Medical Jobs Tulsa | When Do You Turn Down A Promising Candidate?

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You are listening to trinity employments, a player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the Co founder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome back to the a player match. We’re always trying to add value to job seekers and employers and find different ways to help them. The particular title of this podcast is when to turn down a promising job candidate. This, this is something that I think hits every person that goes out and hires whether your hiring manager and interviewer, they’re just going to be some people that you really, really like that are just pulling the wool over your eyes and or they’re just not the right fit for your team. But there’s a really great connection. Great example is that of that. Have you ever met someone that you really liked in the first 10 minutes and then once you really got to know him, you realized, Oh man, that first personality was a, it was really, really great. And I know now that I do not like this individual that happens to I think everyone will help you get the best Medical Jobs Tulsa!

Um, and so, um, this is something that everyone is going to be interested in. How to tell when someone is promising and when they’re not. But before I get started, I always like to invite people to come and view this content, this podcast, and invite friends, let them know about it. We’ve got a lot of great content up here. All of it is based for employers and employees. And so if you’re in the job search or you’re looking to try to hire people, this can be some great content for you. And this is not anything that we’re trying to make money on. It’s just something we’re wanting to add value to the people that we serve. So that’s all that we’re wanting to try to do. Before we get started, we always start out with statistic in the unit. The statistics, sorry, the US Department of Labor said the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employees, first year’s earnings will help you with Medical Jobs Tulsa today!

And for a small company, a five figure investment in the wrong person is literally a threat to the business according to Forbes. Um, it’s this past September. And so it’s really important that you make sure and get the right person on your team and a bad hire is just a struggle for everyone, for all of your employees, for you, for everyone involved, even the employee that is not the right fit. It’s a struggle for them too. We want to do the very best that we can to make a really good decision. I wanted to tell you a story about something that happened to me.

This was earlier on this probably four or five years ago, but I had someone come in and I’m really trying to grow trinity at this point and I feel like we have a really great potential for growth, but I’ve never really gone out and hired someone inside our field. Be sure to call us now so we can help you today! Reach out now so we can provide Medical Jobs Tulsa for you today!

I always felt like was best to get the trinity way in the right people, so I tried to hire the person, train the skill. That’s the way that we’d always done our hiring. Well, this guy comes to us and he has some real experience in the staffing industry. He claims all of these huge customers that only do direct tires and in our business that that’s a really great profitable way for our company to make money in the, the percentages on the, on the direct tires he was talking about telling us about was so outrageous that we were just really excited about this. I mean, really, really excited and we just thought, you know, I’m a, I’m a faith believing person. I thought God had delivered this person into our lap possibly. And so, uh, we, but the more that he got to talking, the more that I started really getting curious. Just call now at 918-622-2588 or check out as you are able to!

Medical Jobs Tulsa | Are You Excited To Get Paid?

You know, when things start to sound too good to be true and you can’t pinpoint it, you can’t figure out exactly what it is, but there’s something there. But man, everything else seems so good. You almost want to look over it. I’m sure that everyone has those type of, of ideas and, and experiences. Well, this particular person, I had them leave the, the interview and I really wanted to dig in and learn about, uh, this person from the references. So I called the very first reference who claimed to be, um, their direct supervisor. And so I began asking some questions will, as I ask questions of this person, I began to notice that there aren’t a lot of details that this person knows about our industry. And I’m like, well, if you ran a company that is, that is of the size that you say that it was, how would you not know these numbers? Be sure to use us for all of your Medical Jobs Tulsa needs!

It just didn’t make any sense. So I started asking some detailed questions, well, how did you manage? What were your KPIs? What, what were some, how did you figure out when you were profitable with a particular person? Because that made sense. And after those questions, I finally, she just finally stopped and she said, you know, I need to be truthful with you. I’m his wife and I don’t understand all of these questions and that’s why I don’t have the numbers.

And, and she was said that it was just shocking, you know, it was like, I remember Tom Cruise was a, at the very end of, Oh, what was it? That movie where Jack Nicholas or Nick Nicholson says, uh, says you can’t handle the truth. He finally got him to agree to. I mean, I wasn’t trying to do that, but that’s kind of what happened. You know, I got this admission that I would have never thought would have come, but what it did is it saved us from a bad hire.

Now fast forward about three or four months and I run in, or one of my buddies call me, who also runs a staffing agency. And, um, he says, you know, this guy said that, uh, you gave a job offer tomb, which we did not. And he said that he turned it down to come over to me. And, um, and I was like, well, why were you trying to compete with me again there buddy? Uh, but he was like, well, what, what’s going on with him? Why didn’t you know, why didn’t he come over to your, what, what do you, what do you think about this person? And I said, well, you know, I said, I was trying to hold my tongue and the more questions he asked because he, this person was not performing. It was clear he didn’t know anything about our industry. And he had just lied to him without Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Well, it cost him a lot of money. And I told him, I said, listen, I, the reason I didn’t hire him was because of this particular situation. You know, I found out that his references weren’t, uh, you know, it was his wife and in all of this. And so anyway, it saved me. But, you know, according to, uh, according to the Department of Labor, a big chunk of money. Um, but how do you go about trying to figure out if someone’s the right fit or not? Let’s look into this. I’ve got like four or five things here for you to consider. Um, before we get moving on. Um, the first one is a disrespectful attitude. A lot of times you can sense this, you consensus in the person’s, um, answers. You can sense this in the way that they, uh, react when you ask. Um, when you ask open ended questions and behavioral style questions, tell me about a time when you didn’t get along with an employee to get top Medical Jobs Tulsa! Now just go to and see what we can do for you today! Also dial 918-622-2588 to get the best customer service!