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Medical Jobs Tulsa | Seeing It Happen


Hi my name’s Kurihara president Trinity employment specialist trigger stack USA should work in Tulsa Oklahoma City markets we do everything staff and medical field also in business finance accounting banking. Medical Jobs Tulsa it’s something that we’ve done for 10 years one word for it we have a system for getting players for the people that we work with but today like even the 2nd year I’m going to be doing a presentation and I’m awful skilled through some of it which I think that there are some people that are job seekers that this may help but I want to start I want to tell you a little story about when I was laid off back in 2002 so that would have been you know we’re 2017 into the bit about 15 years ago and it really really struck home and so there was some weird things that happened to me when I got laid off. It did this was something that really wasn’t a performance thing it was just a you right after $2001.00 everything was going crazy and there was an end but there were only a few of us like you know so this is what. I took it 100 percent personally.

Medical Jobs Tulsa I put a bunch of stress on myself that was not really necessary and because of it because of my black potentiality I quit for about 5 years in 2 different jobs and I had no business going into it was because I just settled and I took whatever life came to an end so I want to show and tell you how I got there how did that happen because this happens to a lot of people because we’re stacking hands and stuff we’re always interviewing people are always bring people in and I’m telling you we see people when they’re in this state of mind and I get it because I was there myself I can’t say too much about it because I was there myself but stepping out of it for 15 years I get to see from a different perspective in a. Linens for what the mistakes that I made and I don’t make them so there were 4 main things that I did not I will look at my notes here the 1st thing was I was disillusioned and I stopped doing all things that I knew do listen I was smart to do I got it I done I was a charter for large or oil and gas company so I understood what you need to do to go get a job here and then I stopped doing all those things and it was just too silly I don’t get it but I’m still it’s what the psychological thing that I think a lot of people go through the 2nd thing was I was ashamed so I basically stopped.

Medical Jobs Tulsa Involving myself in my industry and so what happened was this stuff Mark. On. Things This stepped in there I would sit and watch T.V. I would just sit and do certain things that were not productive I knew they were productive but at the time it felt right and I don’t know if it was a mild form of you know I’ll be depressed or something like that but either way that happened and I stopped learning and that was a big mistake because this can be the best opportunity here had the look the next thing is I did not use time to keep up with with my field at all I didn’t spend my time trying to do those things and when I ask what I did or you know every every time you go someplace you are going to ask what you do well rather then confidently telling them that I’m you know I was laid off just recently I was an H.R. professional one of the largest one on gas organizations around I have high recommendations from the people that I was with and I’m just excited about my next up to read and saying I will be like oh I’m an H.R. Now I would act like I was the real guru and I was already you know I was already in the way I didn’t use it as an opportunity to tell people about my situation because I’m going to go into here 2nd word that can really help. But the biggest thing was was I just basically lost my nation and so this is what happened OK I was a really really smart guy I was just really not doing smart things. And. I seen this happen all the time with people that come into our office but I want to share this with piece of advice for you because this is really important and I heard this in a lecture.

Medical Jobs Tulsa A long time but it impacted me and it’s this. Everything worthwhile everything. Is a pill. Everything. But the problem is is that so many people especially when stress hits they had downhill habits so into 2 problems 1st problem is everything you want everything that you have here aspire to is a little it’s hard. To have uphill hopes but downhill happens isn’t going to stop this and so that’s a big part of what I’m wanting to do today you know because of my downhill habits my career went through like a desert time period of 5 years 2 jobs where I just took it because it came to me I didn’t put a lot of effort into it I just took whatever came to me and it was a big big mess of my life for 5 years you’ve heard of Moses in Israelites the 40 years in the desert right minus 5 years you just felt like it was 40 years so I just don’t want to do this so I’m going to try to help you today in fixing some of those hat downhill habits and try to create a system so I cease to see people all the time difference the really smart people there’s not the small things so we can fix this so today we’re going to go over basics here’s the thing I’ve run 3 organizations right now this is the thing that’s most important you know as a show and I’m not perfect at it I can guarantee you mine but you have to create a system is so I want to help you create a system for your for giving yourself heart and follow this system so that so that you can make sure to be the best unemployed person you’ve ever anybody’s or say the 1st thing is OK Proverbs 2918 tells us that with no vision people perish with number 1 May have a clear vision of.

Medical Jobs Tulsa Who you are who you want to become and be able to communicate it’s really really I met with 2 people just yesterday they have to deliver one markers and so I sit up and begin to recruit but this is what you get if you get a really really smart person and you ask so what is it you want to be like man I’m a and I’m really tell me what do you think I get I get so tired I had last week I had a guy who’s a pro golfer called he said hey listen I got this but he’s really great guy which a quick trip and and listen I just know that he can be a very good question what is he looking for knowing he’s OK you just tell him what you know what we think you’d be good at all this and it is risky in Ottoman why he’s very recruiter to go in and try to decide after meeting somebody for 5 or 10 minutes what it is they should do but you don’t want to put your trust in somebody like that and knowing that you’re being unfair to the recruiter and listen after doing this for the last 20 years I can tell you. It is good the margin the marginal rate of success when you’re trying to take somebody put them into new career is so small because you’re basically taking someone and putting them into an experiment for themselves and generally the company loses on this but everyone loses the employee loses because it messes with their work history big company loses because they spent money and if there’s a curveball their career loses because then their reputations hurt listen it’s not in good idea to try to go in and give arrears a listen I’m open to anything you don’t need to be killing destruction OK we need it least home to use this you know this L A Times but you got it at least give people directions you have a clear vision of what you want a. Second thing this is and this is the systems part.

Medical Jobs Tulsa You want to give me the systems work and produce possible and make it systematic make it happen all top and you do it every single week follow the same system I know the system works and when you get these things working for you I’m telling you when you’re sitting on your couch things and people will still be working for you we’re going to get a team basically you’re building a company to work for you and get this they’re going to do it for free if you fall so it’s it’s magic but. It takes some work you know the downhill have thing you have to do like build mode for to get scale so the 1st thing you want to get all the systems work for you want to get all of these Web sites that are that are good competent resources and get them working for you know them and tell you how to do that is a precursor indeed monster link to Facebook all of these websites that are good resources. You want to get the word. Or and so I’m going to tell you about these things in this next part. And will go over this just real quickly with this is something you really want to learn how to build a system and so join us for this next segment.