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Where have you grown to? Where they at right now? How does that relate to my medical or to the medical assistant that I’m recruiting for now? That’s what they’re asking. If that’s what they’re asking about. Rather than sharing any of your personal life, try to keep it focused only on on your professional skills that you can bring as a value to the organization. That’s what they’re looking for. A question number two, how much experience do you have as a medical assistant? I want you to know that most, any place that we are recruiting for, they’re going to be looking for at least two years of medical assistant experience. However, so if you’re a brand new medical assistant, you can be like, well, what? You know what? How do, what do I, what do I say when they’re all looking for two years of experience? You can go in there and talk to them about your strengths and get them to try to hire you as a person there with all the top Medical Jobs Tulsa.

There’s an entire group of people that try to find the person and train the skill and that’s what you’re trying to get them to do. It’s always good to be prepared for this classic question, you know, describe how many years you’ve worked as a medical assistant. If you haven’t worked a many years as a medical assistant, you’ll want to talk about the experience that you have and talk about your soft skills, the personality that you believed that you would bring to, uh, to the table with a, with that particular clinic if you’ve received any promotions or recognitions.

Right now is the time to discuss them. If you are new to the field, describe your education program and the skills that you learned in your internship and why you think that you would be a great fit personally for that position. Um, the next question is talk about your strengths with Medical Jobs Tulsa.

It’s always good to be prepared for this classic interviewing question. When you discuss your strengths, make sure you’re not bragging. Uh, simply share some clinical skills that you feel that you’re really good at. Give an example of why you think that you did better in, in that particular skill than other people. Um, again, try not to brag and one way that you can try not to brag, it’s just bring up facts. That’s all you have to do. Um, number four, what are your weaknesses? This is a question that you’re going to get asked all the time. Um, I strongly suggest that you do not do what a lot of people used to do, um, in, in my field and that is talk about, um, talk about saying, well, my weaknesses, I like to work too hard or you know, I tend to overwork things. Everybody knows that that is Baloney without a Medical Jobs Tulsa. Call now at 918-622-2588 or head over to

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So make sure that you steer clear this. This next question is what I think is going to be most important. Do you have any experience with electronic health records or electronic medical records? This is very important. You want to make sure and say yes if you have it on this, but make sure that you remember the names of the software programs that you’ve been trained on or that you know, make sure that you write those down. They’re very, very important to the clinic because each software is a little bit different. And having someone with specific experience in that software is very important to the clinic. The next question that you might be asked, do you have any experience in medical billing and coding? Make sure you explain the experience that you might have, including what types of insurance you’ve billed and whether you have worked with Medicare, Medicaid with all Medical Jobs Tulsa.

If you’re new to the field, describe your billing procedures that you learned during your medical assistant training. Most likely that’s only going to be if you’ve worked in a very small clinic. Um, the next, the next question that you might be asked, what can you do as a medical assistant to make sure that you’re following HIPAA protocol? Um, it’s not uncommon for an interviewer to test your knowledge about HIPAA. The reason is because people who get sued by, uh, regarding HIPAA, HIPAA violations, it is very, very expensive. It’s a very expensive process and you can HIPAA with something very, very simple. I remember a story that someone told me at a, at a clinic and they told me that basically someone came in from school and they said, hey, listen, is there any way I could send an email, send my a resume, not my resume, but send this, uh, school project over to my instructor.

Um, using your computer in the clinic administrator said, hey, no problem. Go ahead and do that. Well, what happened was they selected the wrong file. It had uploaded some, uh, personal information and sent it to that instructor and that instructor then went and put that file up on the class, the classroom portal. Okay. All of a sudden now they have violated big time HIPAA because they put that one person’s, uh, medical history up on a public database with Medical Jobs Tulsa.

No one looked at it. They proved it, and it was taken down within 24 hours. And from what I understood from, if the person told me, right, they were find $1 million, that is a very, very big, stiff penalty. So you might get that top of, uh, question. Um, the last question that I have your, do you have any experience in front office responsibilities? What, what are they and are you comfortable answering the phones?

Many medical assistants do a combination of clinical and administrative work, be ready to discuss office tasks that you’ve done or been trained to do. I hope that this list of questions just gives you something to think about, um, and gives you some ideas about what you can do. I’ve got several other questions, but we’re at a time for this particular podcast. So we’re going to, I’m going to go ahead and do a secondary, um, podcast for this particular topic. So you might look at, uh, part two with your most amazing Medical Jobs Tulsa. If Trinity can help you in any way, we would love to give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at

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