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Hi My name is Corey mentor and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists Trinity were staffing organization and work work in the oakum city in Tulsa market also the surrounding areas around Oklahoma we have people working. We have a system for hiring only a players and and we love sharing our vision with other companies today I want to talk about I want to talk specifically to employer employees and different ways. To try to try to get things working for you and the best ways to do your job search I want to tell you real quick story 1st though in as a man when I I lost my job. Due to cutbacks back in 2011. Or no I’m sorry a 9112002 was when was when our company had had my eyes and I had lost my job is the craziest thing ever and all of these weird things happened to me and I’m going to try to remember some of them for you I think it’s really important for people who are unemployed to remember true at least know that. Medical Jobs Tulsa That I experience something like this in this it is this. Medical Jobs Tulsa The 1st thing is is I did not. I had no idea.

What was happening to me but I’ve lost my sense of vision I stopped networking I felt embarrassed and ashamed I stopped networking I stopped doing all of these things when people started asking me what I did I was like prideful and I was like oh I’m an H.R. Medical Jobs Tulsa and I was acting all big like I knew what I was doing I didn’t need any help whatsoever and I was it was just one of the craziest things ever and so you know one of the main things that I want to encourage other unemployed people to do especially those that have lost their jobs you know a the the group that I’m getting ready to speak to this next week it’s it it’s a group of people that are in the oil and gas industry a big majority of more most of them I mean these people are like it making 6 figures or they were in their last in their last jobs and so when they lost their job all of sudden it really changed their perspective a lot and it’s interesting when you watch somebody who is really really confident before and then all of a sudden they they just lost their way and they stopped doing some very basic general things. Medical Jobs Tulsa That you should be doing and I don’t know I mean maybe I got lazy I’m not sure exactly what was happening but it was it was some kind of psychological weirdness and so. Medical Jobs Tulsa I want to try to bring people back to the basics.

On what you can do and the main thing is I want to help you to think about getting as many systems working for you as possible is just bringing it back to a business the way you’d run a business during go out market yourself is no different than running a business your mark of a business is marketing themselves you’re marketing yourself so what businesses do the most successful ones is they get as many systems working for them as possible and when when they do that when they’re sleeping things are working for them and it’s it’s it is it is up really really working for them so what customs can you get working for you 1st is is you can get Linked In You can get Facebook you can there’s indeed zip recruiter monster Career Builder all of these job searching websites can be working for you if if you get them set up right and so I want to go over just a few things that I think can help you to get these things set up right. The 1st thing is is that in the within these websites it the Web developers make you 10 times more searchable if you actually complete your profile online. To its fullest they want you to be able to. Give information. Medical Jobs Tulsa To them do it fulfills whatever whatever the back into their website is doing and so it’s really important you fill out your profile completely the reason that I know this is that in. There they have this thing called staffing world in is what it is the nation’s largest convention for staffing lawyers ations.

Well every one of these job websites they make a ton of money from staffing companies a ton and so all the Web developers come to this one place and I’m not kidding you they throw parties like you only see in the movies you know I’m not kidding there is the craziest thing and I go to them but that’s where you develop the relationships with the people that actually build these sites and every single one of them that I’ve talked to and indeed is probably the most predominant But if you fill out your profile completely on indeed I’m telling you it really changes at how much your search our our team every single day we make it mandatory that they do not wait for ads to come in but I want them mining when I mean mining you have to go and find them on indeed you have to go find the people that did not apply for your position you get to go find these individuals on either linked in Indeed you can they can use Medical Jobs Tulsa I don’t care how they find them but I want to mine them we’re not a staffing company that wants to go after people who are unemployed. Medical Jobs Tulsa All the time or those that are always searching for jobs we want to find the needles in a haystack and man that’s what makes us really great at what we do but I’m telling you it’s so much easier for our recruiters to find those people in present opportunities to them when they filled out their profile completely is so with each one of these websites that is one of the most important things that you can do the 2nd thing to get systems working for you go and find at least 2 staffing companies that specialize in the industries the east that you specialize in and go out there and engage them and develop a relationship with their with the recruiters. Medical Jobs Tulsa There are I don’t know how many times. Medical Jobs Tulsa

That we have had a really great opportunity for people keep in mind the people that hire us they’re the people that can actually afford us so they’re good solid companies generally who we work with but we have people who come into our office and they are just their head is high in the sky and they just believe that they’re too they’re too cool for school you know and you can see it in the way they work will listen we’re not going to work with those people. Like just because we want to enjoy our lives and so if we have somebody else comes in snooty we do not give a real how. Medical Jobs Tulsa Good their resume looks or whatever they’ve done if they can’t play well in the sandbox with a with our team how in the world we expect them to go somewhere else and play well in the same box there we’re very very picky with people and we’re not going to tolerate people that come in with with with that and people who just have an I don’t care you owe me top of mentality that is not someone that we’re going to work with so if you go into a staffing organization develop a relationship with them they are your advocate and get them to want to work for you when you are sitting there watching T.V. If you get these systems working for you you might have a recruiter going in making relationships that you don’t have to pay for on your behalf so using a staffing or is ation is is not a bad idea the next thing is is when you go to a recruiter have a clear vision of what it is that you want to become it’s really really important that you do that. Medical Jobs Tulsa Just yesterday known it was one yesterday as day before yesterday I had this guy who’s a pro golfer call me uneasy he says hey listen I’ve got this guy and he’s really looking for a job he’s really good friend of mine I’d really like for you to try to help him out was you were do well he’s not sure about that right now it’s like he’s expecting me to figure this out at the same Thomas where he this attorney that’s on the top floor brings us some down to me and so I’m on the phone with the pro golfer at the same time in the attorney comes in the office is like hey I want you to meet my son generally this I wouldn’t tolerate this my schedule just so you know but both of these people I happen to know and they’ve done me a favor for so bring Sonny and he’s like.

So I had a really love for you to try to help him so I might talk your son so son comes in I’m like well what do you want to do I don’t know man I’m just trying to figure it out we’ll. Think about this if they don’t know and we have companies that are paying us in a larger amount of money to come in and staff for them. Medical Jobs Tulsa Do you think we’re doing them any favors by giving them an experiment or making and sending an experiment over to them where they’re basically going to see if they like doing that at like. It works 20 percent of the time maybe and so we we her everyone the employees her because we’d sent them to some place that they didn’t know it damages their work history the employer SERP because they spent money trying to train somebody who really didn’t like it anyway and acted like it did in the interview and there were hurt because a relationship gets to damage because they’re like well man their percentage of people they hire and stay have fallen has fallen short. This is not a good move for you I’m telling you it works like 20 percent the time you don’t want to damage your work history I get trying to change careers and that’s no problem at all but when you come to a recruiter have a clear vision of what it is that you’re wanting to become or at least be in this generation gin this general direction you know don’t come in expecting this and I’m telling you a lot of people do that and when they do that recruiters if they are any good they should shut down right then and there so make sure that you have a good vision of what you want to do listen I explained some of this to some extent but I had a lot going on in the background here so I kind of messed up but I hope that this helps you a little bit with some of your vision please give us a call if we can help you out in any way our number is not 186222588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment dot.

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