Medical Jobs Tulsa | What Are The Best ways to Find Jobs Offline in 2019?

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You are listening to trinity employments, a player Matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi, welcome back to the A-player matchmake. Here’s where we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. Today we’re going to be Wa we’re going to be walking through the three best ways to find jobs online and offline in 2019. So obviously this is going to be primarily for job seekers. And so listen, if you are struggling to find the right job, this content might be able to help you with Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Um, I believe that finding the finding the right job for you is probably one of the easier things to do now because of all of the new software and apps and, uh, and all, all of the new technology that’s come about. But I’ll tell you what, it’s so important that you find the right job, which we are. We’re going to get into here in a second. Before we do listen, I want to, I want to encourage you that you can see all of our new content online now and on our website for all Medical Jobs Tulsa.

Um, you can go to trinity, There’s a drop menu there that says podcasts and then we’ve got about 80 podcasts now at this point. Um, and we’re really hoping that this content is able to help you. We’re not trying to make money on it. We just really want to add value to the people that come in our doors everyday. Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, we want to add value to you. So that’s the reason that we do this content. Um, but I think that this content is really important today more than any, any other time because it’s really important that you’re able to operate in a job that meet your, your personal strengths or your specific strengths. You know, we, we’ve talked over and over and over again in all of the podcasts that we’ve done and we’ve talked about how, um, you know, 20% of all bad hires cost so much money, you know, mis-hires costs now five times more than the candidate salary.

You know, there, uh, the, the law that says, you know, the last one that I, that came from the Department of Labor, they said it’s 30% of the, of the person’s salary. It costs so much for employers whenever they have a bad hire. All right, well let’s talk about the employee. What does that cost you? Well, have you ever been in a job that you really hated, like just didn’t like or you didn’t fit well in the culture or something wasn’t right? And so remember your drive home, maybe you’re experiencing that right now. Your drive home is likely not very fun. And then your drive to work on Monday morning. Ah, I, I’ve done that and it just was the most sinking feeling, getting in to the office, sitting down and then go on Arra let’s grind this out. Well, what, what we want to do at Trinity, we’re, we’re always trying to work on this is helping people find really truly where God wants them. Be sure to call us now to get Medical Jobs Tulsa as soon as you can!

And so they can utilize the gifts that is very specific to them. And it’s something that’s energizing for them. Get them in the right culture where they enjoy going to work. I mean, let’s, let’s just admit it. If we could go and spend all of our time on a weekend, we would love to go do that, but we got to go to work. So there’s going to be always something that you don’t like about your job, but as an overall basis, you want to like it more than you dislike it. And so we’re just going to be talking about the three best ways to find jobs online and offline in 2019 and, um, so we’re just gonna kind of walk through this. Call us now at 918-622-2588 or head over to!

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The rule number one is tell everyone I think that this is the number one thing that you should do. Um, if you go to any networking site or any online thing, you’re going to find out that they say that 80% of all jobs are found through networking. Call us now for all Medical Jobs Tulsa needs and other services! You will love us for sure! Reach out now to get the best Medical Jobs!

It’s not through indeed or ZipRecruiter or whatever the new software is that’s out or technology that’s out. It’s not through that. It’s not that in the newspaper, it’s not through all of these other things. It’s through networking. You know, but you’ve got one of the most powerful networking tools available to you, even though you’ve got a lot of people telling you don’t get on Facebook anymore because it hijacks your personal data or whatever it is that they’re talking about. So it’s a huge new news story right now. But the thing is is you’ve got access to a huge tool that most likely most Americans are on and they’ve got a lot of people on it. All you have to do is put a post on there and say, hey guys, I’m looking for a job. I’m looking specifically for this. I believe that my skills and talents would really fit well in this Medical Jobs Tulsa.

If there’s any chance that of, you know, someone that I should try to be in contact with, it would mean the world to me. If you would introduce me or help me out or at least point me in the right direction, I could really use your help. Okay. When you come at it with that type of a, uh, presentation, it, it encourages people to want to help you out. And you’ve got Linkedin, you’ve got Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all of these places, and just choose one of the platforms. Maybe you’re on all of them for all I know. Um, and, and get it out there and let people know. One thing that I’ve learned is, is that people love helping other people when they feel like it’s their experience, their knowledge that’s helping them. There’s nothing that makes them feel better about themselves is to appear or feel like they are the expert.

So people love helping other people. And if you present it that way, it might be your best bet. Rule number two, always try to get introduced to accompany. So what you want to do is think of anyone in your existing network or if someone replies to your, a social media post that you’re looking for a job. If you know of someone, um, think of anyone you’re in, your existing network, former coworkers, classmates, friends who work at companies or have connections in companies that you might want to work at.

Now you can look at Linkedin, but I, I’ve had people do this with me before and I just want you to know I get a ridiculous number of requests on Linkedin to be their connection and I don’t know most of these people. I really don’t. It comes from other people that I know. I know I’m out in the community a little bit, especially if I go do a speaking engagement. Call us now for the best Medical Jobs Tulsa chances! Call now to 918-622-2588 or check out as you can!