for each person to be able to make a real decision what what a majority of our managers do is they go in there and they just they just fly by the see the pants and they go based off of how well the interaction goes in the interview and they just ask questions as they go and they don’t have a clear. Medical Jobs Tulsa Roadmap to where they’re going in the interview and so you do not have clear samples because in one in one person you may have done a better job interviewing in the other person you may have just focused on the fact that you like. To make a good home those are some of the things that come up in an interview and I’m telling you I’ve watched managers hire people all because they had a quick 10 minute fun conversation and you do not want to hire based on that so make sure that you have a clear Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Vision of where you’re going to last thing that I have here is to ask open ended questions and shut up in this in its current office interviewers it is often a big mistake to be nervous and do a majority of the talking. I watched I’ve watched people do this I watched a manager oftentimes do something very similar this is really funny they’d be like you know here at X. Y. And Z. Organization we really really like people to be outgoing and and and be aggressive in the way that they going to handle things. Medical Jobs Tulsa Are you are you aggressive and are you going you know you basically told them exactly what you wanted them to hear it it was just silly but they did they they also did a lot of the talking so so shut up in listen it you’ll be amazed at what you learn and people reveal tea things that you just. Eat think yourself a minute maybe they should have kept this to themselves but it’s kind of nice to know as an employer So anyway these some hints I mean I think that this might help you in your interviewing process so you are not flabbergasted whenever you whenever you bring this person on after the 1st 2 or 3 weeks if Cheney can help you we have a pathway to getting you in a play or changes your ball game please give us call Nom 18622258 day or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com Thanks.