Medical Jobs Tulsa | Signs That You Nailed The Interview

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You are listening to Trinity employments, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the cofounder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hello and welcome to the a player matchmakers where we’re always trying to find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And today we’re going to be talking about how to hire me, our medical

assistants, um, and what it is that we look for here in trying to find the right medical assistant. This is something that we recruit for all the time. It never ever stops and because of our exposure in the medical field, it’s, it’s an ever-growing topic. And I think one of the reasons that I’m, I’m doing this topic this week is just because we’re in a huge, a huge shortage of medical assistants, at least at this time here in the Tulsa market. So it happens every two or three months where the entire market just has a huge shortage of medical assistants for empty Medical Jobs Tulsa. Now we are in the month of very end of October moving into November. Let me just tell you what happens during that time span. Medical assistants, the good ones, the people who have been where they’re at for a long time. They’ve got job security where they’re at and because of the holidays, they do not want to leave.

A lot of times there they’re going to be Christmas bonuses and they want to have vacation time for, for the holiday seasons. And so all of a sudden you’ve got a big break. You know, people who are medical assistants pumping the brakes on whether they want to move right now, they want to move jobs right now. So we always have a struggle trying to find the right medical assistance at this time. And so, um, we’re, this is for, um, a manager who is trying to figure out what, what should we do during this time? Will some, sometimes ish. It’s just you, you’re going to have to hold on until the right person comes up. I mean, we were looking at, uh, we’re trying to recruit a specialized medical assistant right now in the orthopedic field and we’re having to go to Arkansas to get it because we just cannot find anywhere.

We’re, we’re doing a FaceTime interview tomorrow. I’m trying to notify our manager that we’re working on this and, and we’re trying to solve a problem by reaching way outside of the box to try to figure it out. But, um, here’s some things that we’re always looking for, you know, regardless of whether we are in a, a huge shortage or not, these are just some of the things that, uh, us at Trinity, we try to do. One of the things that we’re always trying to do for our clients, you know, whether it’s in the medical field and industrial fueled or in business and administrative, we want to be able to always be confident that we are providing quality over quantity every time. We never want to be in a place where we, where we feel like we are compromising the quantity, the quality, because we are trying to produce quantity.

Um, and I think a lot of, uh, the people that we work with, they realize this and recognize it and it’s why we’ve been in inc magazine for, I don’t know how many times and one of Tulsa’s fastest growing companies. That’s why, because we, we want to put a huge emphasis on that. And over time people are seeing, uh, those results. So I’m just going to give you kind of an, an emo that we have here on, uh, on medical assistance, but we always try to start out with some statistics about medical assistance. And, um, here, here’s some, here’s some statistics that just came out with Medical Jobs Tulsa. This is from, um, the database, uh, data USA. Dot. IO. Um, and this is kind of an employment overview here, but it’s data USA is the resource here. Um, there Oh, as medical assistants, the total work workforce is 525,000 and growing.

They’re expecting it to grow almost about 20% in the next five years. Uh, the average age of medical assistance is 36.4 years old. Um, estimated job growth. Um, uh, I said 20%. I’m sorry, I overstated or understated. It’s 29% is the job growth that’s astronomical there. Uh, when you compare it to other job growth areas, um, average salary is 29,000. I think that that probably Rose, um, to probably about 32 over the last year. This is about a year old here. Um, uh, this data, they’re probably gonna be posting up, uh, some, some new data this, this year, the average, uh, and the, there is a, the top three locations that employ the most medical assistants are Oklahoma city. Um, um, in Litchfield County, Connecticut, um, and Southwest Virginia are the three areas that, uh, that employ the most medical assistance for Medical Jobs Tulsa. I want to go over here with you real quick about just what is it that we’re looking for?

What is it you should be looking for? You know, um, job postings for medical assistants frequently mentioned, let electronic medical records, we’re always looking for that, but the affordable affordable care act requires, um, reasonable use of, uh, electronic medical records to be consistent with, um, the re required medical assistant skills. You know, EMR was the most important skillset, um, probably starting this last year. Now it’s kind of a common thing, uh, when, when the affordable care act was passed, basically what it did is it required for medical assistants, um, to be certified in order to be able to enter him input into an EMR. And that created a big problem, especially for uncertified medical assistants. And let me give you an example. You have medical assistants who have been medical assistants for 20 years and all of a sudden they are the most qualified people out there, but they’re not going to go get a certification.

