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medical jobs Tulsa | Staffing Hospitals

Hi, my name is corey mentor, trinity, employment specialist, we’re staffing organization here in tulsa, and we aren’t we working oklahoma, city, arkansas, texas and kansas as well. All of our our little region here here in the central part of the united states i, want to talk real quickly today about how you repel employees from your from your website or from approaching you in a weird in a weird little society. It’s changing so quickly. There been probably a million articles written on millennials everybody’s flipped out on my gosh. Everything can be so different were all scared and it started out where I don’t know just depends on how you view it, but i medical jobs Tulsa , remember those very first few articles and discussions about millennials and all the negativity to itthere’s a lot of positivity that you can look at it as well, I’m in and how they’re going to work. But one of the things that you have to pay attention to is they are going to lead the next thing. That’s common! It’s it’s really true! So the weight you know, the things that we were all complaining about are likely going to be calming nature to everyone at at some point. It’s it’s been this way throughout throughout history.

There’s going to be certain things that they lead us into debt will change our entire society. So we have to be okay with that, but you’re going to have to pay attention to what repels a job applicant in today’s world, because it is a little bit different than just applying for a job just 10 years ago, like it’s really change so rapidly. You know you keep readingall of these medical jobs Tulsa things where technology is going to change things rapidly when you own a business like I do and you get to see how quickly that I mean every year every year now we have to change our recruitment process. How crazy is that, like every year we got to just it and almost completely change it. It’s important for you to pay attention these things so I’m talking about things that repel employees from applying with you and let’s, let’s dive into the cell. Hopefully it’ll, get your mind thinking. Creativelythe first thing is as cliche job descriptions. I talked about this in the video that I just did about the importance of studying job description. Now, how is it that it works? What is it that it? What is it that you need to create? What are some of the highlights? How does it look? Does it attract the human eye all of these things, but medical jobs Tulsa one thing to repel people if you want to do that is create a very plain, jane job description that says the same things have just only a bunch of bullet points that covers the technicalities of the job and have it up there. The thing is, if you’re going to get some attention, especially if it’s a decent job but you’re trying to go after only a player’s.

Remember the difference that they make for you. You got to attract them, andthe likelihood of an a player being on track with a social norms and expectations of some of the more modern ways of doing things is pretty high that they’re going to be in tune, and in line with this, so you have to change with our culture and sticking with the same type of job description. The same type of job ad that you used even for 5 years ago is a huge mistake, so you’re going to want to just not have a cliche job description, medical jobs Tulsa you’re going to need to show some leadership you’re going to need to show some excitement about your cultureyou want to share how you give back if you, if you do that, if you can do that in a sentence you’re going to want to talk about these things, to be able to track people who are more modern thinking, and it’s really important that you do them. And if you don’t it’s my opinion that you’re going to be missing out on the top talent and you likely will be attracting the bnc level talent and it’s just a part of our culture and you need to be updated on it on how to best communicate your job. In today’s culture and society, true important number 2, you cannot have a complicated application process with with today’s culture expectations. All the things I was just talking to the guy on the other side of the camera he develops websites and how important it is for him to be able to have everything, be a real, quick one. Click type thing:listen he’s talking about how difficult that is for him to be able to do for us as hr recruiters. We have to make the exact same process quick and seamless, and it’s not going to be easy oftentimes. medical jobs Tulsa The thing is, is I’m. Just yesterday, I was talking to a guy. Who is a high-level salesman? Listen when you get a high-level salesman, he should be in demand. I was surprised that he was struggling finding something, but what one of the members on my ceo roundtable had sent him over to me and said:hey, listen once you take a look at him. He’s got a really great resume course. Man I’ve already got him hooked up with with one of my buddies, but this is what he told me in the interview and i. Don’t interview a lot anymore. I manage a lot of people who do, but this is what he told me. He said man I have sent my resume in and it has to just go to a big, deep dark hole, because it’s just I don’t hear anything and i, don’t i, don’t i, don’t have any idea. What’s going on he’s like i, don’t even think that the job was actually available, like I’m, not even sure if it was even available.

Like the the there was a there’s. A talk. I was doing about fear not long ago and I can’t remember the name of the author, but he said he would he used to make used to make horror films, and he said you know, fear is the most powerful emotion that a person can experience. But all of that emotion, the highest of that fear, is the fear of the unknown, and you need to medical jobs Tulsa keep in mind the people that are applying to your job. They are getting ready to sync their entire life into your company and right now. The overall perception is is that employers are bad, that’s not true, and if your employer, you know that, but popular culture in the media has told people for years, then employers are bad. You need to look out for yourself that that isn’t true all the time, but that’s the perception and when you throw the fear of the unknown in in there and go back to that to that young man’s experience, where he thought he would send his resume into a deep dark hole. I think about this you’re going to have a drop off rate that is pretty high. If your application process is difficult, and so you got to make it really simple, because that that spear, those uncertain feelings will be like man.

This is too difficult, I’m done with this, and you might be losing out on one of your best best players. People are panicking now they’re concerned about an employer getting something over on them. I, don’t believe that that’s true in most cases, I think that our media has fed certain instances that are a minority, and it’s got the popular opinion to being that medical jobs Tulsa employers are bad. So that’s my opinion, but just keep in mind, you can’t make your application process difficult, because they’re already finicky, the last thing is, is that when they get no response, which ties into this, if you get somebody that applies and they look decent when you get back with him real, quick in in our in our job, what am I trying to say here when in in our culture right now, not the culture but just the environment right now, people are going quickly. Our unemployment rate is extremely low and you know it’s difficult to recruit for somebody, so they have options. It’s an employee’s market right now, not an employer’s. Keep that in mind make your process easy, make sure your medical jobs Tulsa job descriptions, look great and I really think that this will do well for you, when you communicate well with your employees or your potential applicants, give trinity a call. If we can help you, we have a hiring system that we train our customers on, would love to teach you about it. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at trinity employment.Com thanks

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