Medical Jobs Tulsa | Why Do only 2 Percent of Applicants Answer?

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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Ready To Get An Upgraded?

You are listening to trinity employments, eight player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the Co founder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome back to the A-player matchmakers where we’re always looking for different ways to add value to job seekers and employers. In the title of this podcast is why only 2% of applicants actually get interviews. Have you ever gone to a website and applied for a job and felt as though, man, I just got dumped into the biggest black hole of black holes available? Well, I can promise you based on, you know, the, uh, the experience that I have here at Trinity, I speak with a lot of people that are always looking for Medical Jobs Tulsa

And one of the biggest con frustrations with most anyone now is that they feel like they’re going into a black hole whenever they ply applied for a company. And I’ll even tell you, I’ve had people tell us that about trinity because we’ve gotten so big now. We have so many different job openings and so people apply on our, on our, uh, website and we do our very best to try to let people know, hey, we’ve received it, we’re going to take a look at it, expect to call this, this amount of time.

And we make our application process really, really simple and quick so that people don’t feel like they’re wasting their time. However, whenever they drop the resume in, they still sometimes feel like I’m in a d, I’m going to deep black, cold right up until they get called. And so I’m going to talk about this, I’m going to talk about why and hopefully I’m going to give you some really good ideas on how to keep from getting stuck in that big dark black hole. And then I also want, I want you to understand why you’re stuck in that big dark black hole without a Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Um, and hopefully I’ll shed some light on, on this. See the Internet is made it very easy for people to search out and apply for many job opportunities. But sending out more applications doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of getting hired. And what’s happening is, is people, because it’s so easy to apply anymore, you don’t have to go in and fill out an application anymore to apply for the best Medical Jobs Tulsa!

You can just do it online and you can, in some instances you can upload one resume and apply for 25 jobs in just, you know, 25 clicks of a button. And so it’s really, really simple. Um, the, the systems that have automated this have created this problem, but we’re going to talk about this from an employer standpoint and I’m really hoping that this is going to shed some light because here’s the thing. Employers have told, um, bullion, um, I’m sorry, both warned that sometimes as many as 75% of applicants applicants are not even qualified for the given role that they, that they’re applying for.

Medical Jobs Tulsa | Finding A Better Service As Soon As Possible?

They just applied for it because it was real quick and easy. Experts say that the only, even a smaller fraction of that are even selected for an interview. Um, in fact, uh, Robert Meyer, president of job market expert says that 98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and the only the top two candidates make it to the interview with the most amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa!

Fixing employment market, fixing the employment market requires helping job seekers become the top 2% of candidates who can actually meet the employers rigorous requirements and easily hit the bull’s off for the employer. Online recruitment software company, again, bullion bullhorn, surveyed 1500 recruiters and hiring managers and found that such irrelevant applications was the biggest turnoff for them. 30% of them. And in that group, 43% said that they would actually blacklist candidates from other jobs as well by suppressing their names from even ever coming up in future resume searches. Holy smokes.

So with that in mind, there are three ways that I’ve, that I’ve come up with that are action items that I think we can try to help you. Um, see, this doesn’t mean that you have to, you know, have every single bullet point listed on the job listing. There’s such a thing as a credential creep where employers flood a job with the list of qualifications that no one could possibly do a reach out for the best Medical Jobs Tulsa!

But if you’ll read the job posting carefully and make sure that you understand the actual duties of the job application and if you can make a significant contribution to that role, then apply. But make sure you read it and make sure you’re qualified first. That way you don’t get blacklisted. I want you to know, I don’t understand blacklisting someone, I don’t, I don’t understand this. Now I get that people are frustrated with it. And when you get into a corporate mindset, I worked in the corporate world for awhile and I understand the cutthroat way in which they think. And sometimes you just have to be that way to in order to survive because you’re always looking behind your back, always trying to become more efficient Medical Jobs Tulsa as soon as you can!

And I understand that if you feel like people might be wasting your time, you’ll cut them. And then I also get it here at Trinity, we get the SA, we get people who have been unemployed for five years that still applied for the same jobs. Like we know who they are. Our recruiters talk about it all the time. And I like how it’s the same person applying for the job. But one of the things that you can do is really pay attention to it and, and do the job. You can. Again, I don’t understand blacklisting someone. Um, but I understand the reason why and hopefully this will too.