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Hi my name’s Corey mid term president of Trinity employment specialist journey we’re a staffing organization and we are one of the staple groups in the Tolson in the Oklahoma City markets for the medical field literally we do everything that you can think of staffing for in the medical field from the front office person all the way up to a physician and we done this over several years and we’ve we’ve been in business for 10 years and we won countless awards on being you know one told us Top 40 fastest growing companies I think for 4 or 5 years straight and then we were actually an agonising in this past September for being one of America’s fastest growing companies which is a huge honor. Medical Jobs Tulsa Of the humble the even think about that but that’s what we’ve been able to do let me tell you the key on how we’ve been able to do what we’ve done we’ve grown like this we haven’t done anything that spiking you know we’ve had a couple of big contracts that we had to do or spoke were really spiked up there real quick but it’s just steady growth in this is how if you treat your customers well and do a good job for them they might tell one or 2 people but if Medical Jobs Tulsa

Treat them poorly they might tell as many as 20 is just the way that America works and if you don’t blame me go on a yell or something like that and go 5 goes to any restaurant at all you’re going to find one customer that was treated horribly Imane did they just way lay on it you know they probably told everybody man that restaurant is horrible. You know in your life you do it too but that’s how Trinity’s grown is is we just we do a good job for the people that we that we serve we put a huge emphasis over on quality over quantity quality over quantity we say it over and over and over again every staff meeting that we have we talk about how important it is that we put quality over quantity and you know I want our recruiters to use their intuition whenever they’re trying to recruit for people because our philosophy is we want to find only a players we have a complete different philosophy than any other staffing company that I know of in this is it if you’re using US Trinity as a staffing organization and you’re paying us a premium during that small period of time. Medical Jobs Tulsa On a contract to harbor basis well then do not tolerate being in sea level players when you’re using US The idea is is that you terminate that relationship quickly before you as a company spin too much money training in in trying to develop a beer or C. Level player we don’t want that the the whole idea behind using trinity is that you get to you get to try someone in if they are not working out performing the way that.

The way that you want them to you can see that they’re not in a player Well then we strongly suggest that you terminate that relationship and give us an opportunity to provide you someone else and it’s hope that they’re in a player. Medical Jobs Tulsa In our business we’re recruiting human beings and there are some people who there are a great fit for this company a over here and there are a player over in this company but over in this company Company B. They’re a beer or C. Level player they just don’t put the culture they don’t you know that they just they just don’t stride Well there our job as a staffing company is to help you find an A player for your company and do not tolerate the B. And C. Level players with us you’ll terminate some Medical Jobs Tulsa You’ll terminate the relationship give that person the opportunity to go be in a play or somewhere else and then let us find someone else into it so to some extent you will terminate your way to an A player here here is why you want to do that because a players do 3 things why would they stay longer than anyone else. Medical Jobs Tulsa The 2nd thing that they do they recruit and bring other any players from their past to you because a players hang out with other pay players they don’t they don’t really commingle very well with the B. And C. Level players a players want to be around other a players that’s why when you have an A player in your company and other A players they work within the past find out that they’re your company well they’re going to be asking them in the very intrigued to come to your company in over time if you do this and stay Medical Jobs Tulsa it with it you will have an entire company full of a players and the 3rd thing about players that’s I think is the most important is that you’re a players do one and a half times the work often times then you’re be in C. Level players do and I’ll bet you if you’re a manager right now you know who you’re a players are you know who you can go to if you go to them they are going to get it done you don’t have to follow up you don’t have to micromanage they’re just going to get it done that’s what they do and so what we do as a staffing organization is we give you a platform and an avenue to only have a players in your organization and if you’re a large enough organizations maybe you tolerates and be players occasionally.

But primarily we want A and B. Plus players in your organization if you’re utilizing Trinity in doing now I’ll tell you we’ve taken some of the largest organizations in this town in this it really kind of frustrates me to say this but we’ve done a good enough job in doing this that we’ve literally worked herself out of a job we’ve done this with 4 of our largest organizations this last year and as a business owner it frustrates me but I’ll tell you our biggest referral source are from those people we get referrals from all over the place and it’s because we do a good job for people and I would like to have an opportunity to possibly do this in your organization if that’s possible in as a as a medical staffing company one I want to talk about one of the main positions that we recruit for. Medical Jobs Tulsa Regularly and we try to find only a player’s in this position in let me tell you why it’s a medical assistant a medical assistant is the very 1st person that you me whenever you get through the. The waiting room Yep after the print off this person’s medical assistant you know if you’re in the medical field I know you already know this but they greet the patient they they serve the patient in the in the room oftentimes they’ll spin more Tom with the medical assistant or just as much Tom the medical assistant is they do the physician because the medical system will be taking down the chief complaint getting everything put into the computer system taking vital signs and making sure to clearly communicate with the physician what it is that you’re seeing them for so.

So a medical assistant we believe at Trinity is one of the most important positions in in the in the physician’s office so we really want to try to only get a players in your in your medical assistant role these are the main things that we look at we want to make sure that there is a great work history butting medical assistance an LP an even Aryans with a really solid work history is very difficult to do. Because in the medical field people move around so much but when we find the people who have a good solid work history or if they don’t have a good solid work history there is a great explanation on why when we can only we decide and commit to only sending those people to you in finding only those people for you it’s going to change the ballgame of your staff we’re going to get you people who have stayed longer the 2nd thing is is that we want to check all of the references before they even go over to you it’s something that we do I don’t know that any other staffing organization does and the 3rd thing that we do and this is this is probably one of the most revealing things and it’s this if you if you check their Facebook and social media pages you will be blown away about what you see in an individual it’s crazy people oftentimes will not clean up the Facebook page and we are committed to not sinning people that we see as potential problems for you and in doing that we’re going to save you tons of money. Medical Jobs Tulsa that is one of the main that that encompasses kind of the a player top quality that we offer Trinity. Medical Jobs Tulsa Listen if we can help you in any way in your staffing needs we would love to be a partner with you and we would love to be someone that would love to earn your trust please give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot com Thank you.