Medical Jobs Tulsa | Shocking Statistics About Job Searching and How You Can Use Them

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You are listening to Trinity employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your host and the co founder of Trinity employment specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome back.

The a player matchmakers. What we’re always trying to find different ways to add value to job seekers and employers in the title of this podcast is seven shocking job search statistics and how you can use them to your benefit. So this is primarily for employees. So if you’re trying to find a job, you know right now you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job. Our current unemployment rate is lower than it’s ever been probably in our nation’s history. And so there should be ample opportunities out there for you. But in the case that you’re trying to find something specific and you’re trying to figure out why in the world am I never getting called back with a good Medical Jobs Tulsa, you know, it might be that someone is underemployed, they feel like, and they’re trying to find another position in a field that they’re wanting to go into. Listen, I would really love, uh, I think this, some of this content is going to help you, you know, we would love for you to share this podcast with any friends of yours that you know of or anyone that’s looking for a job, you know, or you know, any, any company that you know of that’s looking, uh, for, for employees as a manager.

And you know, we’d love for you to share this. You can go to our we have a drop down menu on our podcast. We have like 80, almost 90, probably 90 episodes after these two that I’m doing today. So, um, please go and check that out. It’s really great content on our website. So let’s jump into the seven shocking job search statistics and how you can use them to your benefits. The first thing is, is the average time recruiters spend looking at resume resumes is six seconds. I think it might actually be shorter than that with Medical Jobs Tulsa. I think you can look at the first top little bit of it and you can tell, you know, there’s not much you can do in six seconds. I get it. But according to most recruiters, reviewing your resume is one of them that you can do in less than six seconds, you know, use design to make it look aesthetically pleasing to get some more eyes on it for longer or get two eyes on it longer for longer.

You can use design like any kind of color font, a layout to make it eye-catching with your wording up top, you know, and descriptions that match what it is that they’re looking for. You can find a way to quickly showcase, um, you know, who it is you you are and what it is that you, uh, you can do. You know, you need to have a great summary and make your job description points short and impactful by using numbers and action verbs. You know, I think this will help a lot in the best Medical Jobs Tulsa, I would even suggest that you go in and type in sample resumes from, uh, other, other places. You know, you can even go one and search resumes in different databases and find what other people are saying and how they’re saying it and borrow some of the language that they use. If it’s impactful, if you felt like it was, uh, you know, useful use it.

Um, that’s the, that’s the way that you can get around that. The second one is 76% of resumes are discarded due to an unprofessional email address. So, you know, my wife’s, I don’t think she still has it anymore, but it was stinky Burr at [inaudible] dot com I remember this. This was when I very first met her, and if you knew her, you would know that this is a straight laced, really great professional individual, but man, did her resume, did her email address, not show it. Be careful with your email address, especially all of you professionals out there when it comes to Medical Jobs Tulsa. I know that you want to have something fun and cookie. Um, but, uh, most of you profession, most professionals are gonna understand it. But, uh, you know, even a lot of people, even a lot of, uh, people who are looking for industrial positions, especially some of the upper level positions there, man, there, there a lot of managers that really pay attention to that, you know, so just make sure that you have your full name or your first initial or something like that.

Make sure you have a professional email address and then make sure and check it. Number three, 68% of employers search applicants on Facebook. Um, I bet that’s way higher than that. I don’t, I don’t see where they’re getting their statistic on that particular point. Usually they’ll, they’ll, they’ll say where this statistic is coming from. That sounds way low to me. And if so, tell me someone who doesn’t. Um, so here’s the thing guys. If you’re an employee, we all know partying and having a good time with your friends is fun, but it could cost you a job. You want to make sure that you mind your social media accounts and either you can prioritize them. There’s all sorts of different things that you can do, but you just don’t want someone getting on your Facebook page and you look drunk or high for sure. But there can be all sorts of different things that can really sway employers to make a decision one way or another.

So really be careful with that. I just tell people, especially young students getting ready to graduate, you know, they, they’ve had a really great time in college and man, I get that. I went to college too. I really had a great time and although I probably wasn’t into the drugs and alcohol part piece of that, um, I did have a lot of fun with my friends and we did some silly things that were goofy and I just don’t know that it would be, you know, helpful in a job interview. Now, way back when I graduated, listen, we didn’t have any social media so I didn’t have to deal with it when refering to Medical Jobs Tulsa. But right now it’s, it’s a very mainstream, uh, thing that you’ll, you need to pay attention to. I’m number four, 33% of bosses say that they know within the first 90 seconds of an interview if they will hire the candidate.

Um, listen, I had, I understand this, I used to work in an oil and gas company and we had this long hallway. And right at the end of the long hallway was this huge glass door, huge glass door and you could see everything and everyone, and I get it, there were often times I wouldn’t even get to the glass. And I knew in fact that one thing is the reason that I started Trinity because I use staffing firms. And when I knew that I got to the door, I didn’t even get to the door. And I knew, I knew they weren’t doing a good job and they certainly didn’t follow the instructions that I’d given them. And so I just understand that completely. And I just want you to know that there’s probably a lot of other managers that do as well. Number five, um, the average number of people who apply for any given job as 118 and that is accurate.

I can tell you that with a great job comes a lot of great competition. Luckily for you, I guarantee you at least 75% of those people are not going to be qualified. That’s just a general rule of thumb. Um, but you want to make sure that you provide relevant professional experience and make sure it’s relative to the job description. You know, um, uh, a ho a hiring manager for an accounting firm doesn’t care that you worked at a banana stand in 2004, so you might want to take that off with our Medical Jobs Tulsa. Um, you might want to stalk them a little bit. Follow up with the company’s social media channels. The more that they see your name, the better. It’s not going to hurt. ’em you can show your personality or application or in an email, um, make it short, but include some information that showcases who you are and maybe some data that would help show what you’ve done in the past.

Number six, 58% of hiring managers said that they’ve caught a lie on a resume. I believe that is definitely true. Um, so liar, liar, you aren’t hard. Um, it can be tempting to embellish your resume. You know, and I think all of us want to make ourself be seen in the best light that we can, but when they, if, if you don’t think that good managers are going to ask some really qualifying questions to trust but valid, validate, trust, but verify, uh, your, your the best for our Medical Jobs Tulsa, you’re really thinking outside of what’s really gonna happen. You know, it’s just not worth the risk. Not only is it embarrassing to not be able to back up your fib, but it could also damage your reputation as a job seeker, not just with that company, but maybe in a small industry. If everyone knows one another, um, number seven last thing, then we’ll wrap up here.

Uh, only the top 2% of candidates land an interview. Um, and that, that’s pretty staggering. That can be discouraging. But, um, you, you need to just remember when you’re going through this, you’re really only looking for one. Yes. You know, applying for job is for all jobs. Now it’s about quality, not quantity. You know, these days managers are inundated with dozens with our Medical Jobs Tulsa, hundreds of applications just for a single job. And most of them, like I said, 75% of them have no business applying. But instead of mass, applying fond, a handful of great opportunities that you really want and that you really are a good fit for and focus your time and energy on those applications. You know, you can put in a lot more effort when you’re only doing a few rather than a large quantity, but putting forth the effort that others didn’t see, that’s the key because then you stand out. Listen, I hope this helps you with your job. Excuse me. With your job searching, if Trinity can help you out in any way, please give us a

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