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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Spinning Spinning Spinning

Hi My name is Corey mentor I’m president of Trinity employment specialists and we are staffing organization we staff we have 2 different divisions that we work in and the 1st one is in the medical field in the medical field we staff for all sorts of different kinds of positions everything from a front office person all the way to a physician some of those positions would include an LPN are in a medical assistant a certified nursing assistant X. Ray techs medical bill ors pre-authorization specialists. Medical front office all of those types of positions that you can think of or are in the medical field but we have another division that is really kind of focused in finance. And we we staff for finance accounting and banking we also do a lot of customer service type positions when it relates to finance and one of the things that I’m often flabbergasted by is that we Medical Jobs Tulsa.

We always see companies some companies have an a horrible turnover and. You know in our main goal as a staffing company is to have been truly turn that around we we took over hiring for the largest call center up leave one of them in Oklahoma out arise and and when when they came to us their turnover rate was literally ridiculous and silly they came over to us and we need to hire a large number of people but we we cast this vision to them and that is this that you do not tolerate being sea level players through us. Medical Jobs Tulsa if you believe within the 1st week or 2 that you are working with a B. Or C. Level player we ask you to terminate them we know that costs us money as a staffing company but we want you to follow this pathway because if you do we will reduce your turnover rate significantly and and so I had a developed a good enough relationship and a trust with this group that they followed through and not only that they also had the financial.

I don’t know ability to calculate how much we saved them by reducing their turnover rate the largest companies know how to do this so Wal-Mart they have this ability some of your big huge chains had this ability and it’s because they’re going to be dealing with a certain level of turnover anyway and it’s a hidden cost that most people just don’t pay attention to because if you start thinking about well what does an employee cost me well most people are going to go to what’s going to cost to get on and what’s what’s it going to cost to train them you don’t you don’t really calculate the amount of time that you have someone else not working but training them. And how much time you’re paying them every hour to be there and when you when you have a turnover you are starting over from scratch so you’ve lost all of that productivity that’s going in in fact this is what Wal-Mart Medical Jobs Tulsa says because they had the ability to calculate this Wal-Mart says that if you have someone work for you for 3 months and then they crew it then they are going to record that as a minimum of an $11000.00 loss and that’s.

For Medical Jobs Tulsa someone who is just making like you know 10 or $11.00 an hour can you imagine some of the people on your staff when you have when you have them working for you for $567.00 months in the end you either have to terminate them after you’re just fed up or they quit it is a significant loss to the company most people just don’t. Just don’t pay attention to it and what what we did with Verizon going back to the Verizon story is they followed this process in it took about a year of not giving up and not letting down on the on the vision and after they did that. They they recorded after their 1st years about a year and a half they said they we reduced their turnover rate by 3 fourths and after 2 years we had saved them roughly $750000.00 and that’s with them paying our fee of ramping them up. Medical Jobs Tulsa The vice president comes in and wants to take me. Because of it which is you know is which is nice but trying to cast this vision. For other companies and and getting them to commit and. And not give up and not let down on the on the vision on it. It creates such a big advantage to people in having the right people on the bus and making sure that they have a players and because a players do these 3 things it’s so so portmanteaux really wish people would focus on this more some of our managers a players bring in other players a players you will not need a recruiting company if you have a group of a players I’m telling you they hang out with other a players they will bring them over to you our problems.

But let me tell you how to run away you’re a players have a bunch of B. And C. Level players on your team you’re a players will not tolerate that at that’s just something they’re not but the 2nd thing a players do is they do one and a half times the work here’s another thing that happened at Horizon Not only that but they got to trim back by about 50 or 60 positions that they didn’t need because they hard people that didn’t want to have tons of work it was that was another one of their big cost savings is they didn’t have to pay $50.00 employees think about that. Medical Jobs Tulsa then a players they also stay longer and there comes a point like going to on a Bill Curry if you’re to watch a bill curve with an employee when you’re ramping them up you’re spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning with training dollars because they’re still not up to par in there not profitable for you but there comes a point where they start becoming profitable this is almost around months 6 months to a year depending on the position Indian they start making you money you know bit. If you can hold on to them the longer you can hold on to them after they are passed that bill curve that’s how they make your company money in a lot of companies a lot of smaller companies they stay in this realm and they never get to experience an employee really truly making a company money listen these are some things that we’ve learned I hope that this helps you please give Trinity a call we will not. Give up on the on the recruiting process and we’re not going to let you down the quality please give us a call and I want to say 6222588 Do not be flabbergasted with your stats.

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