And they were just rolling their eyes at it. A lot of people just retired, um, because they didn’t want to go get this certification. And anyway, it was a big ordeal. Now almost everybody’s caught up at the times. I’m 23% of postings mentioned some form of EMR, ICD nine or 10 coding, um, and billing software. I don’t see that here in the Tulsa market. This data is coming from Medical Jobs Tulsa, uh, evolve, uh, dot com. And um, and that’s where some statistics, where that come from. But we are always looking for skillsets in a specific arena. That’s really what we want. Um, we worked with a lot of specialty groups. It’s really nice when we find somebody who has a specialty in that, in that area, and that’s really what we try to do is find a specialty. Also, we’re just looking for a longevity in work history.

There’s so much of a turnover rate because of the demand in medical assistance in really we’re where you save companies a lot of money is when you’re able to find somebody who’s willing to stay for a good while and they’re stable. That’s really what employers want and I think it’s really important for them. The second thing is, is professionalism. Listen, if you think about it, that is they’re going to spend, the patient is going to spend probably more time with the met with the medical assistant oftentimes than they do the physician, the physician, especially when the affordable care act came out, all of a sudden the time that you spent with the patient is really, really important because now the clinic has to squeeze out every dime of profit and every minute of the physician’s time is very valuable. And so the physician, if you’ve noticed, when you go into the, in, when you go into a clinic, they are in and out just like that.

And if you find someplace where they’re not in and out in, they’re willing to spend time to really try to understand your issue, man, you’ve got a special place. And, um, and it’s not very common and they’re probably working off a different kind of model. So because of this, finding a medical assistant with high level of professionalism is really, really important on the single most significant attribute medical assistant can have is inner good interpersonal skills. Um, you can, you can teach people to do some medical healthcare type activities, but it’s really difficult to teach a good bedside bedside manner or at least the desire to want that as the best Medical Jobs Tulsa. And that’s, that’s the main, the main artery I think that physicians are looking for when they’re trying to hire, you know, they have to have the community, the ability to communicate on a professional level and have a basic understanding of the medical terminology so that, uh, so that the patient feels secure when they’re in there with the medical assistant.

Number three is they, they gotta be certified. It’s really, really important. It’s now common for employers to require a national certification. You know, approximately 35% of job postings, um, request to certification. I know that almost every one of ours does. It’s a, I mean, it’s a great benefit, you know, for us searching, listen, it’s really nice when they don’t need to be certified, but I would, I’d be willing to say that 80 to 90% of all of our job ads have the word CMA are certified in their, uh, somewhere. Um, the, the last, the last requirement is flexibility and this is pro, this is primarily going to be with hospitals. Um, a lot of medical clinics are, they’re gonna have hours Monday through Friday, eight to five, but a lot of hospitals are requiring medical assistants to have some flexibility to them and you know, they’re, you’re not going to find a doctor out there hiring medical assistants, Explo exclusively for administrative skills.

The clinical attributes are important and being able to enter info into the, you know, like the EMR, it’s really important. But you know, physicians can hire medical assistants to prevent drops in productivity due to electronic medical records. MAs are cheaper than LPs, you know, in Tulsa is actually really interesting that um, LPN hospitals just stopped using them for a long time and they still don’t use them and except for on a couple of areas, but they’ve moved to using medical assistance, uh, because it’s much, much cheaper. It’s another way for them to comply with the affordable care act. But I, I think it’s really important to consider these four things when you’re trying to hire medical assistance. And if you are struggling trying to find some of the, uh, specialty top groups. Listen, I really, I really suggest you reach out to a staffing firm, um, because the level of effort in recruitment to get someone great is really about Medical Jobs Tulsa, really important. And then also just remember you gotta be quick when you know that someone is good. Um, you need to be willing and ready to pull the trigger. Um, a lot of people lose some great, great candidates for that reason. If, uh, Trinity can help you with that, we would really love to. Please give us a call. Our number is (918) 622-2588 or you can visit us