Medical Jobs Tulsa | What Are Common Interview Questions for Medical Assistants?

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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Are You Wanting A New Job?

Eight player matchmaker podcast storing your host and the Co founder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome back to the eight player matchmakers. Where we’re always trying to find different are ways to add value to job seekers and employers and the particular top topic of this podcast are common interviewing questions for medical assistants, so this is going to be specifically for medical assistance. We do a large percentage of our staffing in the medical field and we staff for medical assistants, LPN, Ahrens, x-ray techs, medical billing specialists, medical front office specialists, on and on and on. Call now if you are looking for a better Medical Jobs Tulsa Just about everything that you can think of in the medical field. We we staff for it and this particular podcast is going to be for medical assistants so you should pay attention if you are a medical assistant and you’re trying to find the right position for you and a lot of this podcast is going to be geared toward someone who has either not been interviewing for a long time like that. That’s probably somebody who has been working for a long time.

They’ve worked and they haven’t. They’ve worked at the same place for a long time and now they are trying to go and interview maybe the clinic shutdown or there needed to be a change or this could be, this could be for someone who is a brand new medical assistant who’s trying to figure out, all right, what is an interview going to be like when ever I become a medical assistant? So before we get started though, I’d love to invite you to let people know about our podcast. You can go to Trinity, there’s a podcast dropdown menu.

We’ve got like 70 80 podcasts now. We would love to have you or people that you think could benefit from this to join us. So we’re gonna go ahead and get started here. I always try to start out with some general consensus statistics. Um, this is this Medical Jobs Tulsa, these statistics have come from the, um, department of labor and it’s basically t talking about the different, the salary of medical assistants that a typical education work experience on the job training, you know, number of jobs in 2018.

All of these stats came from 2018 and we will be waiting a very soon for the uh, stats to come up from 2019 but the median pay in 2018 and we actually agree with this is around 1616 per hour or per year. That’s $33,610 per year. And this is pretty on track with Oklahoma in the past, the Department of Labor has been off quite a bit by salary, but maybe it’s just the Oklahoma caught up because the past we would look at it at the salary the Department of Labor would put out and we would just be scratching our heads going, that doesn’t seem right now. That was about five or six years ago and now it looks like it’s a little bit more on track. So for us here at Trinity, I can tell you that the median pay is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of about 1450 an hour to about $17 an hour.

So with the medium pay be in 1616 per hour, actually they’re right on track. Whereas in the past they’ve been, like I said, way off of a Medical Jobs Tulsa, um, the typical s, uh, entry-level education, you’re likely gonna need to go to one of the schools now used to, you could do on the job training for a medical assistant very easily. Um, you could go and get a job at a clinic, some, uh, veteran medical assistant or LPN or RN would train someone in this skillset. Check out or call us now at 918-622-2588!

Medical Jobs Tulsa | Do You Reauire A Better Job?

But when the affordable care act came into play, it really shifted everything in the medical world. And one of the things that it shifted in the medical world was, um, was the, uh, whether or not you needed to have education. And the answer to that is yes, now you need to have education. The reason being is that you need to become certified or a registered medical assistant for all Medical Jobs Tulsa.

And the reason for that is, is that the only way that you can get on an EMR or an electronic medical record or some people would call it EHR, electronic health records, the only way that you’re able to input information into those databases is for you to have a registration or a certification number. And that has made it a mandatory now that you go through education. Um, that really when that happened, that really threw off a lot of medical assistance in, uh, Oklahoma for sure. Because before there were a lot of medical assistants that had 20 years of experience that all of a sudden now we couldn’t hire. It was awful.

Now I believe that things have regulated course. We’ve got, you know, that was in 2008. So, uh, so we’ve got several years that have that have gone by since then. But, um, but anyway, we’re uh, moving on to the next, uh, the statistic here, the number of jobs in 2018 for medical assistance nationwide, we had (680) 600-0600 jobs in 2018 to job outlook from to um, basically the projection of the number of jobs that will be added as a percentage from 2018 to 2028 is 23% is how much they will grow with all Medical Jobs Tulsa.

This is much, much faster than average. Um, average is going to be much less than that. So basically what I believe they’re projecting there is the baby boomer generation. They th there are more human beings in that generation than any, any other, um, generational, uh, time span. And so you’re gonna have a lot more people that are going to need healthcare is what they’re expecting. The employment change from 2018 to 2028. So they’re saying that we should add 150, 4,900 jobs, almost 155,000 jobs, um, to the 686. So w you can, you can kind of do the math there and see how much greater this is going to be.

So I’m going to go ahead and get into, um, some of the interview preparation that you should do. These are common interviewing questions for medical assistants. Um, and I went and found an article about this, some of this I agree with and some of it I’m going to throw in my own little spiel here because, uh, we, we interviewed medical assistants literally every single day.

If you went onto our web, I can guarantee you you’re going to find at least 10 openings at all times on our website for a medical assistant. We will never ever stop recruiting for it. Um, and a main reason is because the job growth at 23% that the Department of Labor put out the very first, uh, interviewing question that you need to be prepared for is tell me about yourself with top Medical Jobs Tulsa. Um, this can be a tricky question because some people will go in and just tell them all about the personal life. Um, I want a, are people listening to this? They’re not looking for your personal off. They want to find out really what can you do for me? That’s what they’re asking. They’re wanting to know. Tell me about your medical assistant skills. What were the, what were they at? Where are they at? Where were they at? Just take a peek at or call 918-655-2588 as soon as you can!

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