Medical Jobs Tulsa | What Mistakes Often Made by Managers During Interviews?

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello. Welcome back to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast is mistakes that managers make when they’re conducting interviews. And obviously this particular episode is going to be for our managers out there. And the reason that this, this is important is because there are about a million laws for all of us, HR managers, recruiters, whatever it is, interviewers to follow with the best Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And our job is to be really great at what it is that we do. Now since we’re a recruiter, um, our job is to be good at recruiting, to know all these laws and to know the different, um, expectations of, of the, the law and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But most likely, most of our managers, they, their job is to do their job. It’s not to be an expert at all of the restrictions and concerns with all the best Medical Jobs Tulsa now!

And you know, you can do something as simple as, you know, if you are out and about and you’re just doing, um, you know, small talk, it might be a general conversation piece to say, so, uh, how many kids do you have? Um, Oh, do you have kids? Oh cool. You’re wanting, it’s a nice gesture in normal life to ask these questions. However, the barrage of, of legalities that has taken place over the past few years has made this, uh, something that, uh, you can’t ask that question.

And there are several questions in here that you can’t ask, but there are just some general mistakes that managers make because they’re not good at this. So I want to bring up a few things that I think are going to help our managers at least think about the interviewing that they do. Um, because we, we staff, we staff for so many different industries in, most of our managers are not, their sole job is not to just be an interviewer and get good Medical Jobs Tulsa.

So let’s get started. I always start out with some statistics and the very first statistic that we have here is that the average cost of one bad hire is nearly $15,000, $15,000. And the average cost of losing a good hire is nearly $30,000. It’s really important to get it right. Two in three workers say that they’ve accepted a job and later realized it was a bad fit and half of these workers have quit within six months. That’s a huge loss to employers. Um, especially if the cost of a good har losing a good harvest 30,000. The last statistic is 75% of workers say that they’re loyal to their current employer and much less, 54% say that they feel that their company is loyal to them. This is a study done by career builder, um, in this study was done in 2018 and so when managers conduct job interviews, they have to walk a fine line with great Medical Jobs Tulsa today.

They’ve gotta be polite but assertive. They gotta listen, not talk too much. Um, always be thinking about the next question, make sure it’s a good strategy question. You know, and they’ve got a pro beyond, you know, the basic general stock answers that everyone has and they’ve gotta be able to avoid all the illegal questions that are out there to watch out for that you get with Medical Jobs Tulsa. And so it can, it can become really difficult. And so I’ve got five things here that I think are, can be helpful for managers. Um, the, the number, the first one is mistake number one, talking too much. You don’t want to deliver a big long monologue about your job or company, especially when it’s right out of the gate. You know, this interview is really about your chance to listen and learn. And so for me, I aim for about an 85 15 split or a 90 10 split, 90% them talking 10%.

I’m talking. Um, and that helps you just that percentage really helps you to understand where you need to be at. Now this is, this is another really great piece of advice. I think you would not believe what you will learn when you allow the uncomfortable silence to work for you as an interviewer. And what I mean by that is, is that if you ask a question and you didn’t really get what you wanted and you sense that there’s something else that they should probably interject with amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa.

If you’re able to just sit there with your eyes open and giving a facial expection expectation that you’re expecting more, a lot of times people will reveal the truth at that point in time because it, it’s, they’ve gone past their creative juices. And so I get more of the truth whenever I, I ask a question, you know, like what, what do you think your manager would tell us when I call all of your references or your pre your past employer, what are they going to say about you, do you think?

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