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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Case by Case Basis

Case part 3. And I think this is said to some people this will be the most important part because 9 tenths of this job search process is going to be your middle perspective and on how you see. You know your perspective will change your circumstances in a lot of cases you know the story that told you about the very beginning like my what I did I guess mentally I am a job searches is really important but that the main thing that you have to keep in mind when you’re doing your job search is issued it is so still very important without initiative nothing happens and I get it when you’re unemployed it’s very hard to stay motivated you don’t have a lot to do so you’ve got to keep yourself busy to build this what my mentor told me this a long time ago when I was a kid is a listen Corey. Medical Jobs Tulsa Is like when we you don’t have anything to do somehow you do more and more and nothing is a good when you’re busy somehow you get 10 times the things more done you have to take initiative keep yourself busy because I was like 12 but he was trying to teach me how to run my 1st company you know when I was only starting when I was in the 5th grade and I was running the whole company you want to talk about a bunch of screw ups like I started with great if you can imagine.

Willis and he was right we got to coast in the 5th grade not our 5th grade. I learned that you have to continue with the initiative but without it you should no one’s going to go make something for you you’ve got to go make it happen for yourself so it’s really really important but you’re going to be a person who does take initiative to learn your 32nd commercial really have a market yourself create the system or not I’m just trying to keep you from having a good doesn’t like I’m on but the dirt there was something that this was too. Weeks ago. Medical Jobs Tulsa Last Saturday and I knew I was going to have to do this and got to do some of art he told me he said Listen here you got to talk to someone about this and you know with with this crew that on the preprocessing to the 2nd name. I believe there are one or 2 people that I meet to address this and it’s really really work and it’s this that. There’s someone that I believe is really having a problem with their self image in in this job search to to an extensive degree and I don’t know if it’s like and in deep depression or whatever it is that you’re going through but. I think that it’s important that I dress this way so.

This is something that I went through whenever I arose and when I think to something this is something I would be getting through the books I’m reading a couple involved verses that I want you to keep into your mind or kind of go into this and the 1st one is Romans 828 we know that in all things God works things out pretty good for the people who it’s called He’s working this out for him right now and you’re just fine in your likely mind schedule and you need to know the 2nd thing is Matthew 82820 says I’m with you always even to the end of the age in Hebrews 135 says for he himself says I will never leave your safety so you will likely feel. Like you’re all alone in the things working right for you but I’m telling you had I not been unemployed back then I would never come. Out with. Medical Jobs Tulsa The very best thing that ever happened to me was one of the hardest things that are gone through and that’s good the losing my job the very listen to. Believe what the truth looks like right now. And it would never happen I would still in the grind of doing something that was not my call I have not lost my job so this is something we can say this is where I wrote down the 2nd bill I got told you so. You need to learn to accept the sayings of Jesus whether your emotions do.

You go learn. What he says in his words truth. And your emotions might not feel like it at the moment in fact that likely OK. Medical Jobs Tulsa For some of the for this person here I believe that Satan is in your head telling your sub you’re no good and also sometimes stuff happen to me and kids. And it is something that you’ve got to place safe and voice with what God’s word says and if you don’t do that was a sin say more people all day. See your emotions are wonderful but it’s only when it’s subordinate to God’s word so fill yourself up with God’s Word and start to believe that because everything else going through your head is is not true it says it saves the camel arse you know so so make make sure that you address this the thing is is that our challenge is if we need to synchronize our faith with God schedule you need to remember here Parker is on steel and just know that you’re on schedule and likely this could be the very best thing that’s ever happened to you.

So I want to I want to encourage you to give this to God and get some sleep and find some rest so that’s something I need to say I said that I would say I did but I want to give you 4 things that help me to interior This is it but I want to be there for things that is that help me to this excess couple that are. These 4 things I’m not kidding here I do regularly ask people around me if I do. Medical Jobs Tulsa Sometimes I get off a little bit but this is the foundation and if you don’t write anything just don’t listen to anything I say to see if you would just write some of the same things down and follow I think you know hopefully the number one thing is is that whatever it is that you cited number one whatever is inside because. Meant to be the very best you can be just make the commitment even if you do try to know if you’re going to be unemployed commit to being very best unemployed person around and use it as your best opportunity. Not having the mindset of its worst things ever happened to you and never the others are you be good.

This if you think this. Focus more on other people than you do yourself is that it just takes a little bit of time to do but if you will focus on helping other people get what they want and putting yourself in the back seat if you do this long enough I’m telling you Zig Ziglar was right when he said You will never have a problem getting what it is that you want here’s the key though hang on I made this mistake or you do not try to help other people get what they want and then silently in the back of your head expect something turn I’m telling you man. Medical Jobs Tulsa Great millionaires and most great business men in most great individuals they are made by helping other people get what they and people will reciprocate and you’ll feel like you’re rolling downhill with a snowball. When we need help and if people get what they want so make sure that’s a priority not only that the secret it makes you feel very good really does. 3 Be grateful for what you’ve been given. Some times when you’re going through what unemployed people have to go through your perspective to be well I know it’s hard to grateful but let me tell you something we live. In here is a great great place to live sometimes even if you have trouble being very let me let me help you with this I put you go in your house this afternoon go internal faucet and water comes out to.

Medical Jobs Tulsa Be grateful for what you’ve been given it’s not natural you have to work between very trust me like my deck young daughter is 90 years old and she’s on the phone when I give her something to eat when it’s inconvenient for me to eat it like you have to practice being grateful one things that somebody told Spin the 1st 2 minutes your day. Just being grateful for the things you give him I’m telling you being grateful hopes you is the key to happiness and peace and joy it is license all believe the best is yet to come. On you need hope. Everybody has a pill hopes OK you need hope hope will take you there but when you have the ideology and when you start to accept that the best is yet to come that’s where your circumstances start to change because your perspective changes with it oh this helps me keep.

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