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Medical Jobs Tulsa | One Thing After The Other

Hi my name’s Corey mentor and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists Trinity we’re staffing organization with staff in Tulsa Oklahoma City markets we’ve been a very successful staff are grown and grown and last September we were in magazines one of America’s fastest growing companies and in doing that almost 80 percent of our business was all by way of referral let me tell you what happens if you are in business this just happens if you do somebody good job they might tell one or 2 people and if you do a bad job they’ll tell at least 20 those and that’s just the way it works and it works that way for every business so over the time we’ve done a good enough job often enough that we’ve had people that thought of the furries and so it’s been one of the the that’s probably the biggest compliment that we can get at Trinity today I want to talk to you about why people leave positions and I think it’s really really important because. Medical Jobs Tulsa You know it’s one thing to try to get in a play or you know we’re always talking at Trinity that we guarantee getting a players over companies and we have a system that can guarantee you getting a player and it’s real simple you’re basically terminating your way tonight a player trying to give you a system that will let you easily and quickly do that in a place to place that person quickly. Medical Jobs Tulsa getting in a player is a huge thing but.

What if you got an A player and your team and culture was such that you ran them off and we we’ve had this happen a lot of times in fact I have had to personally. Medical Jobs Tulsa Stop relationships with some customers because we are in a we have an agreement. We’re going to go and provide him only a players we’re going to stand up to that agreement we’re going to go and find who we think are a players and send them over there but when you take in a player and you go in put him in a B. In C. Level player. Group or environment culture the cement they will leave they will leave and they will leave quickly and in the whole time. The management staff asserted you in in most in most instances they blame us or the other person and they just don’t get it that it’s the end and usually it takes about 3 or 4 sitting about 3 or 4 a players over there so we start seeing the common denominator but I’m telling you a players will leave a B. Player. Culture and so I just want to talk with you are there are many things that you can that you can bring about are brought up like 34 or 4 or 5 things here that I think are a big contributor to a player staying and this is these are things you don’t want to do as management’s to this is this is why a players quit 1st thing is is. They don’t the company does not reward the good work that they do.

A players or are going to go out there and drive and drive and drive and they will drive harder than a lot of people around they don’t understand doing average work and I know that some companies likely need some people who are just just average individuals there’s going to do their work and go home but every company needs a players to drive as well I suggest you get an entire company of a players and if that happens you’ll really sky sky rocket and take off but if you do not reward people for. Doing a good job eventually they are going to get bored and they’re not going to see the why they should keep doing a good job so that they’ll do it 3 or 4 times get high fives and and everybody thinks that they’re great but at the end of B. Player team eventually what will happen is the B. Players will begin to start resenting that the a player is crushing it all the time I’ve had this happen in my own company before where literally my top player was the sum of our team was frustrated because one of our top players was doing well I had to eliminate all of that immediately. Medical Jobs Tulsa where the team or a small part of the team started just critique criticizing a player in make much a player feel horrible I’m telling you a player was getting ready to bolt. But a B. Players will again surely not reward not high 5 and it won’t be a team like environment celebration whenever the a player does well but also you need to put items in place whenever they meet measure so that they get a so they get a reward of some sort you need a chair in front of a player to keep their driving so make sure that you or the certain measures in your company don’t you’re going to get people that will just stagnate that’s what the. Second thing is. That the company does not put a lot of effort into caring for their employees to really really important and you have to have a good balance in a relationship of being a boss professionally driving someone and being a human being and there are some managers that I’ve noticed in working with them that they they are very high Medical Jobs Tulsa.

On professionally driving and in really pushing but they’re very low on being a human being and listen there are some environments that will drive in just driving driving driving driving but at some point the team needs to know that the leader cares about them as a human being and that is all part of a successful. Environment that people would thrive in. The next thing is is that they they need to have they need to have a relationship of some sorts and a trust with their employees a trust meaning that it goes it goes both ways and being a good leader means that you’re almost a servant 1st to them. Medical Jobs Tulsa and that’s how you’re going to get people to drive you at least that’s been my experience if you will go in let them know that you care they will move mountains for you and that’s been that’s been the way that I’ve been able to get them to Manus people now I hope people accountable every bike every day I have a meeting with somebody on our team holding them accountable to numbers every single day but an octopus and I push and I push to some extent where my team gets frustrated with being pushed but they know I care and I make certain that there are certain things that I put into my management’s management style to let them know that act here so that I can push through a really important the next thing is is that employers oftentimes do not honor their commitments. Medical Jobs Tulsa We interview people all the time and I’ll tell you that some of the top players that we have interviewed when we asked them why are they considering leaving their position you wouldn’t believe how often it you hear about employees.

Leaving because they are. The employer didn’t honor the commitments they they said in in the interview and that they were going to you know at this point they would get this and at this point they would get this and they don’t don’t they don’t offer and it’s like they do it in a hodgepodge hallway they just they just don’t interview they don’t augur the commitments that they give and the employees will eventually just leave and that is something that you cannot have if you make a promise and we always want as managers we want are the people that we made we want there yes to be there yes and there no to be there no they say they’re going to do something we want them to do it if or the we want them coming back to us stressed out because they didn’t get it done that they’ve got a reason why and they’re trying to figure it out and they they want to just make sure meet the deadline like we want them to do well as employers listen they employees have a have a gripe and a legitimate complaint if you make a promise and you don’t feel the commitment especially when it comes to rewards for certain metrics that they meet thrilly really important news on of those. Medical Jobs Tulsa In the last thing is not actually I actually read about this the other day and I’ll bet you’ve all been in this position there or been in a position before where. You were doing a good job and a promotion was coming in and you really thought that you deserved to get that from ocean and they and they promoted someone that you just could not believe that was being promoted instead of you. They either don’t want to be in a company that promotes the B. And C. Level players or who promotes the wrong people into the wrong positions and it’ll If you haven’t a player in a run away almost every single time. So these are some things that I think. Medical Jobs Tulsa The employers can start looking at to make sure and just do a self analysis of their of their culture that they are creating these are some things that I think would be very important for you to consider and ask here’s the thing a lot of employers break these fundamental rules they don’t mean to just sit there in the middle of the trees so check yourself and see if you might be able to make some improvements in these thank you for your time eternity can help you we would love to please give us a call at Trinity employment dot com or visit us on give us a call at 9 am 186-2258 day or visit us a line at Trinity employment dot com Thank you.